The University of Montana Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


After I graduated from High School I didnt think that I would ever need to go to college to become successful. After working two different jobs and living from paycheck to paycheck, I decided it was time to put my ego aside. After I began taking classes at the University of Montana I realized all the things that I couldn't do without a degree. At first I wanted to get a degree in a healthcare related field but after working in the healthcare industry for almost a year I decided to pursue my passion, engineering. Unfortunately the UM doesn't offer an engineering program so I am taking the closest major to it, physics. Not only did college open my eyes to academic success, it brought me into ROTC. I was unsure about joining the Army at first but after I joined I saw all the benefits of becoming an Military Officer. So to sum everything up, going to college has been a life--changing event and I will always look back and be proud to graduate from it.


I have learned alot of valuable information about my field of choice which will help me attain a better paying job to support my family. College has also helped me rediscover my learning potential and my love for learning.


College has allowed me a freedom of choice for my own life. It has opened my eyes to many diffferent lifestyles, allowed me to become comfortable in my OWN skin, and helped me to become more independent with my life. Not only have I made lifelong friends at this school, but I have found a sense of pride in myself, and I know that anything can be accomplished as long as you believe in yourself. I have learned responsibility and humility, learned to be both independent in my beliefs and dependent on others for help. Without friends, family, and the help of everyone at this school, my life would have no meaning, and I would have no interest in fulfilling it to my fullest potential.


Within my college experience, I have taken some of the most difficult classes offered at Macomb Community College. During my first two years in college, I have maintained a 3.5 GPA while taking 18 credit hours per semester. These accomplishments have come from dedication and focus to achieve my self-set goals. Engineering is a field that I have always been interested in. Attending college is helping reassure that I have chosen a career path that will challenge and excite me and will also be in high demand in the future. Throughout college, I have learned that focus, dedication, and hard work will help me attain what I need to be successful both in my remaining college as well as my entire future. It is also becoming more obvious the value of a college education from meeting older students who are returning to school to finish their degree or start a new career. I have enjoyed meeting new people from different countries and backgrounds within my classes and groups I have taken part in. I have joined Phi Theta Kappa and become a member of IEEE to maximize my college experience.


The value of my education is something vast, beautiful and largely intangible. It is not to be found on a payroll, nor a lofty title, nor any number of dollar signs. It cannot be measured in such terms. Rather, the value of my college experience can be found in the development of my humanity, and my understanding of this world as the complex relationships between individuals. As a student at Central Washington University, I followed my passion for music; there, I learned to express true sentiment without using words but rather with a bass and a bow. With these low sounds I learned to tell of joy, of misery, and how to write these things for other musicians. I then suffered a financial blow, and returned to community college. There I followed my passion for language and honed my craft as a journalist. I learned how to express in words what I did in music before. Between these two institutions, and now in my first semester at UM, I have learned to embrace the full spectrum of mankind and tell their stories in order that we might be remembered in generations to come.


I love the University of Montana. I love the out door activities it has to offer and appreciate the amazing professors.


Since attending the University of Montana I have recieved confidence in my ability to succeed in my major and intended profession. My teachers have always been helpful, challenging me to my utmost abilities. They have cared more about me as a person than about my grades or assignments, always helping me to succeed in my endeavors. Not everything has been academically based, though. The people I have met, the friends I have made, and the acceptance I have recieved has all played an important part in why I love Missoula so much. College life has helped me grow as a person and figure out who I am and who I want to become. Missoula has shaped my future, and I wouldn't want it to be shaped any other way.


My college experience. Some of the most important are that I have learned to become more responsible, persitant, and brave. When you leave your home to go away for college you really get a crash course on being on your own. At first it's really fun, but when the bills come and you have no food made to your liking or there when you get home from school you find whether you can last without being at home with your parents. You find you have to make the hard desicion, whether to get those new shoes or is it not in the budget. should you go out and drink or stay home and study, and set your alarm, because your mom will not be there to get you up. I have also learned to be persitant in everything I do, I have learned I have to if I want anything. If at first you don't succeed do it again and again. I have also learned to be brave and to try new things and have been way out of my comfort zone which is a good thing and what most people need to do to learn things.


