The University of Tennessee-Knoxville Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are polarized in that some have high aspirations and will do whatever it takes to reach their professional desires, and others are sorority girls who care mainly about becoming a wife and home-maker.


My classmates in my engineering classes are very competitive. When we have exams we always like to compare scores. the competition drives us to do better on the exams.


Going from a 30 person class to a 150 person lecture is pretty crazy. I love having a ton of fellow classmates because it gives me an oppurtunity to make new friends in all of my classes. UT is full of genuinely nice people who want to help and encourage you to do well in class. Vols help Vols.


My classmates are very diverse, bold, eclectic and outgoing.


Since I am a nursing major, I have to take nursing specific courses and therefore, a majority of my classes with the same people. Everyone I have encountered so far has been friendly. Some are more open to talking to people outside of their friend group while others tend to socialize with their group only. But when it comes to answering class discussions and lecture questions, everyone joins forces and helps each other out which is really nice.


My classmates are determined people all wanting to achieve a college degree.


Unfortunately, racism tends to be a problem here. Not too entirely prevalent, but there are definitely undertones of it. If you are openly gay, then you may receive some awkward looks and rude remarks. Most students dress normally, and the social class generally runs from lower class to upper middle class. It is a public school. The majority of students are conservative and republican, and don't really talk about their future. If one type of student is different from another, they rarely mingle. Essentially, the campus is very divided and if you don't previously know anyone from high school, it may be hard to make friends as well.


My classmates are fun and are willing to learn.


When you get into the upper level distribution classes, your classmates become your friends and colleagues. Your classmates are individuals that feel just as passionately about the subject of interest as you do; you are a team in the class. There are always study sessions, homework groups, and classroom fun. Your classmates are definitely those friends that you need to get you through finals week and those hard weeks where everything seems to be due at once.


they are nice and very helpful. if you just get involved you will not only gain life long friends but great study friends.


My classmates are mostly young enough to be my biological children, for the most part, they are friendly.


My classmates are very diverse in age, ethnicity, and background.


Hard workers. College students of our generation are of a different breed. Most of us are not JUST students but also part-time or full-time workers as well as leaders! The life of a student has every opportunity to be full to the brim at the University of Tennessee. We enjoy the time we get away from work, class, or studying too by always having a good time and meeting new people!


They all seem to be somewhat interested in what they are studying.


the majority of my classmates were out going, down to earth, and very helpful when others didn't understand something.


Most of the honors students are motivated and eager, fun and goal-oriented. Outside of the honors community, many of the students have other interests in mind and spend a lot of their time in their dorm rooms and at parties. My friends and I had like anyone would on a college campus, but some people are more put together than others. Sometimes, there are obvious differences between the people who attend fraternities and sororities, and the people who do not.


My classsmates at the Univeristy of Tennessee are different then what I experienced throughout my elementary, middle and high school years; no more cliques of popular, geeky, square, beautiful, ugly, jocks, nerds everyone is a person with a personality and charm and we are all equals looking for one thing; education, friendship, compassion, respect and being a friend.


My classmates are focused and hardworking individuals, who are taking every advantage of the opportunities they have been provided by the university.


Everyone that I have met so far at UT is very studious, diverse, and open minded.


My classmates are friendly when you actually go up and talk to them.


There are the students that study day and night, and the ones that wait until the last minute to complete/study for their assignments and exams. A typical students studies one or two days before their exams and usually receives a grade of a B. Also, there are students that do not care about the classes, but only the parties. You usually do not see these students the following semester because of the strict GPA policy at The University of Tennessee.


My classmates are fun, hard-working, people who have a clear idea of what they want and work hard to reach their goals but stil know how to relax and enjoy life.


My fellow students are kind, polite, and helpful.


Big, yet an incredible sense of community. Predominately a conservative student body, but it gets more liberal every year.


The classmates at my school are generally very competitive, some more than others, and yet they are very passionate about what they believe in and they are able to make social and personal decisions based on those beliefs.


I've come a cross a few judgemental individuals but all-in-all UT is made of a diverse student body.


It's great to be a Tennessee Vol!


My classmates are very intelligent, but they know how to have fun.


My classmates are for the most part pleasant people from a wide range of backgrounds.


Very opinionated and willing to speak out in class in discussion or argument


Most of my classmates were focused and put a good effort toward passing the class.


My classmates are usually timid initially, then helpful.


My classmates are enthusiastic about learning and actively try to understand the material rather than hoping it makes sense later on.


They can be nice, but for the most keep to themselves


My classmates are usually friendly and easy to get along with.


most of my classmates are partying white people from middle to upper middle class who love our football team


My classmates in my major classes were self-driven and very smart.




My Classmates are interested in getting good grades and finishing the required courses to graduate.




Altogether they keep to themselves in the classroom and you have to go way out of the way to meet new people in a classroom setting.


My classmates are eager to do the best they can in school and graduate.


My classmates are very friendly and helpful.


Some are very helpful and some are more to themselves and don't want to help.


It's rare to have the same people in different classes; there is ample opportunity to meet new people and brach out socially


A variety, there is someone for every one !


Some are interesting, fun and easy to work with while others are not.


My classmates are individuals among themselves and given the chance to express their individuality is something I look forward to every day.


They are smart, friendly, and helpful.


My classmates are fantastic, we all help each other out in any way we can, have study groups, and we always help each other practice our American Sign Language!