The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


UTC is a very diversified school students can explore many avenues of education and many avenues of social development. The Chattanooga area is top in clean practices and upholds the green ecology.


I tell everyone it's a great campus. Whatever the season it's always enjoyable to take a walk. Even between classes, taking a walk is great because there are lots of people around and there is a beautiful scenery. I also have to brag about the art department. It may be overlooked sometimes, but it is by far the best place I could imagine to study art for such an affordable price.


The people here are very nice and laid back! The campus is small enough to where you get the chance to see and meet alot of people opening your chances to make more friends.


I brag most about what a great learning environment UTC provides. Smaller class sizes and more attentive professors.


UT Chattanooga has the best dorms of any public University I've ever seen. It is also really convenient to the great downtown area. You can walk to several restaurants and even to a really nice park. UT Chattanooga also has a great workout area. The campus is also pretty and it has a big town feel without being crowded.


I brag about how I can get to class in under ten mintues by walking.


I, for the most part, brag on the activities the campus has to offer. The teachers make this school worth coming to, they are open with their ideas and always willing to help a student in need.


I brag most about our housing. I must say that we have the best housing out of all universities. I enjoy the fact that it is all apartment style, and I get to have my own room. I also enjoy the school environment. This campus is safe.


I tell my friends about the class sizes and the outdoor recreational opportunities. Fitness is a big part of my life and future career and we have an amazing facility. My friends can relate with me about outdoors events because we come from a small town that offers a lot of those things. In that sense, my school creates a home-away-from-home atmosphere.


My school will lead me to do great things when Igraduate. I will be well prepared for what is ahead?


This school is awesome. You get to be right in the city and no more than 30 miles from anything and everything outdoors. In the city you have everything you would expect to keep you entertained. What makes UTC different is that in the surrounding area we have mountains, rock climbing, white water rafting, skydiving, and much more. Also, soon to come in our brand new work out facility is a lazy river. It can be used by anyone, and for the canoeing and scuba diving classes too. It has everything and is the perfect school.


the professors are amazing.


since i play football, most of my time is spent working out doing home work and ajusting to being on my own. . chattanooga is a great place to live and the school is down town , so theres a lot to do. you have the tenn. river, the aquarium, plenty of restruants and the mountains. their is a lot of frendley people here and everyone seems to offer help , if needed. the library is always avaliable. there is tutoring, and teachers usually e-mail you back pretty quickly if you have questions. i would advise anyone to come here.


We have an amazing chemistry department.


Some quality instructors and great advisors


Parties and campus activities


this school is very good about helping students that are majoring in business or engineering


that it is two hours away from the major cities


my apartment


Our dorms are great because we get our own rooms and have a kitchen.


That the business major is most saught after.


The recreation! Camping, hiking, concerts, symphonies, parties!