The University of Tennessee-Knoxville Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


the atmosphereis amazing. i love that knoxville is a college town but there are other things to do besides go to parties or football games. its great that there are towns like gatlinburg, pigeon forge, and ashville to go to on the weekends. the staff at ut is always helpful. the t is one of my favorite things about the school....and the fact that we have a starbucks that only closes for about an hour a day in the library for all of the all nighters that i pull. i love ppl's reactions when i tell them where i go, esp. if they dont like ut sports. even if they are fans of another team, our coaches are some of the best in the country! pat is a legend!!! my only complaint is parking, esp. for guests. i think the administration should have a guest lot and give out passes for ppl who either just staying for a few hours or a few days. maybe tear down one of the many rundown (although they could be really pretty if ppl had the money to fix them up) houses around the fort area and have a guest lot. but overall i love ut.


the ut campus is very diverse. The school is so large that everyone can fit in somewhere and find something they can do


tradition, big-but people know that coming in, for the most part is a college town, BIG school pride, parking is big complaint


I think they would change parking. It has been an issue for years. There is no parking and it's a million buck to park there anyway.


The campus is beautiful, the professors are helpful, and the atmosphere of the school is great.


The best thing about the University of Tennessee, is that there is always an event, activity, social, or academic group that you can get involved in. If you want to learn something new, there will definitely be an avenue here at UTK for you to pursue that.


I believe that this school can seem too large for some people, but it's all about who you are and what you get involved with. If you are involved in a group, like a sorority, you establish friends and the school doesn't seem so large. I believe that it does seem like a college town because the businesses Cumberland Ave. are designed more for college age students. The biggest controversy right now on campus is probably the lack of lighting in the Fort Sanders area because there has been an increase in crime over the past few months. When I tell people I live in the Fort they cringe because they know it's not safe.


UTK is AWESOME! It is on the large side, but it is a perfect size for me. There is always something going on no matter where you are. There is the strip, which has the bars, clubs, and some great restaurants. There is also market square which is close to campus that has some shopping and more food. Football games are huge and so exciting! GO VOLS! There is a lot of school pride. I coulc not imagine myself anywhere else.


The best thing about UTK is football season the school is just the right size and does not need to increase enrollment as proposed by the administration. When I tell people I go to UT they say oh "football and sundresses" I spend most of my time on campus either in the library or the fraternity house. There is an enormous ammount of school pride. The most frequent student complaint is about parking and the dry campus policy.


The best thing about UT is that it feels like a community even though it's so big. One thing I would change is definitely the parking! I think UTK's size is just right. Most people are impressed to hear that I'm a UT student. When on campus, I spend most of my time on the Hill or in the UC. Knoxville is definitely a college town. UTK's administration does a good job of keeping the school going. On campus, one of the main things is safety; the bomb threat a couple of months ago definitely caused chaos. School pride is HUGE at UT. We wouldn't be UT without it!


Utk is a great school with a lot of things to do and tons of things to get involved in. The school is a great size, and people are usually impressed by the fact that i go here. Utk is its own town within knoxville.


UT is awesome.


I think that utk is a pretty good size, not too small, not too big. But one thing that suprised me is that knoxville is very much a university town. There are many historical aspects surrounding knoxville and nature cites. But other than the university, there is not much going on in "the social scene" such as bands coming to knoxville or night out spots. But maybe that is a good thing, because when football season comes knoxville is a crowded place. There is a lot of school spirit when it comes to athletics. In my opinion the only bad part about the campus is that it is dirty. There are many groups that try to get involved to make the campus "green" and cleaner, but the fact of the matter is, it is just a dirty place. vomit stained sidewalks and beer cans, underwear, and paper are some of the most common things. I would like to see change, but until people stop being lazy, it will be dirty.


There is a LOT of school pride which makes students really excited to go here. The people in charge keep cutting budgets though and they are making students who love the school hate it because less teachers mean less classes which means people get stuck here until the end of time.


Tennessee has more school spirit then it knows what to do with. Which is great when it comes to games. Unfortunately some people take their spirit a little too far. I have seen people threatening to kick the asses of fans from the opposing team.


I think the best thing about UTK is the football thing to change would be general ed classes to be smaller..I think the school size is not to big just some classes are very large...they are like wow PARTY!!..either in the library, panhellnic, or is somewhat of a college more of a college town in the fall then the spring...I think the administration try hard...the biggest controversy on campus would be sercurity...I think there is a lot of school pride..I think going through recruit would have to be an experience i will always remember.


