The University of Tampa Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the best about The University of Tampa is the people, the athletics, and the great structure of the school. When I first got to The University of Tampa i thought everyone was going to be shy and rude, but after a week you see that everyone is wecolming and kind. the athletics are huge and super successful. I found my way onto the Junior Varisty baseball team. Finally, The University of Tampa is absoulety beautiful in every way.


The best thing about the school is how open all the teachers and the student are. The school feels more like a community than other colleges are because the size of the school. Its big enough where there are multiple things to do but small enough that you can meet a lot of people with no problems. The teachers actually care about your eduacation, and since the size of the classes are usually small the teachers get to know you individually and are better able to help you.


I think the best thing about my school are the small classes. They give a chance for students and the professors to be able to interact. My largest class this semester has about sixty students and it's easy for students to participate in class discussions and not be intimdated by a large group.


The school is small and it is very easy to communicate with staff and teachers, as well as make friends on campus.


The class sizes at the University of Tampa are relatively small. Due to the small class sizes, I am really able to connect with the Professor and other classmates on a more personal level. The campus is not as big compared to other Universities in Florida and I really like that because I am able to find all my classes easily and get there on time.


The best thing about my school is that the class sizes are smaller compared to most universities and one is able to get to know other students easier and have a more personal relationship with the professors.


Location, location, location! The University of Tampa is located in the center of downtown and is thriving with performance and learning opportunities! Being a Musical Theatre major I have taken advantage of several in only my first year! I have participated in productions at The Straz Center for Performing Arts and currently participate in their Conservatory’s apprenticeship program. I have also been lucky enough to perform seasonally for Howl-O-Scream and Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Tampa. My part-time job at DSW and home are also very close, making its location the best thing about UT!


I love the Professors at this school. They are always there for the students and they all go out of their way to not only make sure that you succeed, but so that they can also get to know you as a person. Everybody here is so friendly and open, and helpful which is a huge reason why I chose to come here over other schools. The sense of community was important to me, and acceptance and I get that at this school which is great.


The best thing about the University of Tampa is the school spirit and the racial diversity. When you are in the university you are never going to feel judged. Another great thing about UT is that classroom sizes are small so the classes are not bigger than 25 students which gives you a great advantage because the professor has the time to help you in a personal basis and gets to know you. In the classroom you are you not another number. Lastly, The University of Tampa is going to prepare you for your future career.


I think that the best thing about my school would be the diversity of students. We have students from all over the world and it helps us students to learn tolerance and respect for other cultures.


One of the first things that strikes you is the beautiful campus and the excellent Florida weather. However, if you delve further into the university you find much more that you can appreciate. If you like small campuses and class rooms, Tampa is just right for you. With an average of about fifteen to twenty students per classroom you can get a lot of hands on help from professors. Also, our professors are very good at their job and I have not heard a student complain over one yet. Lastly the dorm rooms for freshman are above average by far.


The best thing about University of Tampa is location. It is located in beautiful downtown Tampa right on the hilsborough river. This location makes for a nice scenery and allows students to study outside.


I love the atmosphere and size of my school. It is smaller than most universities, so I have smaller classes which allows me to be more active in class discussions. My professors also have a chance to get to know me as a person and they are there to provide help for me when I need it.Morover, the close knit atmoshpere makes me feel like I am at a second home while in school. I don't get overwhelmed by the size of the campus and this has helped me adjust well to the school.


The things I like most about the Univeristy of Tampa are the smaller class sizes and the honors programs availble to students. I was very intrigued by their study abroad programs they offered, as well as, the internship opportunities availible to students after graduating. I found the staff extremely helpful and availible to their students at all times.


The small environment. It feels as once you get to know people, you see them everywhere and it makes a person feel good to know people and be able to see them everywhere on campus. You still see different people everyday and the same faces as well.


The University of Tampa is a smaller campus and that is very nice. The class course selections maybe small as compared to big state school but the things I have learned are phenomenal. The school caters to our major and ensures that we are prepared for the future and graduation. We are placed with advisors who care and for those who live on campus ,we are shown someone cares. There is always a helping hand at my school and there are always ways to better ourselves as students and be prepared for our future in what we love!


