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Well the main thing I saw that I liked compared to every other school I applied for, was the fact that it was within walking distance of downtown. No other school I wanted to go to was in close proximity, and without my car this semester being closer to downtown made it easier for me to go off campus.


The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is placed in a town where you can get a city feel but also within ten minutes from the University you can have a small town feel. The classes are usually around 20-30 students so you are more than just a number. You are given the opportunity to have relationships with your professors which is more than helpful.


UTC has a very good outdoors recreation center. They give the students a vast assortment of outdoor activity opportunities from kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, hang gliding trips, skydiving trips, snowboarding trips, skiing trips, bouldering, to rappelling. While the campus is focused in the middle of downtown Chattanooga, there is all kinds of places to enjoy the great outdoors nearby.


Its size and location are unique compared to other schools I considered.


the people


This school's dorms are all apartment style. That means they include a full kitchen and bathroom area. I also picked this school because I love the Chattanooga area, especially the downtown.


My school has such a diverse population, often not seen within one smaller sized school. We have the more urban, "want to be gangster" crowd; we have hippies and tree huggers; we have the rich snobby kids; we have the smart kids; we have kids that have no idea whats going on. I don;t believe many schools have as a diverse of a campus as UTC.


It is the most economical graduate school I was accepted to.


It is a university with a community college student to teacher ratio. They also offer a lot of resources if you need help in any subject.


I Love How You Get To Walk Around Downtown Chattanooga To Go To Classes.


I dont think many would think this is unique but the dorms that are on UTC campus are all co-ed. I know most of the colleges I considered, if not all, were bot girl dorms and I just thought it was neat. Plus we do not have the traditional dorm, like everyone mates up to one room and the whole floor shares BATHROOM or KITCHEN. All students basically live in an appartment. 4 to each complex and i love it.


As I said before, UTC isn't a huge campus. It allows me to get the full college experience without overwhelming me. It isn't so large that I get lost in the masses and it has enabled me to meet new people and develop relationships with my professors after only a short time there. It is located in great city and only a 2 hour drive from my parents. The distance allows me to become independent but I also know that home isn't that far away. It was a great choice for me.


I like the fact that this school is not too big to where you will never make friends because all of the classrooms are like stadium seating.


Chattanooga as a city is beautiful and always has things going on. It is also located in the center of Nashville, Knoxville, and Atlanta making any out of town concert or road trip a few mere hours. I chose a school that I felt like I would not be lost in the shuffle of an immense student body as well as having classes in which the teacher can actually help me on a personal basis.


What really sold me on UTC was their incredible Honors Program. It doesn't focus so much on how intellectual an invidivual is but how much determination they have to enrich their lives. The program offers great opportunites to travel abroad or internships in areas within your major around the city of Chattanooga. The classes they require their students to take are stimulating, enriching, and, although require more work, are some of the most rewarding classes. Plus, they have a great staff and student community that really take freshmen under their wing, and truly care about their success


My school is way more organized than the other school i was considering.


The location is awesome. Everything is within walking distance and the campus doesn't feel over crowded. Everyone is very nice and helpful, and on campus housing was much better than any other school i considered.


It offers a good deal of financial aid.


It has a bigger campus with more avalabilities to students. A bigger library and more proffesors and more times for classes.


The amount of help that is offered is amazing.


The actual city is the best part compared to other schools. I attended Knoxville first, and Chattanooga just fits me so much better. The school is just the right size and drinking is not the only college activity available. You can rock climb, hike, bike, get out on the river, take a carriage ride through downtown, visit the sharks at the aquarium, or just drive up to signal mountain and sit on a perch and look out over Chattanooga.


The big school fell, but it is still small. This a place where you are not jsut a numbe rbut people will actually know your name and face.


I like that they offered mainly apartment style housing rather than only traditional dorm housing. Also, I liked the location of the college. It is located really close to downtown Chattanooga. You could walk if you wanted to access downtown


Chattanooga is a wonderful place to go to school. It is a small city with a big city feel. Surrounded by mountains, we are only a short distance from Knoxville, Atlanta, and Nashville. UTC is well balanced. With an emphasis on art, environment, and music, there's something for everyone. Although smaller than the other colleges I applied to, I do not feel deprived of anything at UTC. The professors are friendly, genuine, knowledgable, and accomplished. Students range in ages from 18-50 and I've found a friend in every class. It's great to be a Chattanooga Moc!


It is located very close to downtown, close to the river, and nightlife area.


The other schools I considered were art colleges without a focus in other fields or course or did not have many general courses offered. UTC allows me to study other subjects aside from art related courses.