The thinks that i have received out of my college experience is that you don't always know what you want to be when you enroll for school. I prolly will end up picking another degree in the long run. Hopefully not with were I am now. However, it's been valuable by getting to grow as a person, and being allowed to figure out what I want to do with my life.


I've been going to college for a few years now, and I believe it’s been a great learning experience. I've gained so many new experience’s and life lessons I’ve learned by going to college. I've also learned how to cope with all the challenges that come with life, and being an adult. I truly believe this experience has made me a better person., and I think more people should have the understanding and knowledge of higher education. I also believe that this world needs to be more educated, without knowledge ignorance and misunderstandings’ are created.


Going to college has been valuable because it has shown me never to give up. Before I gave up on everything I did. Now being in college has given me confidence in my field and has made me not want to ever give up. It has also made me choose the field I wanted to be in. Before I would jump around to different careers and now I know what I want to do. Going to college has made me really care about my field and has taught me more about my field. Before I only knew a few things about theatre but now I know lots of techniques and how to work backstage correctly.


I am curently attending Pennsylvania College Of Technology. I just finished my first semester and it has been great. I have met great people and learned a lot about living on my own. I know there are many more things for me to learn. I feel it has been valuable to me because I am experiances that I would have not otherwise been able to have.


During this past year and half, I have discovered what I truly wanted to do with my life. I came to find that I have a true passion for the biological sciences. It is this passion that got me interested in healthcare and the medical sciences. That is why I am now transferring into Lehigh University to persue a bachelor’s degree in either biological sciences or biochemistry. Attending a community college first did not put as much of a financial strain on my family as if I would have gone straight to a four year institution after high school. Attending college has also shown me that there are many ways to succeed and with a little hard work, even the hardest of careers can be accomplished.


We are living on a harsh cold-blooded world, and there are students who's from two differnt group of family, one is that their parents has awful lot of money so they don't have to think about what they spending their money for the education, the food, and other is that they are most likey from families who has insufficient funds and therefore whose kids figure out the problem all by themselves not by just relying on their parents' wealthyness, and I'm belogining in that second group, and has been looking for all the answers by myself. I would say what shcool taught me is By ignoring all my fianancial request, which made me stronger person than ever, who is capable of looking for the other scholarship from some place else, had made me to have ability of build my own financial plan and what's more, with having all the bad chances , was able to become an intelligent self-educated person . If I can get a grant, I would definitely use financial assistance more wisely than anyone else. Thank you for your time and looking forward hearing from you soon.


I've gotten great friends and memories out of my college experience. I've learned that it's ok to not always agree with what is said in class or written in the book, and that just because someone has a PhD, they're not necessarily the best professor. I've also learned that a person can't just sit and wait for life to happen to them, they have to make it happen for themselves. College provides many opportunities to do that, and I've gotten the most out of them.


I have seen both worlds: I have worked as a concrete laborer for years, and I have been in college. Some people I met in construction, bright people that decided to skip college and go straight into the work force, believe that college resembles high school in its "get-as-much-knowledge-in-your-brain-as-you-can-before-you-burn-out" model. That's not true. College doesn't cram people full of facts, vocabulary, and data; a college education transforms people into the builders of that information, those concepts, and the interpretations from them. The best lesson that I've learned from college is how to learn. There are certainly courses that emphasize knowledge accumulation, but that's not the point of the education. The four or more years that a person spends in college ingrain a deeper understanding on how to take information and turn it into knowledge. I have increased my value as a knowledge builder, and that is the point of the college education: I can take the abstract or raw data and make it meaningful to other people on a variety of levels.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience. I have developed lasting friendships with the girls from my dorm freshman year. I have great relationships with my professors and I am not afraid to ask them for help or for anything else that I might be needing or wondering. It has been valuable to attend because I know that having a degree will help me immensely in the future. Being able to write well has already proven to be a great asset and I think that having attended this college and journalism program that my writing will continue to grow stronger and help me to get a job in several different areas. I already feel that I have developed communication skills and a hard work ethic because of attending UM. I would reccommend this school to anyone that is interested in attending a liberal arts college and to anyone that wants to feel accepted and have a chance to grow and learn in a beautiful community.


