The University of Tampa Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


There is a variety of student, from all over the world, with various personalities.


My classmates at The University of Tampa are welcoming, active, fun, and kind.


All my classmates are smart, fun and easy to get along with.


Majority are from the Northeast region of the U.S. Most of my class mates seem to come form familys with money or are only children. They tend to go to the school because its close to Ybor City and they can go party. But then there is the other end of the spectrum where they actually care about academic and about their own personal success. These are the people that you would most likely find on a sports team or in an on campus organization.


You can meet many different types of people from all around the world here; it is extremely diverse and no one is judged for their differences.


My classmates at the University of Tampa could be described as determined, encouraging, understanding, supportive, dedicated, and respectful.


My classmates were always really approachable and helpful, it is easy to make friends and find community.


My classmates are very quiet


My classmates are intrigued to learning new things.


My classmates are cool.


very social and friendly.


My classmates are all innovators and all dreamers; most of them are preparing for the future which is referred to as "The Hunger Games."


All of my classmates are sweet, nice, and overall great people to be around.




My classmates are talkative before, during, and after class because the University has a small number of students so everyone is quite friendly around campus.


My classmates don't believe in themselves enough.


My classmates here often don't take class seriously because many of them come from extremely wealthy families where money is not of concern and plan to work at the companies where their parents are currently employed.


There is a mix of those who try hard and want to do well and those who are just there on their parents money so they don't really care one way or the other.


Most students are pretty laid-back and there is a lot of interaction between different class levels. Since it's a medium-sized school, most students know one another or at least heard of them. Most students are from Florida and the rest are mostly from up North. There's also a pretty good international mix of students for the size of the campus.


They can be somewhat friendly but it depends on the person.


My classmates at the University of Tampa are highly ambitious and work to a high standard, however are not arrogant or snobby.


If I were to choose one word I'd say "solidarity" is what comes to mind. There is a strong sense of belonging and team spirit. My classmates help out in class as well as in difficult social situations. Especially the international crowd have strong links.


My classmates are fun people who enjoy laughing and having a good time while getting things done.


My classmates seemed very intrigued at the thought of being college student , though some seem to be confused of why they actually came to college.


My classmates are very bright individuals, who have a lot of personality and diversity.


My classmates are very diverse, coming from all over the world and country, and each has his own viewpoint and intelligent addition to class discussion.


They're great to talk to when you have issues with certain classwork and need the help.


Positive, Itellegent, Middle class, Willing to help people, Focused on achieving a good job after college, has a good control on time managment, comes from many different backgrounds and cultures, enjoys life.


They are very helpful especially in the small classes that we have for most classes.


UT is the perfect place for everyone, we all seem to fit in just fine. The student body is very diverse and integrated and in the caf (cafeteria) you will always hear people having a good time and just kidding with one another.


The student body is very diverse. Like I said, many international students, many attractive northeasterners, and many nice Floridians that wanted to come to a private university. Although the student body has a lot of outgoing, timid, good-looking, geeks, jocks, we all chose Tampa which unifies everyone. Sometimes it can feel like you're in high school at Tampa, it can be really dramatic. I think it would be hard to be a really academically-driven person who does not go out at all to come to our school. I'd say a good fit would be if you are social, love to do things, be entertained and experience life. For the most part, students that graduate from Tampa will get a good job because we have a level of expectations.


The student body is very diverse. Students from all over the country and the world attend each year. All different types of backgrounds, lifestyles, and personalities. It really is great, sort of a perfect petri-dish for growing college students. There are people voicing their opinions and stands all the time. I have never felt uncomfortable talking about what I believe it.




The classmates at The University of Tampa are diverse and eager to learn.


My classmates are really friendly and work as hard as the amount of fun they seek out.


My classmates are not very focused on school. Most people care a lot about going out and partying and do not care enough about doing well in school. My school is not very diversed, most of my classmates are white and we have a bunch of international students as well.


Mostly white, upper-middle class, privileged students who are usually living off of their parents' money and only attending the University because of the weather as most students are from the Northeast US.


They really enjoy parties.


Very focused on learning and succeeding.


Very diverse yet sometimes cliquey.


People that I can learn from.


Smart Trendy Materialistic Friendly Attractive


Most classmates at UT are from up north (New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey) and most are very wealthy.


My classmates are nice, helpful, concerned with their future, but always ready to have a good time.


A unique, diverse, and accepting group of upper and middle class students who at times spend too much money and drink.