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The University of Tennessee is a lot bigger than other schools I looked at. While walking to class you get to admire Knoxville and its beauty. The people are great everywhere with their southern hospitality!


My school is unique because it shut down during the Civil War and housed both Confederate and Union troops.


The sheer amount of school spirit my school has is astounding. Everyone, and I mean everyone, seems to want to wear their orange and white come game days--even if they could care less about the actual sports.


The University of Tennessee is deeply rooted in traditions, and the people here are so willing to help you succeed. I find that I always have someone who is willing to help me learn if I need it, and I have all of the resources I need to be successful. There are many classes to choose from in all fields of study , and all of the instructors are brilliant. Each displays excellent knowledge of what they teach and do well at communicating it to the students.


The University of Tennessee is unique in it's diversity. I feel very at home at that university and after visiting many others I knew that was the place for me. The university aims at making sure that every student feels included and is free to express him/herself.


You aren't judged by the way you act or dress, everyone is equal.


Best football!


The general population is very helpful


I am attending UT because it is most convenient to my home.


The University of Tennessee's history, location, diversity and school spirit make it unlike any other school. We are the Volunteers because of the great amount of brave individuals from Tennessee who volunteered to serve in all wars throughout The United States' history. It is a University in beautiful East Tennessee, in a place we like to call "Rocky Top." Fellow students include those of all races and backgrounds from all fifty states and from over one hundred other countries. Finally, it only takes one experience inside of the invigorating Neyland Stadium to want to call yourself a Vol!


The University of Tennessee allows a wide variety of majors and minors. There is new equipment and buildings for some of the schools, such as business. The school also had resources for any medical or health science major since there is a medical center very close with University affiliation.


What I loved about the University of Tennessee was that I could join the College of Agriculture and get started immediately in my field of study, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Although it is an intense program, it is exciting to work with the professors and other students in the Animal Science Programs. I have assisted at a Horse Therapy farm, Speical Olympics and Humane Society. That is why the University of Tennessee is know as the Vols ....meaning Volunteers. I love the team spirit on the campus during footbal season...Go Vols! It is the best time of my life!


What's uniques about U.T. in Chattanooga is that it is large enough to offer a wide array of opportunities in athletics, intramurals activities, Greek life iand of course a huge amount of educational opportunities , but small enough to offer a small student to teacher ratio.


UT has many students, opportunities, and resources that help the whole transitioning process from adolescents to adulthood.


We're not just a party school. We have politics, varieties of entertainment, cultural diversity ( I know most schools say this, but I've met some awesome people who come from different cultural backgrouds,) and so many other things to offer. The organizations here like the Greek system have so many networking options because we're a larger school. Just being a Vol can help provide a common ground for future interviews. Our traditions and school spirit though are the most unique. You'll never find a prouder school than UT.


Location; It's gorgeous and it's between city and country. Loved it.


It is the biggest school that I thought about attending, but the most unique aspect is the history that comes with the University of Tennessee. Since I was very young, I knew that I wanted to attend UT and become one of the Vols. I have grown up wearing the colors. The university is so popular in our state and in many others, and my family is so proud of me for attending this school.


All of the outdoor adventures accessible and the wonderful team sports. I also love the hospitality and the new culinary departments.


There is an unique air about this school that is especially seen on a Saturday in the fall, when the streets are flooded with people wearing Tennessee orange. The camaraderie is unmistakable.


Tennessee has amazing school spirit, especially on game days. There is a major sense of community. Weekends can be a bit party-based, but there is still plenty to do in surrounding Knoxville. There are lots of oppurtunities for volunteering and becoming part of the community. I love this campus. There is also "The Strip", which has any kind of fast-food or sit-down restaurant you could desire in the middle of campus.


Opportunity. I have never known any university to offer so many devices to help all of the students and instructors in many different fields. Whether it?s free technical support classes for our many different online services throughout the university or helping getting books for classes through the book loan program. The University of Tennessee sets itself apart from other universities with the several opportunities to finding help, getting help, and coming back to help others.