I have gotten so much out of college in just the one semester I've been attending that it's hard to explain it in only 200 words or less. The college experience has truely given me a whole new view on life. I used to believe everything was just easy and waiting for me to get to it, as if the whole world revolved around me, but now I see that it is so much different then that; the world doesn't just stand still and wait for me to catch up, I have to keep up on my own. I see now that if I want to get anywhere in life, I have to put in my own time and my own energy even if it means staying up till 5 in the morning to be the first to sign up for my classes. College really has been valuable to attend; not only because it changed my life, but because I know that it is through college that I will achieve my dream of becoming a Mechanical Engineer and living the life I have always dreamed of.


American River College is a great choice for me. The main reason it is because it has my major with classes that will help me for the future. The campus is nice and the people I met so far that work there are helpful. I have people that are close to me to hang with and help me through the semesters. It is valuable to attend because they have classes that are flexible for me to fit in my schedule and the school is nearby for me to get to with no hassle. I can take two buses from my house and I can take just one bus from the school to my job and vise versa. I believe that during the semesters I will enjoy learning everything I need to know to get my Associate in Arts Degree for a job of my dream career in fashion merchandising. With the degree, I can work in entry-level jobs for retail and visual merchandising, get a promotion from being an associate, sales managing, product developing and wholesaling, buying for department stores and boutiques, etc. ARC is my best choice yet. I am grateful to be a student of this school.


I feel that through my college experience so far at the University of Montana I have broadened my horizens immensely and that has helped continue to shape the young adult I am becoming. I have already learned so much and value the knowledge I have gained. It has already gave me knowledge I will use throughout the rest of my life. For example taking nutrition has taught me things I will use to help live a healthier life style. It has been very valuable to attend because the University of Montana has so far gave me a great start to my college experience and made it very enjoyable to attend school.


My college experience so far, had been very valuable. I know that by completing my dreams of becoming a nurse. I not will be able to help be able to help take care of my husband and kids better. But I will also be able to help many others that I serve. I know that if I were to get this scholarship, it would help ease my finacial burden of wondering how I am going to be able to pay for this wonderful education that I am going to recieve. Thank you for this oppurtunity.


I have yet to start to attend collage but i know once i start i'll be on my way to a career i will enjoy.


I have been out of school for over 25 years and never attended college. Although, I have attended classes pretaining to my job, I do not have a college degree. My experience has been so far, with online classes with Itwamba Community College located in Tupelo, Ms. It has been a nervous first semester for me, but I am eager to sign up for the spring. I have finally gotten over the nervousness and am growing excited about continuing my education. I felt for many years my time had passed and I was too old to go back to school. My daughter, who has graduated and has her degree, is so supportive of me. I do have a much younger son that always asks me about my units/chapters as we now do our homework together. He really gets a big kick out of me going to school. This beginning of my education has really been great for me. The scholarship would be a much appreciated and needed plus for for and my family, as it would not take away from my financial support for our family. I would like to thank you for your time and consideration. Cynthia Thomas


I moved two states away to attend the University of Montana, and I believe it has been the best choice I've mind in life so far. I have been able to experience becoming an independant woman and what it is like to experience college. Being able to attend the University of Montana has been a life changing experience. Back home, on the Colville Indian Reservation, there are few that further their education, so being able to attend college, especially the University of Montana has been an eye opening experience. I have been able to learn what it is like to experience more than a small town life. By attending the University of Montana, I have been able to better understand myself and what I want for my future.


The question should be, 'What haven't I gotten out of my college experience?' The other students who attend the school are warm and welcoming, even on the coldest day in Winter, the professors are charasmatic and want only the best from their students, the classes are interesting and thought-provoking, the staff at the college are always working to make it a better place to attend, and the nature surrounding the campus is a spectacle to be seen. College has opened up the world around me, and I look at it with all of the curiosity and optimism one would expect from a small child. Whether I am hanging out with friends beneath the Grizzly Statue, or hunched over my notes in my dorm cramming for a big exam, I am always excited about what college has to offer me, and I grasp those offereings with an open mind, open heart, and a desire to get the most out of life.


