The University of Tampa Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If you like a small community, this is the school for you. You must also like sun and not mind heat. Additionally if you plan to want to explore off campus for that a mile or two, expect to bring a car to school with you or spend a lot in taxi services. Lastly, if you are somebody who needs personal academic help, this school will definetely provide you suffiecient teaching styles and resources.


I think it is important for someone who attends this school to be involved with the events that take place within this school. A person who comes to this school and plans on dorming here should definitely be okay with not living at home like how they are used to, because it is a major change and not a lot of people warn others about the adjustments that are needed to be able to live on campus without their parents. Its important for students to come here who want to keep up with their education and social life!


A well-rounded, diverse, hard working student should attend the University of Tampa because there is so much to do but you also have to know how to balance everything out to maintain good grades.


Someone with discipline who wants to learn, but someone who also really likes to have fun (club, party) or be involved in some way in extracurriculars.


this is a great school for students that easily adapt to being on their own. Students should be disciplened and focus.


The person that is looking to open their minds, appect challenges, and be willing to understand others thoughts and ideas. Those who will work hard and long. The person that is charismatic and accpecting of others from everywhere around the world. The one who has a plan to know what they want to acheive in life.


Anyone and everyone should attend The University of Tampa! There is a huge diversity within our school and it's nice knowing people from all over the world. As a matter of fact, my best friend lives in New York! It's fun how many people you'll become close friends with at a private university. I love it.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone motivated, yet looking to have a good time in their college years. Most students do not school seriously here, but those that do get a lot out of the classes and the information they learn. Someone who is able to attend a private university gets plenty out of the courses they take and overall are satisfied with their decision to attend the University of Tampa.


Students should attend this school if they are looking at completeing a four year degree at a private university.


Any person who is seeking a higher education, its never too late to start.


A person who likes a more one-on-one approach, and likes smaller classes.


My school is very diverse in terms of race, religion, sexuality and everything else. Therefore, I believe anyone is able to attend our school and be easily accepted. It is because of this diversity that has caused everyone to accept eachother despite our differences. With such a diverse group you are able to learn different cultures and languages just be socializing with others and you are guaranteed to find your group of people who are just like you or accepting of your ways and may become life long friends.




A person who enjoys hands-on experience and a smaller campus.


The kind of person who would attend this school is either interested in a buisiness or psychology major. People who like individualized education should go here because of the small student count in the classrooms rather than large student lectures. The university is prime for people looking for stable warm weather as it is sunny all year round.


Someone who enjoys a liberal arts foundation to build their major on would love my school. Also, a person who likes receiving personal attention in smaller classroom settings. My school is located right in the heart of downtown Tampa, so anyone who wants internship opportunities, or great job opportunities after they graduate should definitely attend my school.


Someone who knows they can afford this school.


The University of Tampa is a good starting school for a student with an above average record. UT is a small private school where classes are only as big as 60 students and that is a lecture. Considering UT is a private school, it is expensive, however, I have spent a semester at UT and I have accomplished several goals. There is good community service with PEACE Club. I have gained a good group of friends with Netball. I am from New Jersey and the out of state experience is one that I wouldn’t want to change.


Anyone who is interested in expanding their horizons, meeting new and different people, being academically challenged, and enjoys being a social individual should attend this school. Also you should enjoy warm weather since the school is located in Florida. Everyone on campus is very accepting of one another and I have never felt left out or out of place.


Any person is more than capable of attending this school. One of the great things about UT is their extreme diversity and variety of backgrounds. If you have any special religous, politcal, cultural, ethical, or any other organization that you have an interest in, UT offers classes or clubs for you!


We have a student population mainly from the North East. It is a private school so having a stable financial situation would be benefitical.


A person who wants to go into biology or business should attend this school. There are a lot of parties here and many clubs and bars. So if you are not into these then there is not much else to do.


A person that is outgoing, likes to be involved in a active campus


Friendly up-beat people should attend the University of Tampa. There are a lot of nursing majors and business students.