As an athletically focused school, the University of Tennesee has the advantage of continual national and even international recognition. I think this constant public eye puts pressure on the school to guarantee an excellent academic experience. As such, the schools population consists of an amazingly diverse and yet academic talented student population that allows students to metaphorically stretch their legs. In any given day, I meet people in class or in other extra-curricular events that push me to test my knowledge and abilities. Its UT's competitive and yet relaxed environment that make it such a great school.


The University of Tennessee has such a wide array of programs and majors available to its students compared to many schools I looked into. In addition they are enthusiastic about helping non-traditional students earn their degree goals. They have many pre-professional programs that not only award a degree put help the student find and prepare for an actual career field after graduating.


Incredible college for growth, maturity, fun, and affordability. I understand the academic requirements and ACT/SAT have become pretty rigorous. Good! It always was the best place in the world, the fact that they are attracting the best and brightest in the state and surrounding only reinforces the fact.


There is a rich tradition surrounding the athletics at this school, that cannot be seen at other school around the country. When there is a football game on saturdays Neyland Stadium becomes the fourth largest city in Tennessee, and just about everyone is in orange. Just about everyone who attends the school is kind and courteous which really shows off the southern hospitality of the school.


What makes the school unique is how many opportunities the school gives. There's plenty of things to do no matter what major you are and tons of social groups, organizations, volunteering places, etc to make you feel fit in. There were a lot of stereotypes about this school that scared me, but after being here for almost 2 years, this school breaks those stereotypes. The overall atmosphere is friendly no matter what who you are and this campus offers anything you need into one big campus of 30,000 people.


There is lots to do off campus.


The University of Tennessee is by far the most spirited school I have seen. Whether you are a sorority girl, athlete, art major, law student, alumni, graduate, etc you have a love for Tennessee. People are proud to go here. The football brings us together and orange is in our blood. The Vols are in everyone's heart. Its not something that people outside of the university understand, but come visit or have a family member go here, or go here yourself and in one football saturday you will know what it is like to be a Tennessee Vol.


An experience is what you make of it. Don't expect a university to be perfect and to cater to all of your needs. Regardless of the pricetag, you have to put some effort into your own education and seek out opportunities to advance yourself in life.


I love the variety. That's the nice thing about a big school. I have vast resources at my fingertips to aid in my studies, but there are also many opportunities to do all sorts of things with friends. UT is a research university, so it is well equipped for students. Yet, being such a large campus, it also offers many fun activities. I can rent equipment to go camping or see a concert or go sign up for a white water rafting trip. It is quite unique in its diversity of opportunities.


It is larger than the other schools I considered. Its size allows its students to interact with many different types of people, whether those differences be based on physical appearance, personality traits, or personal opinions or ideas.


very welcoming


Our school has a strong sense of spirit that gives us a more tight-knit bond than other campuses. We are also very prestegious with our research in classes on campus.


Football time in Tennessee!


Location near mountains, rivers and big cities and atheltics


It was the only one I considered.


Tennessee is big enough to feel like a big school, but yet once you get involved it begins to feel so much more tight-nit and smaller. If I wanted to go out and meet new people I would have that opportunity every day of if I wanted to get involved with one organization and make that organization feel like my smaller campu environment than I could.




the diversity of classes and students


I don't know about many other schools, but we have a very expansive campus with a lot of scenery. We also have crazy orange students that square dance at freshman orientation.


the traditional values that are ensilted in us when we are first years


nothing particularly, it's simply a predominately white, bureaucratic, conservatist, southern school


Big school but small classes with lots of extra resources.


It's a HUGE football University. Over 100,000 people come to our games...if that many people come, imagine how UT's own students react? We go crazy over our team! It brings a sense of togetherness that we all share. We all go to UT, a huge University, but football is one more thing we have in common. The pride we have for our team and school. I came to UT because it has a 5 year program to getting masters degree in teaching Deaf Education. Other schools would have taken an extra 2-3 years.


My school is like a city in itself. Everything you need and all of the people that you could want to meet are all here. There is always something to do from intramural sports to relaxing at the UC and bowling. The only reason that anyone could ever be bored or flunk out is from their own misfortune.


webcast from UT


international students are interviewed about attending UT


The people are very friendly and non judgemental. Plus, the aademic program is superior to many private schools i considered.


UTK is an amazing school, but less because of the academics and more because of social and networking oppertunities. I wouldn't trade my time there for anything.


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