The University of Tennessee-Knoxville Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


I would best decribe this university as a mass of wonderfully diverse students with a unique yet common goal for success!


My school is an inner community with a diversity of cultures and a fast pace environment for learning that will keep you on your toes while enriching you with the knowledge of the world through the eyes of professors who have traveled the world and have seen more than that of the average human.


The University of Tennessee is an awesome place to continue your eduacation.


It has it's flaws, but is a very fun place with a good education.


The school may seem like it is made of entirely concrete. However, the campus at night is a wonderland, with all of the buildings lit up and the Pedestrian Walkway lined with gorgeous lamps. There are often events going on in the Spring and Summer time, as in videos playing in the Amphitheater or Pres. Courtyard.


The school is very open to all views and ethnicities.


This historical university is determined to help all of its students succeeed.


Since joining the University of Tennessee I have gained access to many incredible and important resources needed for college students to excell, the University of Tennessee offers countless academic, social, cultural, and recreational events, activities and resources.


I actually attended Knoxville College for most of my matriculation but while also taking classes at UT, I found the campus to be hilly, not a lot green space, yet exciting.


The University of Tennessee is overall an academically and socially involving school.


The University of Tennesse Knoxville is a wonderful learning environment for all ethnic backgrounds.


My school is very large, but if you qualify for the more advanced classes, the size of the classes decreases and the attention to the individual increases drastically, making this school large enough to socialize but small enough to feel like you have a voice.


The University of Tennessee maintains the perfect balance between intellectual stimulation and providing an enjoyable atmosphere for their students.


This school is rather large and has many students but it is a very friendly campus. We also take our sports very seriously. Some may say that it overwhelms the community, especially on Saturdays during football season.


My school definitely captures the "spirit of the South."


The University of Tennessee is a school that is full of pride. No other school in the United states is more proud of their colors. UT is also a very diverse school, which I personally love. There are people from all over to make up this great university. The school is very open to other cultures and beliefs and helps to celebrate and accept all of them.


An awesome place to experience a once in a lifetime thing, meet new people, who you can be friends with for the rest of your life, and gain an excellent education that you can use to be a successful as an adult!


The University of Tennesse Knoxville is the best school I've ever attended because there are so many resources to utilize and even more friendly faces to meet; it is the right blend of rigorous school work and exciting social events.


The University of Tennessee is a very beautiful, succesful, and great school.


A lovely southern bell in the mountains of Tennessee, with more school spirit than most other universities put together and some of the best football in the nation, with greatest people, classes, and more fun than you could ask for!


UT is full of frat boys, sorority girls, and party animals, but there is a real education to be had if you can ignore the nonsense.


The University of Tennessee at Knoxville is a culturally diverse, predominantly open-minded environment which inspires students to embrace their intellect as well as their individuality all while continuing the tradition of an upstanding university setting.


Doesn't care about art majors, especially graphic designers.


UT is a large campus with a great deal to offer anyone.


Typical college campus. Enthusiastic about football and basketball.


A big school that bleeds orange in all aspects of the college.


The University of Tennessee is exciting and a great place to learn.


Sports oreinted, money hungry, and over-priced university that tries to act elite.


The University of Tennesee is a growing university with opportunities for those who choose to embrace them.


A very friendly, very orange environment with plenty of friends to make and plenty of things to do 24-7.


Intense, research-oriented and challenging school.


The University of Tennessee is more focused on athletics than academics.


Tennessee is a Tradition that is known for it's research and beautiful campus.


A great school if you think about alcohol as fun.


Big, southern, and friendly.


UT maybe a large school, but the amount learned in class and the friends you make is excellent will have positive and rewarding impact in your life.


It is a large and vibrant community, where there is always something to do.


While UT has a very high interest level in academics, pushing and supporting students to do their best in whatever major they choose, and sports (mainly football and basketball) , there is a place for everyone to fit, whether it be greek life, clubs or religious organizations.


UT is a large and vibrant school where most of the proffesors try to take interest in the students education, despite some of the classes being overly large.


It's great to be a Tennessee Vol!


UT is like an old dog, really dependable in certain things, but when you want to go out and play (aka the football team), you're basically up a creek.


The University of Tennessee Knoxville, is a school full of diverse students with a lot of school spirit, with a very prominent athletic program.


Big enough for excitement, yet small enough to feel like a community.


A large Southern public university with a some great students and staff, some good professors, horrible parking (there are a lot more students than staff, yet there are five times the parking spaces for staff), horrible bureaucracy, and an inability to listen to the people that pay that truly matter (ie the students that pay the money to go here) in order to make a few wealthy almuni happy.


UT is a very unorganized, money-hungry university who doesn't care about the students unless they can make the school famous or can get the school more money.


The University of Tennessee is academically challenging, but provides a unique and social atmosphere.


The University of Tennessee is a truely, amazing school.


It is very school-spirited driven.


I huge school that is just the right size for networking and someone who is socially active.


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