College has unlocked a door to a brighter future for myself and my family. I am studying Accounting and I am so greatful to have found a subject that chalanges me and offers me the ability to gain skills that are applicable to a real world work environment. With these skills I intend to provide my new born daughter with a stable home. I plan to give her every opportunity to be successful and happy.


My college experience has been able to get me a job in a field that was struggling to stay up. The printing industry was diminishing due to the bad economy. I applied for the place I am currently employed during their slow time of the year. Because of my college diploma in the field they are in, they hired me despite the fact that they were taking a record loss in sales. I am thankful for the opportunity my college experiences has gave me.


My college experience has been a rollercoaster ride of self realization. At the beginning of my college career, I was unsure of the degree I wanted to pursue and it was difficult to plan my college career on such a shaky foundation. Ultimately, I decided to stay at home and attend a community college in my town. My family needed the financial support from my job and we could simply not afford for me to attend a school in another state, let alone another town. Since then, the guidance of my peers and professors has led me in discovering my true identity. My passion for art and psychology has blossomed and I now truly feel as if I am on the right path. The college experience has been the most valuable thing in my life by exposing me to diverse and interesting perspectives and views. With the knowledge I have gained in my social and academic pursuits, I have found myself and my passion. I feel at peace with my studies and driven to pursue a career that will continue to be a rich and creative experience throughout my lifetime.




My college experience was amazing. I was apprehensive when I began. I was a non-traditional student with little self-confidence. The University of Montana was a perfect fit for me. The staff in every department was kind, helpful and encouraging. Thanks to their support I was able to complete my degree with honors and gain a sense of self-worth that I hadn't experienced before. I will cherish my time as a student at the University of Montana. I always felt like I belonged. I appreciate the encouragement that I received from the career services department in seeking out the perfect job for me. I would recommend the University of Montana to anyone wishing to seek out a degree in the education field.


I adore Onondaga Community College. As busy at it may seem, it has an interior sense of organization that is beyond description. Every part of the faculty wants you-personally- to succeed in your major. If you ever need anything, there is a staff of caring, intelligent counselors there to help guide you in your decision-making. The buildings themselves are considerably welcoming. The campus overruns a small creek, which adds to its aesthetic value. The student body is a perfect melting pot- no one is ever afraid to talk to anyone else, we are all on the same level and can always benefit either socially or educationally from new friends. It took me a long time to find this school, but now that I am here, I consider it home.


Depressed, lonely, sorrowful, the list about my college experience goes on. College is the most important chapter in one’s life; it’s supposed to be happy, memorable, and exciting. For me it was not. I spent one hundred twenty hours in a foreign place I found frightening wishing to return home where my happiness never left. The classes and professors soared above my expectations while the social aspect dwelled in a gloomy grotto. Yes I did fault by not trying to meet new friends, but the motivation to conquer such a task was nowhere to be found. I lived my new life dreading getting up and pretending I was alright just to make it through the day. Though through the entire negative, positive did arise. I learned how ignoring what really makes me happy has dire consequences. From those consequences I matured into a strong young adult. College showed me to value happiness. Happiness is a key to live. Without it, I learned I am not truly living, but rather pretending to live. Here is a thank you to College for opening my eyes to reality and showing me why to live happily ever after.


I have received an education filled with excellent opportunities to expand my views and knowledge. I am currently a major in Business Management with a minor in Dance and a certificate in Entertainment Management. Expanding my horizons and experiencing such a variety of education has led me to love college. Through my college experience I have been able to help my community and gain real-world experience My university offers a program where if someone volunteers she can receive an educational award to pay for college. This program allowed me to spend over 300 hours of volunteering for the local Boys and Girls club without worrying about paying for college. Through this I helped tutor low-income kids. The business school pushes kids to complete internships for real world work experience. Through the career development program I was able to complete an internship in Ireland where I worked on pre-production and on-set of a series at Ardmore studios. Without these experiences I would not be the valuable, hard-working, community committed individual I am today. Education is the most valuable tool anyone can have and I would not have an education without my college experience.


Well, this is only my first year in college, but I feel like college has forced me to grow up and become more responsible for myself. It has given me great study skills and taught me how to manage my life.


The most I have gotten out of my college experience is knowing that each and every day while in college I was living as an adult, making adult decisions that would affect the rest of my days.


