The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I would have to say the lack of classes and resources for the Communication Department. It is so very underfunded and it hurts us, the students because we are not able to learn to the fullest potential when there are so many classes that we need but aren't getting.


What I would consider worst about my school is the disconnection of faculty and administration with present-time progression. One main example being the thought of having more online-based classes which recieved negative responses from professors and people in higher up positions. However, as a student, I am thankful for the interation that occurs inside the classroom but with more online classes, this could be a benefit and convenience to commuter students and also those that work or intern a lot.


The worst thing about my school were the extremely large math and science classes that they offer, because class instruction becomes a struggle and lots of necessary knowledge can easily be lost in such a vast atmosphere.


The worst thing about UTC is its location in downtown Chattanooga. The school has city traffic on its streeets and around the dorm areas. I believe this makes for a more dangerous situation in the saftey of the students.


The worst thing about UTC is the parking. There isn't nearly enough parking spaces for students on campus, unless you're willing to fork out $250 for a reserved parking pass, and even that spot isn't guaranteed. Luckily I live close enough to campus to where I can walk to campus, but the majority of students do have to put up with this issue.


The school is the "younger sibling" of University of Tennessee at Knoxville. because of this out faculty and curriculem is much lower than the other campus. I would love to change that for all of the student body.


The self taught math class. I struggle in math and really could use a teacher or someone to help me.


As a new student with UTC, the only thing I can really complain about it is parking. UTC has several buildings and classes, but they don't have room for all their students. I have to at school at least 45 minutes before class just to get to my class on time due to their bus system. After you fall into routine though, it gets fairly easy. I'm told they will be trying to fix this problem, but there is no true say on when and where this will actually happen.


There are not enough parking spots.


I've yet to experience a bad thing much less the worst, but for now if I had to choose something it's that the library closes early. I would think a college library would be open later than 8 or 9.


The current location of the school is quite fat from my home, so it may seem difficult for me to move into the campus.


Honestly, the worst thing is the weather. I absolutely love this school.


The food here sucks, there isn't a lot of variety


The worst thing about this campus is the fire drills. People set off the fire alarm with the slightest hint of smoke. They cook at all hours of the morning!


I consider the geographical location on Arkansas State University is the worst thing for me. Whenever strong downpours of rain come then the campus, especially the central area, is horribly prone to flooding. Not to mention the Craighead County is fairly flat land, so Tornado Watches and Warnings are current off and on during the Spring season. This is to be expected since Arkansas is considered the outskirts of Tornado Alley. Also, the university over 300 miles away from the nearest residence of a relative. of mine. However, this helps aid in learning self-dependence as well.


I think the worste thing about this campus is the lack of eating choices on campus!! This school provides alot of opportunities for furthering an education, and career oriented therefor, this is the only hting I can come up with!


The only flaw with UTC is that it doesn't offer a lot of activites on-campus on the weekends. Especially for those who aren't as overly social or whose friends leave for the weekend, it's tough to just stay in sometimes with nothing to do on campus on a Friday or Saturday.


This school always accepts more incoming freshmen than they can physically accomodate. This puts a lot of stress on all students. Students have left this school because of the shortage of housing and parking is ridiculous.


The weekends, because if your not involved in Greek life there is almost nothing for you to do.


It rains alot because of the mountians.


We don't have a very good math department.


Sometimes on weekends they're isn't alot to do.


Working and going to school in order to pay for housing.


The food


The worst thing about my school is their admissions office. A lot of the people that work there seem to be ill-informed and have a short temper when you have questions. I have been told many conflicting things about class pre-requesites and requirements. Questions are never answered the same across the board. You really need to know who to talk to about what to get things taken care of.


The amount of people that leave for weekends and sporting events.


Unless you are in a sorority or fraternity there is not much to do on campus.


We recently have gotten new lighting across most of campus, replacing old bulbs with new energy efficent ones. However, some parts of campus could use the new blubs, because they give off a yellowish/orange glow and do not provide adequate lighting at night--feels sketchy.


financial aid staff and parking


Not much to do on the weekends


Cardiac Hill! It is in the middle of campus and makes getting to class on time exhausting!


Terrible parking situation.


The worst thing about my school is the fact that students are not as social as I thought they would be. Most of the time, they stick with their fraternity or sorority group. I wish that the students were more friendly, and that it would be nothing out of the ordinary to say hello to another student whenever you walk by them on campus. I am a person who loves meeting new people, and I get along with others very easily. I have met a few new friends, but I would like to see everyone be friendly.


The worst thing is that there are not enough campus activities and the students don't get involved enough. I wish there were more concerts, fairs, something in the middle of campus and that more people would attend functions.


Pressure from UT-Knoxville to remain small. They put downward pressure on the Chattanooga system and we suffer slightly in terms of expansion and general improvements!