The University of Tennessee-Knoxville Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for their College of Business program which I am in. They just opened their nice new business building and are considered one of the top business colleges in America.


There are many different majors that it is well known for, such as Anthropology.




My school is best known for it's reputation as one of the best schools in Tennessee. It is known for it's football team, academics, but unfortunately it is also known as a party school. I hate this fact, the fraternities here give us such a bad reputation and it makes me sick. I'm here to be successful and get the best education I can, then I have to turn on the news and see my school getting suspended for having underage drinking at all the frat houses.


My school is probably best known for its die-hard football fans (Go Vols!), its Physical Anthropology program (hello, Body Farm), and its Business Program.


Football. Plain and simple. We're not very good, but we are some die-hard fans. Go Vols!


The University of Tennessee is known for their large athletics program. The Greek life is also very popular on campus.


The University of Tennessee is best known for its sports programs. Next would be its location, right in the heart of downtown Knoxville. It's business, nursing, and engineering programs are very well known as well.


We are best known for school spirit! Our university definitely has tons of it. Football games are the pride and joy in most of Tennessee. We are also known for our superb international business program. Our school is aiming to be one of the top 25 university's in the nation.


The University of Tennesse is best known for its crazy games at Neyland Stadium. UT is also very weel known for its amazing Logistics program and the Haslam Business Building which is known as one of the most technologically advanced buildings in Tennessee.


Our school is known for our high academic achievements and for representing Tennessee the Volunteer state.




Football is king here. The basketball teams, especially the women's are underrated and they're the best to watch. UT is known for many things other than football, though. Most professors work on projects, publications and research on the side. The agricultural campus comes up with new teaching methods (mostly with cows) and the most innovative work comes from the Art and Architecture Building. Dr. Bass does work on the mysterious body farm with the decay of human bodies. When people think of Tennessee, they think of football, but there are many other aspects to life in Knoxville.


The University of Tennessee is best known for our outstanding school spirt. Whether it be football, theatre, band or any other activity involving the university, the students take pride in being a UT Volunteer.


There is a place for everyone.


I would say that my school is best known for it's abundant amount of majors it offers to the students who attend. Also if there is not a major here you are interested in we have a program that lets you create youre own major.


The University of Tennessee is an amazing school. We is big enough to have a wide diversity of students, yet small enough to really gain a great education. Probably the most popular aspect of my school is the sports scene. Knoxville is a pretty big city, but still on Saturdays in the fall campus is packed with Volunteer fans. Whether they are alumni, students or just fans, UT has so much support from the community that it is really a great place to call home. The sports on campus really bring the whole school together.


The University of Tennesse is mostly known for their football team. Many of the students here are huge fans and when they are a part of this school it just makes them feel closer to this school. On game days, the campus is filled with people wearing orange and tailgating before the big game. Another thing that UT is best known for is their fraternities and sororities. A lot of students joins them to make life long friends and to help the transitioning from highschool to college an easy experience.


The school spirit and high acedemics.


The University of Tennessee is best known for Neyland, our football staduim and our football team. We are also known for being the school with a lot of orange.


Tennessee Football.


Mostly my school is known for football fans all over Tennessee but it is also known for the nursing program.


Probably sports.




The University of Tennessee is definitely known for its football however, I think we are known most for the combination of athletics and academia. Being one of the top football programs in the nation has brought this campus the sense of community. Tennessee is known for its football traditions yes, but students here understand what it takes to learn here as well. This deadly combination is what makes Tennessee known nation wide.


Our football team and colors.




Football and our research facilities




The football team and partying.


The University of Tennessee is best known for football. Tennessee football is the GREATEST financial contribution to UT Athletics. We are national champions and remain one of the best teams in the SEC.




We are best known for football and partying.


Well, this is the south -- sports, I suppose; but the research goes a long way too,


Volunteer Football and Lady Vol Basketball


Its footbal and party town


UT is best known for the sports teams, especially football.


I feel like we are known for our athletic programs. I know that we have a strong commitment to our competitive sports, but we also are competitive in the academic realm. As a hopeful anthropologist, UT's program is amazing and unmatched across the nation.


Football, although this year it looks like its going to be basketball.


Our football team! GO VOLS!


My school is best known for parties and business and engineering majors.


UT is best know for school spirit and being the flagship university of the state of Tennessee


It is best known for the parties and football. It is also known for cutting funding and causing class sizes to increase or cause a later graduation date than planned.


Football, basketball, and other sports. The university really puts a lot of focus on their multi-million dollar athletic program and pays little attention to much else.


Football, athletics


The University of Tennessee is best known for its involvment in athletics. Our football and basketball teams are known nation-wide, and deserve to be so. Heavy emphasis is put on the athletic department.