UTK is the right school for me. I love meeting new people and with over 26,000 students and faculty, I never see the same people. The one thing I would change are the professors. I wish that the professors of big sections would be more open to getting to know ALL the students in their classes not just the ones that talk all the time.


The bigest reaction I get when I tell someone I go to UTK is, "UT, huh? How 'bout them vols?" It's true that we have a wonderful athletic department, but that isn't all we have going for us. UT has excellent professors and classes as well. I am a member of the Chancellor's Honors Program. We're a group of students who entered UT with high GPAs and ACT scores who must meet higher academic standards and take classes that challenge us. It's unfortunate that people don't see the academic side of UT.


UTK is only a good school if you can handle big classrooms and not having a close relationship with the teacher!


I love the campus. For the most part, I believe that it is a great size. There are some buildings that are not convenient, but overall the campus allows you to walk from class to class, getting exercise too. I will never forget my first football game on this campus. Game days in orange country and unlike anything else you will ever experience! It gives you chills to walk in Neyland and see the sea of orange and hear the vols cheers.


I love the school spirit at UTK it makes the campus feel more unified. I also enjoy being apart of the greek system here on campus because it is a large here and you make many life long friendships. Knoxville is defintely a college town and when I suggest utk to prospective students they definately seem interested. The campus is large but it is not too large and the professors are willing to help if you seek them out for help. Friends of mine who were between utk and another school in their decision that went with their other choice tell me that they wish they had gone to utk they just do not want to hassel with the transfer.


School pride doesn't quite cover how the UTK students feel about our school. If asked most students would say that they bleed orange. Not only do students have a lot of school pride when it comes to sporting events but any of the other activities they are involved in.


Knoxville is a huge college town, that is why our school pride shines through the SEC. I hated the color orange before I moved to Knoxville but just being here just makes you love the VOL pride!


The best thing about UT is having such a big campus, but at the same time being so close to all of my friends


School pride is probably my favorite thing about attending the University of Tennessee Knoxville. I transferred here from a smaller college and school spirit, as much as we tried, was just not what I expected. To have great school spirit a school has to have high morale in the community and here at UTK we defiantly have that. You can’t go to any store in the area without finding something “Tennessee” and that’s a good feeling. Even though it’s only April, I’m already looking forward to football season! It’s the best time to be in Knoxville, school spirit is out of control on Saturday afternoons. Walking down the strip is a sea of orange, cars are painted with the UT symbol, and you can’t go anywhere without hearing the uplifting song “Rocky Top”! School pride makes UTK my favorite place to be. I can’t wait to be one of those proud alumni here for a game flaunting my orange!


The things I don't like about UT are housing, none of the places are that nice, food, the cafeteria food is pretty awful, parking, it is so hard to find a parking spot even when you pay over $300 for a parking pass, and I don't like that UT is a dry campus. UT students have a lot of school pride which is awesome.


UTK may be a big school, but we're all family here. People in Knoxville will do anything to help the students here. The Administration treats us fairly and there is a massive amount of school pride.


UTK is a wonderful school and I enjoy being a part of it. This is my first semester here, but I love it very much! My soroity, Pi Beta Phi, is something I really love being a part of and all the girls are so friendly and welcoming. There is tons of school pride at Tennessee from the football games to the basketball games to orange nation.


School pride. Is there a lot of school pride? We're the VOLS. How can that even be a question? Man oh man. Not only is our football team known across the country, not only are our Lady VOLS basketball team known across the country, not only is Rocky Top one of the best known (and most overplayed---to others) college fight songs, but the students really do bleed orange. I haven't come across one student who doesn't have pride for the VOLS. We get hated on a lot, but we always know how to stand up for ourselves... and having the Lady VOLS and our men's basketball team having done well this year it's pretty easy to show others how awesome we are.


Most people get a big smile on their face when I tell them I go to the University of Tennessee. MOst often times this is followed by a question about football or Bruce Pearl. Campus life is good; there is always something going on that you can get involved with. The administration at UT is fairly good. There is always someone willing to give you extra help, although it may not be your professor. There is alot of diveristy on campus, which is great until you have a teacher that you cannot understand. The advising service is not very good, but students also do not activley persue career services like they should. I love the college town, but safety can be a problem. Overall, I cannot think of another school that would be better for me.


the best thing is that I have met so many friends through my past two years. My school is just the right size. You have to make a large school small by finding small groups to match your interests.


I think the size of our school is just right; I love it here and had always wanted to come. Most people are very proud to go here, and many of our athletic programs have done very well this year, which will definitely benefit the school. One thing that I would love to see change is the way all student organizations are treated; I would love to have equal opportunities for all student organizations. My experience here has been a positive one in pretty much every aspect the university has to offer. I am very pleased with the education I am receiving.