The best thing about my school is that the class sizes are small so it is a very intimate setting and the professor/student relationship as well as the relationship amongst the students is very close knit.


The University of Tampa has a beautiful campus in the heart of Tampa Bay, but is just the right size that you don't feel lost. All the proffesors actually care about their students and work hard to ensure students understand the material. The class sizes are small, with a student to teacher ratio of 15:1. You really have the opportunity to effectively learn in the best possible environment. There is such a positive energy at the university that it is near immpossible to not be successful in your collegiate career. The only negative is the price of tutition.


The best thing I consider about my school is its small classes. The University of Tampa has a fifteen to one student teacher ratio. I believe that the small classes help me focus more in class. The lecture classes have never been over twenty five students in my experience. This also helps the student/professor relationship. Which means any time I need to talk to a professor about any issue I might have, I have a name to my face, not just a number in a crowd.


The faculty is well rounded and shares their knowledge and experiences with the students. It is a very diverse campus; both students and faculty come from all over the world. It gave me an opportunity to experience other cultures and generate relationships beyond what I was expecting attending this University.


the small class rooms and the location.


The best thing about my school is: First place it is not listed is the lists of schools. (Which is really a bad thing.) I am attending Everest University in Tampa Florida. I LOVE attending there because they had exactly what I was looking for. A school I could attend online. I do not drive and it is hard to find transportation. The help they give you when needed. Getting to meet people from all over the United States. They are a great school and they have that down home college feeling.


So much stuff to do on campus and around campus!


Good professors


I enrolled at Keiser University it wasnt on the list! They are nice,easy enrollment and alot of hands on experience.I look forword to waking up to go to school,and learning something new .They take the time to make sure everyone understands what they are teaching.Another great thing is one class at a time,Witch works great for me ,because i have been out of school for sixteen years.I just passed my first class and i got a A!


The ability to cross-pollinate your curriculum without having to declare a minor. I've been open to taking drawing, illustration and other studio courses to supplement my comic art major.


The best thing about my school is that faculty and the professors try their best to help the students grow academically as much as they can. They encourage us to be the best that we can be. They really wish for us to succeed


I consider the best thing about my school is the environment, physically and mentally. Going to school in Tampa, we enjoy warm weather all year long and honestly, who can complain with that. Seeing people wearing shorts in December makes me smile every year. Mentally, since UT has only about 6,000 undergrads, it makes school more of a community and family. Yeah you walk around and recognize a lot of people, but it is still big enough where you do not feel like you know everyone.


Perfect location! Right across the hillsborough river view beautiful view of downtown Tampa. Near Hyde Park, residential area, Bayshore (Gasparilla!), Ybor City, Channelside... and so much more. Great social school. Everyone likes to go out and look good.


The weather is great! However as far as the actual school goes, the campus is very well kept with beautiful landscaping and very nice on-campus housing.


The weather and knowledgeable professors.


The professors. The professors are some of the most knowledgable professionals in their fields and are happy to discuss and help students who have the same interests.


I think the best thing about the University of Tampa is the class sizes. The teacher/student ratio is about 1 to 15-20 which was one of the major selling points of this school when I was choosing a college.


The Minaret (Newspaper). I'm the online editor and have enjoyed being part of the newspaper because it introduced me to other people and has made me a more social person. I feel normal in the group because everyone is loud and has a good sense of humor.


The best thing about the University of Tampa is the small class sizes and the great professors here at UT.


The friendly enviornment and closeness of the students and faculty throughout campus. Whenever something goes wrong in school or your social life, there are always people there to talk to no matter what the situation is.


My school offers the best of all worlds. We are right in the city of Tampa, but only fifteen minutes from the beach. Our campus is also located right on the Hillsborough River, which offers more serenity around campus. Whether you wanted a nice park to be able to study in, a city setting, a night life, or a quiet life, you will be able to find it all at UT. If a great night out consists of the aquarium, upscale shopping, clubs and bars, or a nice movie, it is all within walking distance of our campus.


The best thing about my school is how beautiful it is. It is full of so much history and beautiful architecture that anyone who visits will fall in love.