So far, halfway through my freshman year at the University of Montana; I have grown into a responsible, punctual and innovative young man. I have no regret of moving from my hometown of Phoenix, Arizona to Missoula, Montana. Everything in Missoula and on the campus is different. The people are more friendly and accepting, the professers' at the University know exactly what they are doing, and the classes are of a small enough size that they will get to know you on a name to name basis. If only half a year of school has brought these thoughts to me, imagine what the other three and a half years will have to offer me. In conclusion, the University of Montana is the perfect place to be for almost any person.


My college experience has been the most valuable of my life to date not because of what I’ve learned in classes, but because of the friends I have made. Certainly, I came to college for education, but the people are what will make it memorable for me. A university brings people from all over the world to one campus, making this the best time in one’s life to cultivate as many friendships as possible. Because of the diversity of the college population, students tend to spread out geographically after graduation. Thus the more friends one makes in college, the more widespread one's social network can be. College is a transitional period and therefore can often be frightening and stressful. Relationships created under such circumstances tend to be stronger than most because they are built on support and encouragement. Often, what we learn in class only stays with us until the final exam, but friendships with firm foundations can last a lifetime, and that makes them infinitely valuable.


Having only been a college student a few months, I've already made great personal discoveries. In my opinion, the most important aspect of attending a university away from home isn't the academic knowledge you attain, but rather what you learn about yourself. Three months into my college experience, I've already noticed more changes in myself than I did in perhaps all of high school. If anything, college is where I will develop and maintain the personality and characteristics that will define me for the rest of my life. And maybe the greatest part of this is the fact that at a liberal arts university I have the opportunity to choose whatever I'd like. Whether I came to the right university or not, there's no doubt in my mind that the learning experience itself is more valuable than anything since the parental support I recieved as a child.


I have gotten so much out of my college experience to fit it all in this small area. After nearly twelve years away from the classroom, I came back in the fall of 2010. This allowed me to face my fears of failure, but most importantly stay true to something I have always told my players I have coached: "It's not how you start, it's how you finish." I am now trying to finish well and give the life I have always wanted to my wife, baby, and the students and players I come in contact with. The education I have recieved and relationships I have built will be carried into my next phase of life. I hope I can take some of these things and make a difference in a student's life.


Though people may see college as being confined to a GPA, I see my college bursting with expreiences. Im my first week I encountered break dancers, football and frisbee in the grass, and a kid on a unicycle going to his car. While meeting people who have matured past the painful highschool exprience, I also matured on my own discovering that I have the freedom to learn without absolute obligation. I discovered that there was more than a transfer process and a degree. There is diversity and acceptance, knowledge and drive, fun and freedom all offered in a semester of choices. I've been here for only a short amount of time, but I already know that there is nothing I can regret from this piece of my life, even if I don't accomplish all I intended on doing, because I know I will continue school to the end to not only develope knowledge to push me to my career but to gain experiences that can push me through my hard times.


I have only been attending The University of Montana for one semester now. In this short time I have really grown as an independent person. I like knowing that I am safe to have my own opinions and beliefs. Their are many people who attend the school and because of this I am able to meet a variety of different people. They have taught me that not everyone is the same. In the classroom I have learned the most though. All of my professors are ready and willing to help me succeed. They are willing to stay late to sort through any questions I may have. I am very happy that I chose to attend The University of Montana. I think that as the years go on and I continue to work my way through the Pharmacy program, I will grow even more. I am lucky to have the support from my family, friends and teachers who are helping me get through school. I could never thank them enough.


In my college experience, I have gotten to learn and understand much more than I did in high school. I have learned how important it is to listen closely, since the professors only tell you once when a huge project is due. Going to college, has made me a more independent person. Choosing a career to take in college is very important and has value. Attending college is valuable for preparing me for my career, learning everything I need to know, accomplishing people skills, and improving my work ethic. Overall, college is well worth my time. I have learned many things in my first semester and it has made me value the days I actually have the privilage to attend.


