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Recent Reviews

What is your overall opinion of this school?

One experience you'll always remember: Alternative break trips. You immerse yourself in community service with students for a...

What is your overall opinion of this school?

One experience you'll always remember: Alternative break trips. You immerse yourself in community service with students for a week. The diversity among you brings you together. I've worked with african refugees, sprayed homes for mold in New Orleans, visited the Kentucky Derby, and will soon be leading my own trip to an undisclosed location! It truly is an amazing experience. Student complaints: Too much construction and an unsightly campus.

Describe the students at your school.

- I attract quirky people. Therefore, I feel I've had a lot more interaction with individuals who are more diverse than I am. I originally joined a sorority when I came to UTK. I disaffiliated because I felt like everyone was a cookie cutter image of the person next to them. So, I began to participate in organizations like Team Vols where the person next to you is a different race, religion, ethnicity, etc. Diversity is here, but it's somewhat shadowed. - I would feel out of place at UT if I wasn't involved in anything. - Lots of studnets wear sweatpants and shirts. I personally dress up a bit more because I have a lot of clubs and events I attend during the day. - Different types of students interact outside of the Greek setting. I feel there is a lack of diversity among individuals who are in greek fraternities or sororities. Classes are diverse as well as other clubs and organizations on campus. - I dont really like the dining hall question. I personally eat lunch with different people all the time. Younger, older, different color, or race. I also eat by myself, you see a lot of that too. - Most UT students are from TN especially Knoxville, Nashville, or Memphis. - Middle class backgrounds are most prevalant. - Students are definately political. Groups are constantly set-up on the pedestrian walkway to increase awareness about environmental issues, government issues, labor issues, etc. - In the Greek system I'd say predominantly conservative, but I feel our campus is making a move towards a more liberal environment. - I think earnings is constantly on our minds, if not why would we come to college. But, I dont feel it is a major topic of debate at all.

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Rocky top you'll always be home sweet home to me!

What is the stereotype of students at your school?

I think a stereotype about UTK is that you have to be Greek affiliated to participate in certain organizations on campus such as SAA or SGA.

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?

Although the stereotype isn't completely true, there is validity. Generally individuals who are members of greek organizations are more involved on campus, but I think it is because they want to be. It is much easier to get into organizations if you are Greek, and I think it is discouraging to some students.

What are the most popular student activities/groups?

- SGA is big, Student Alumni Associates, Team Vols service club, SPEAK, christian organizations such as Young Life or RUF. But there is pretty much any club you could ever dream of including a cardboard club where they play games all the time. - I'm very involved in Student Alumni Associates. We serve students past present and future. WE get to work the skyboxes during home football games, attend banquets with the president, chancellor, and important donors, and we get to talk to highschool seniors who may attend UT one day. We also deliver cakes to students around campus and are involved in the adopt-a-spot program where we are responsible for keeping the area around the tyson alumni house clean. - RAs encourage students to lock their doors for safety reasons. However, we rarely locked ours. But, we never kept it wide open. - Atheletic events are huge if it involves basketball or football. - Our Clarence Brown theater has amazing plays such as Guys and Dolls that are constantly changing year round. We have nobel prize winning speakers, speakers from around the globe, and generally each academic college has speakers unique to their field of study. - The dating scene is abundant. At least I date, a lot. Generally people hangout in groups and grab pizza or see a movie. It's a fun, casual atmosphere. - I met my closest friends through involvement in organizations on campus. It's funny how I've grown apart from my high school friends and now hangout with people from all over the US. - If I'm awake at 2 am on Tuesday I am either cramming for an exam in the library with a cup of Starbuck's strongest brew in my hand. - Torchnight, Vol Walk, Aloha Oi, Homecoming, Volapalooza, UC Late-Nighter - Fraternities and sororities seem like the center of the universe during your freshman and sophomore years. But, after that you forget we even have them. I highly recommend not joining a greek organization based on personal experience. - Last weekend, I went to a concert, yonder mountain string band, at a local venue close to campus. Saturday, I went to dinner with some of my ASB team at the Tomato Head in Market Square, and then saw a local band at the preservation pub also in market square. Sunday I studies, cooked dinner, and watched a movie. - Go to the dollar theater, eat ice cream, play board games, sit by the river at volunteer landing, play frisbee in world's fair park, go to the t-rec and workout, participate in something going on in campus, dinner in the old city, go to a concert...the opportunities are endless. - I generally eat, shop, and socialize off campus.

What are the academics like at your school?

