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The weather here is definitely unique to only Florida, it keeps me happy and productive. This school has people thate are welcoming and friendly. I feel more comfortable on this campus and it is in the great location of downtown Tampa. It is a very historical school and does not have a football team, which keeps the school small.


My school is a private paradise. It's wonderful how many things our school offers when there are only 7,000 kids attending. Class sizes are just right for me; less than 30 kids per class. And professors are so caring about us students.


The University of Tampa is a beautiful school centrally located in the heart of Florida, and two blocks away from downtown Tampa. The location of the University of Tampa gives students access to all of Florida's main attractions and beaches, such as Disney World, Busch Gardens, Clearwater Beach, and Siesta Key Beach. In addition to the campus's central location, it has a unique history that attracts many tourists and historians. The University of Tampa was once the Tampa Bay Hotel, and housed many famous and influential people such as President Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders.


My school is located right next to a beautiful river.


The thing that distinguished this school to the others that I considered was the diversity on the campus and the small class sizes compared to the other universities I applied to.


My school is unique because the campus is beautiful and we have a variety of majors. Also, my school is very accomodating to its students.


Overall UT is a pretty good school. You have to put in the effort to learn and interact--and if you do then it will be the most memorable four (or 5) years of your life!


The first thing my parents and I noticed was the responsibility the school and faculty took in helping and making sure Freshman got acclaimated to living away from home, adjusting to a new school, and becoming a responsible adult. They provided a course to help with those areas. I also like the fact that you had access at all times to help if you needed tutoring in your studies. This school gives you the feeling that you belong to a family with great professors and academic programs second to none.


It is a small school, so I thought I would get more individualized attention.


The University of Tampa has a Gateways and Pathways class that helps students to adjust to college life. The dorms and eating accommodations are very nice compared to other schools. UT is a small campus and easy to get around on, and class sizes are much smaller than most schools.


As this is the only university I've attended so far I cannot compare - what I appreciated was mostly the availability of professors and also all other staff. I have the feeling to have been well advised and helped in personal as well as academic questions


The small school gives students the opportunity to feel like a family. I walk to class and I see several people I know. I like knowing that no matter what class I am in either a friend of mine or a friend of a friend is in my class. It seems like a family or at least a tight knit community.


It has a great business program.


Small class sizes that allow you and your professors to interact. You will not just be a number at the University of Tampa.


It is a private university with a typically small class size. The student-teacher ratio is somewhere around 1:7. This provides an atmosphere where students and professors can really get to know eachother and share their interests. It also provides a close-knit community for students, especially students studying in the same fields. Although the business school is a major focus, the liberal arts courses are also pretty good.


This University offers the major I am interested in pursuing. The campus is small, yet located within a city in a safe neighborhood. The class size is small to where I do not feel lost within the crowd. Also the location is desirable for the career I wish to pursue in Marine Biology.


It is small comparitively to other campuses with an amazing faculty. The campus is also beautiful in landscape and history.


Compared to the other schools I considered attending, the University of Tampa is unique in the relationship its professors form with their students. The class sizes are all fairly small, and each professor that i have encountered seems to have a true interest in each of their students. Personal help and tutoring is available to all students, and meetings are held with failing students halfway throughout the semester in order to offer the best educational experience possible.


I attend South University. It was not in the drop down. This school offers classes I can attend online and on campus. As I work full time in Health care this is a huge benifit.


With the enrollment statistics soon to breach the 50,000 mark, the University of Central Florida is a leading contender within the state of Florida to capture and maximize the diversity of its student body. Diversity and nourishing an environment for global understanding is what demands national attention and establishes the UCF as a leader in academic development. The Spanish M.A. is only available in four other universities in Florida, and the professors/coursework at UCF are very much treasured assets to the university and to the students that have the privelage of being a part of the program.


I chose this school because of the ability to play sports and able to live at home.


Our school's main building used to be a luxury hotel back in the days


UT is the best decision I made! I strongly encourage you to come as well and experience it for yourself. You'll enjoy walking by the minarets every day.


This was the only school I applied to and the only school in Florida I was actually interested in going to. I am now staying in the Tampa area instead of moving home because I love this city so much.


MCAD is located in a beautiful part of the country and a hotspot for art-related careers. The campus is small but peaceful, and the student community is lively. The curriculum gives you an opportunity to focus on what you want, but allows you to explore other fields. It has a great 3D studio, and plenty of studio space for students. Internships are required, giving you a realistic perspective on the job opportunities you'll get once you leave school.


It's very diverse as far as background/ethnicity


For me it was the Small Theater program that felt like a family. The campus is beautiful and full of old and new buildings - part of a time gone by but still wanting to be looked after by the upcoming youth of today. I passed by this campus my whole life and wanted to be a part of it's history.


We have a museum on campus, and we're really ethnically diverse. We'll soon have a chapel for all denominations to worship at and we're close to the business district which allows for good internship opportunities.


i like the small community in this school. everyone is super nice and there always stuff to do on an off campus.


One of the main buildings used to be an old famous hotel.


close community feel


It is in a unique setting in downtown tampa florida, other than that its pretty basic to be honest


The campus is gorgeous!


We have an outdoor pool and a baseball team that is the National Champions


The classes are small enough to be somewhat personalized but big enough to be interactive and received varied opinions


It's a liberal arts university.


It's closest to home and it's in an area I know and love. Also, it's the only school that accepted me that had a Digital Arts program (versus UCF and USF).


The University of Tampa has been the key to my learning success. I have been able to meet so many different people and learn how to communicate and work more efficiently.