During the time I have attended college, I've gained aspiration to a better life. Attending high school in a city filled with minorities, we weren't motivated by our counselors to attend a university until the last few months before graduation; which by then, it was impossible to change our past three years . However, once I started to attend comminty college, the teachers would constantly encourage us to pursue a better future and acquire a degree. Attending college has been of great value to me because without it, I would have never been able to obtain the knowledge and dedication to a secure future.


I was sceptical at first when I decided to go to school, I had been out of school for three years and thought that i would never make it. Going to school has not only changed me as a person but has also changed my views about school. I never wanted to go to shcool or become anything great until I decided that i wanted to be a teacher. Going to college has been the best experience ever. I am only a freshman right now, but i am very passionate about what i want to do "When I grow up" I recently started volunteering at an elemntary school and every day i go there I see all the kids and watch them grow and learn new things, that is what makes going to school valuable to me. watchinig those kids learn makes me want to be the one to teach them, watching that little light bulb go off is the best feeling in the world. That is enough value for me to stay ins school and work twoards my goal.


I had the option to go to a university when I first graduated high school but decided to go to the community college and save my parents some money since we have 3 kids to put through college. Even though the atmosphere is completely different, I have learned that by sacrificing the atmosphere, I am saving tens and thousands of dollars. Friends and family ask what school I'm attending and when I tell them I'm attending the community college, they all tell me that it's the best thing to do because all of the basics are the same, I'm just paying 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of what we would at a university. I am going on my second year at TCC and I think it's time to go off and continue the classes for my major. I have been working the entire time I have gone to school and I have learned to manage 30 hours of work every week in addition to 15 hours in class. Being able to go to a community college and work as many hours as I do gives me a better grasp on how to do time management .


As a non-traditional student who would be coming back to college at 38 years old was a daunting idea. I intuitively knew that the timing was right, however, to incorporate my life experiences with the traditional learning experiences on a university level. Having held a number of careers througout my life, I felt that the questions that had developed in my mind about certain issues in life and society would best be answered through information that an accredited university could provide for me. I am now in my second semester of my freshman year, and have already felt a change in my perceptions and ideas about my own life experiences, in a way that I never could have received from researching my questions on my own. At UM, I do not feel at all out of place, being older than the majority of the student body. Rather, I feel that most students who have talked to me feel that going to school later in life is the best way to get the most out of the learning process. This has certainly been true for me and is the most valueable part of my decision in returning to school now.


Deciding to go back to school after being out since 1992, has boosted my confidence and self-esteem to another level. A person's mentality or frame of mind has everything to do with how much he or she accomplishes in life. I am one of the many who thought that they were not college material, however, when you come to a dead end road where there seems to be no where else to go, it is at that time that you must come to terms with yourself and decide what is I really want out of life. What was I called to do? Being in college has given me my new outlook on life and is now described with three sayings: 1. "The Best Is Yet to Come" 2. "No Limits- No Boundaries" and 3. "Don't Settle for Anything Less than Your Destiny"


I have gained a diversity of knowledge along with learning how important and fun an education can be. I was out of school for 30 years and when given the opportunity to attend the University of Montana I jumped on it immediately. I have come to realize that people do care about my progress and I am acknowledged for my gpa and desire to learn. It is valuable because I am becoming a more well rounded individual along with learning how to help not only myself but my community. I would encourage everyone to get a degee and learn their full is worth it ten times over.


College has been an enriching experience for me because it has offered me the opportunity to better understand myself and the world that I live in. I know it sounds incredibly cheesy, but I am a person with considerable faults of my own and every little piece of knowledge that I come to understand helps me become a better person and a more functional part of society.


I have really become an adult through my college experience thus far. I have learned what it is like to live alone and have to be my own motivator and my own enthusiast in my opportunities. I have gained a lot of knowledge and after switching what my major would be a few times in my mind am completely sure that I am doing the right thing, Marketing. I have also gained general life experience in what it is truly like to go out into the big bad world. Through careful applying I was able to spend the past summer interning and working in Washington, D.C., where I feel I made the largest leap into adulthood. Being from a small community, without that experience I never would have been as comfortable now with street smarts and how to handle the differences in culture that I know I will face in the future. I have also spent a lot of my spare time taking on new activities such as skiing and particiapting in College Republicans, both of which are things I knew nothing about prior to attending the University of Montana.