The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga? Is this stereotype accurate?


I don't think there are any stereotypes that fit our particular school. We are all MOCS if that's a stereotype!


The stereotype is that we are laid back and accepting of others, which I believe is true.


Types of people on campus : Frat kids, Sorority girls, Stoners, Geeks/Nerds, and then everyone else. I would say these stereotypes are fairly accurate. The Greeks tend to stay with the Greeks, in which they have parties, and on average maintain the lowest of the GPA's on campus. The Stoners are here, but of course you barely see them out and about, if you do it will be down at the Yellow Deli, a 24/5 study spot that makes all sorts of "Hippy" type foods, in the middle of the night. Of course there are Geeks/nerds on every campus. At UTC this particular stereotype tends to stray from the smart, socially awkward norm to the mostly just awkward. You can catch them LARPing in the local student park in the middle of the day.


The sterotypes at UTC are fairly accurate. The greeks dress like sterotypical greeks. The jocks all wear school clothes and hangout together. The isn't that many stoners. It is mostly looked down upon here. There aren't really geeks here everyone respects people who do their work and they aren't picked on and called geeks.