The kind of students that should attend this school should be outgoing and friendly because since it is a small school with only about 6,000 undergraduates we all know eachother and are all like a family. On the other hand he/she should be independant in his/her work because there is seldom time when you are alone to focus on studies. I often set aside time in the day for myself because everybody is always around.


Someone with energy, excitement, and an appreciation of all sorts of diverse things, our school is as diverse as the area surrounding it, we are right in the city but right next to the beach as well.


Classroom classes are small , students who want to be in a school setting were teachers know them by name and not a student number will enjoy the experience at University of Tampa.


University of Tampa is a smaller private school in Florida. This school is for students that want to get an education from teachers that truely want you to succeed. The classes are small and allow you to interact with the teachers and faculty much easier than at a larger state school. The tuition is more money than a state school, but I always believed that you get out what you put into anything you do in life.


Anyone who wants to pass their courses. This university cares about their students. They will help you in every was that is possible, to help you pass your classes. If you don't understand something you are suppose to do, you can either ask a classmate, the professor or even call your student advisor. The classes are interesting and doing them online you have more time to get the homework assignments done because you can sit down at your computer as many times during the day as you like.


I strongly believe that the University of Central Florida is strongly rooted in its creed of "integrity, scholarship, community, creativity and excellence", and therefore those individuals who adhere to these principals should be those who attend the university. In addition, any individual who yearns for exposure to a diverse population of students and academic professionals and who desires to better themselves as a result of this exposure would be ideal candidates for attending this university.


UT is a great enviornment for anyone of any ethinicity, class status, gender, or education level. Students and teachers are very outgoing and extreamly willing to help. The school is geared towards people who are self motivated, determined, intelligent, and those who embrace challenges. There are groups for everyone and students have unlimited options to choose from! As long as you are willing to look for help there is a department available to help. All of the offices direct you where you need to go or what you need to look at for classes, financial aid, or work study programs.




People who want to learn from doctors and professors who love what they do for a living, along with people who want a great education in a small sized classroom should attend the University of Tampa. The University of Tampa allows great opportunity for success in college and after graduation.


Anyone who wants a quality education combined with a school that provides endless opportunities should come to this school. However, I must say that in order to succeed at this school, one must have a strong sense of focus. My school is located in the heart of downtown Florida, so it is very easy to get distracted here.


A business major who enjoys Florida weather and a small school.


Whomever feels comfortable with this school. It depends on the person.


Someone who can afford it and can either handle the social life and classroom or can focus on just the classroom. You have to be able to overcome the excessive alcohol and drug use and see how good the professors are, despite the high cost and student life at times.


Only a serious minded and dedicated person should attend UT. The workload is heavy and the exams are hard but it's worth it if one is willing to put in the time to study, do all assigments and attend all scheduled classes.


Very sociable and quick learners.


I think someone who is open to diversity and different opinions should attend The University of Tampa.


The person who should attend this school is one who wants to achieve in life. This person would want a good paying job and a lot of connections. Also this person would have to be focused on school and not partying. Another thing is this person would have to be strong minded and attentive on his or her education. A student who is goal oriented and had good time management would also strive at this university.


Someone who wants to be warm year round and both studious yet outdoorsie


any race, religion, liberal. likes diversity, big campuses and classes. is involved in school sports or spirit. independent learner.


People who are motivated to succeed and like small class sizes with more one-on-one individual attention from the professors. People who want to be involved in a sorority or fraternity. People who want to go to grad school or beyond. People who like to party on the weekends, but doesn't usually skip or fall behind in class.


someone open mindded, with an idea of the ourside world, not just his/her home town. someone fun, with enthusiastic and new ideas for teh community. someone ready to help within the school and outside. someone kind to others


A weel behaved person, with high expectations and well bases academic background in order to be successful


Fun, outgoing people who love to go out and have a good time.


Well the main draw of the school is the size and location so basically anyone looking to go to a smallish college right near downtown (or in a Florida city, etc.)