In my upper level classes, my professors know my name, but in my lower division classes with more people they don't. Professors are a great asset. They can get you jobs, internships, and even graduate positions. They are knowledgable, funny, and worth getting to know. Favorite class: My HRT 445 class. We started a restaurant in the University Center. We have no tests or papers, our grade is solely based on the success of our project. So far I've been on the news and we've had numerous articles written about us. We get to plan the menus for guests and take care of everything from making desserts to seating guests. Least favorite class: My vitamins and minerals nutrition class. I have a difficult time understanding my teacher and she reads directly from the powerpoint. I never recommend skipping class, but I always skip hers because I learn more on my own. How often do students study: I can only speak for myself, and with 18 hours, I probably study at least 20 hours a week. Class participation common: I've found that science or business classes don't generally provide and interactive environment. All of my english, communication, journalism, hotel restaurant and tourism, history, and anthropology classes have. It's really great when you have a discussion because it's much easier to talk amongst a smaller group of individuals. Intellectual convos outside of class: Definately! I talk over coffee about traveling, books, national public radio, music, politics, etc. I love going to the golden roast and cozying up with a warm mug of coffee and speaking my mind and opening my heart to other's opinions. Competive environment: I don't feel it's a competitive environment, especially not in comparision to high school. Unique class: Once again, my hotel restaurant and tourism class was my most unique. It was wonderful to be able to take all of the knowledge about food costs, spreadsheets, menu design and planning, and apply it. Not many students can say they've managed their own restaurant. It was a great experience. Major/department: My major is nutrition, and my minors are hotel restaurant and tourism and journalism. I am actually more involved in my minor departments. I write for the online journalism website. My articles are Eccentric in the City, Cheap Eats, and Around the World in Knoxville. For HRT, I write a nutrition article for EVA magazine, and I hope to have a graduate position in the program after graduation. I dont' spend time with professors outside of class other htan working on projects with them such as the EVA magazine article or the Tennessee Journalist. UTK graduation requirements: I wish we had to take more liberal arts requirements for nutrition. I'm not sure if I'll be prepared for a job, but it's what you put into it. I'm passionate about my future so I research a lot outside of class and build opporunities for myself that will set me up for success.

What is your overall opinion of this school?

The best thing about UTK is the array of opportunities available. As a large school, there is a club, an organization or an a...

What is your overall opinion of this school?

The best thing about UTK is the array of opportunities available. As a large school, there is a club, an organization or an activity for everyone. However, the size of UTK is a double-edged sword. Sometimes I think UT is a little too large. You will not know someone in every class. You may even go a whole day walking around campus without seeing a familiar face. When I talk about UT, most people are impressed by its size and its stadium. From the outside, this is what most people focus on when looking at UT. I don't spend a lot of time on campus. I spend most of my time in the surrounding areas, like the Fort. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding UT's administration recently. However, I am of no opinion on the matter. There has also been a great deal of controversy surrounding Pike, one of the more popular fraternities. Three of Pike's members were hospitalized with Staph infections after allegedly going through severe hazing. Pike was in trouble on a national level, and as far as I know, the chapter has been suspended. UTK is exceptionally hilly. You will get a workout just walking around campus. However, UT has a really great free transportation system. If you don't want to walk to class, just hop on the "T."

Describe the students at your school.

I honestly don't think many students would feel out of place at UT. Every student can find his/her niche. Students who have never been around excessive drinking may be slightly uncomfortable, but even that side of UT can be avoided if so desired. Most female students wear sweats or jeans with Ugg boots to class. Dress is very casual, and you will get dirty looks from other girls if you wear heels to class! Male students just wear t-shirts and jeans or polos and jeans. Most UT students are from Knoxville or surrounding areas. There are a lot of students from Nashville. The majority of UT students seem to be from middle to upper class backgrounds.

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?

While a number of UTK students aren't out-of-control partiers, the stereotype is fitting. Most UT students do their fair share of drinking and won't say no to a night out. And, yes, UTK is definitely an all out sports school.

What are the academics like at your school?

In some of my smaller classes, my professors know my name. There are some extremely large classes where it would be impossible for the professor to know students on a first-name basis. I've had classes with hundreds of students. My favorite class was my English 102 class. Each English 102 class has a different theme. My class was called Gender, Sexuality and the Body. At first, I was intimidated by the topic, but my teacher made us all feel really comfortable discussing such awkward topics. She allowed us to debate and talk amongst ourselves, which was both challenging and entertaining. My least favorite class was a math course I took. My teacher was incredibly boring and the class was on the Hill in Ayres. Ayres is notoriously hot and walking all the way up there was not exactly pleasant. I haven't found the academics at UT to be overly challenging.

What are the most popular student activities/groups?

The football and basketball teams are extremely popular. When I lived in the dorms, it did not have the communal feel one would expect. Everyone sort of kept to themselves. My suite mates wouldn't even really talk to me. It was not the open-doors lifestyle often associated with dorms. Athletic events are huge. Although students get free admission, you are not guaranteed a spot because of the huge demand for tickets. You have to go wait in long lines to get tickets. I knew a lot of my closest friends from high school, but have met a lot of people at parties. Fraternities and sororities are by no means the majority, but they do have a noticeable presence on campus. On a Saturday night if you don't want to drink, there are lots of free music events in downtown Knoxville. Knoxville has a lot of restaurants, too. Last weekend, I hung out with my roommates and went to a rugby party at an apartment complex.

What is the stereotype of students at your school?

Although there is no single stereotype that applies to UTK students, they are often described as heavy partiers. However, this is a stereotype applied to most college students, not just students at UTK. UTK is typically seen as extremely sports-minded and less focused on academics.


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