I think my school is too large because its size inhibits students from talking to eachother because each person is so imtimidated by the amount of people. It requires joining some of kind of socialized group to attain friends.


Ut is pretty big, football obsessed and most people look foward to football season all year. Academics, depending on your major are hard, harder than some other schools.


One thing I'd change about UT is the administration and campus police. The campus police do not protect us as much as they say. Mostly their job is to write tickets for the students not parked in the right places. Since there is no close parking to anything its hard for students to run into a building to turn something in and get back in their car. UTK is a large school but that is one of the factors that led me to choose this school. I spend most of my time on campus in the library or my friend's dorm rooms. It could be more of a college town if the under-developed areas were made safer and more friendly, more shops and resturants on the strip and so on. I believe there is a lot of school pride and resentment against the administration. Moist frequent student complaints other than about class are about the campus police.


I wouldn't really change anything


The atmosphere is the best thing about UT. For the most part, teachers attempt to help you in anyway possible. Football and basketball bring the students and faculty together with school pride.


The best thing about UT is FOOTBALL! There's nothing better than being in Neyland. The worst thing is that there are some people on campus with WAY too much drama.


The best think about our campus is our greek system. We have approximately 3,000 greeks out of 26-27 thousand undergrad students that hold over 75% of all leadership roles.


The one thing that I would change at UTK would be the parking. They sell more passes than there are parking spaces.


Awesome environment for a college town. A good mix of big city life and college town environment in Koxville. I like the large size student population because I am constantly meeting somebody new. There is alot of school pride especially with athletics and one major constitant complaint/ problem is the crime increase on and off campus


The Best thing about UTK is football and basketball season. School pride never stops at UTK.


UTK is a great southern school rooted in tradition but still striving towards the future.


The best thing about UT is the environment. The campus itself, while big, is always clean aside from the constant construction. I find that the only reason people even know where UTK is is due to the athletics programs effectively establishing Knoxville as a college town. If I could change one thing about this campus it would be NO MORE CONSTRUCTION


Best thing is the environment and football season.


It is a great community that can lead you in the right direction to start your career. A lot of people attend the university, so there is all sorts of diversity. It is not a college town, but much of what goes on in Knoxville is centered around the university. There is much school pride in its athletics, but maybe not as much as academics, though there is still much pride in academic programs. UT is one of the smallest campuses with the largest amount of people at it. I will always remember the great friends that I have made, and what UT has allowed me to become as a person.


One of the best things about the University of Tennessee at Knoxville is the strong tradition. Whether it is singing Rocky Top or the alma mater at the top of our lungs during the football games, or simply walking up the 96 steps of the hill to get to class, UT is full of tradition. We have so much pride in our school which makes the atmosphere more like a huge community. I believe the size of our school helps the diversity of the student body and also presents so many more opportunities to its students. One thing that I will never forget is when we beat the University of South Carolina in football fall of 2007, and the entire student section stayed to sing Rocky Top over and over for about 20 minutes after the game!


I think the best thing about UTK is the spirit. All the students are die-hard Tennessee fans, and they love to show it. The school pride is very abundant and extremely obvious. If I could change something, I would fix the parking. There just never seems to be enough, and yet we constantly get tickets. I like that UTK has a lot of students. It seems so big, and yet you'll walk to class and almost always see at least one person you know. It's a close community. When people hear I go to UTK, they either love it or hate it. There doesn't ever seem to be any indifference to my going to UTK. I spend most of my time when on campus in my dorm, classes, or the library. I would say Knoxville is most definitely a college town. There's no question about it. I don't really know anything about UTK's administration. All I've heard from or about them is from The Daily Beacon. If that's saying something, I'm really not sure. I think the most recent one was Crabtree's resignation, but I'm still not sure what happened with that. I can't really think of anything too unusual about UTK. Probably the same stuff other campus' deal with, too. The biggest complaint I hear about is air conditioning and parking.


The best thing about UTK is all the activities that are offered to every student on campus. There are so many ways to get involved and get closer with other students on campus. I love the size of my school. I spend time all over campus, whether it be for class, my sorority, other activities, or just for fun. Our school has so much school spirit, so sports events and other things are always guaranteed to be supported by the student body. I'll always remember how much fun the football games are.


The best thing about UT is that it's a huge university with a small university feel. I think it's just right. People seem to get a positive reaction when I say I go here, like "oh I bet that's a lot of fun". I spend most of my time at my home on campus. I think that Knoxville is a college town when you're around the fort area and strip, but is more residential in West Knoxville. There is a HUGE amount of school pride.

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