The University of Tennessee-Knoxville Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The social life.I would change the police force around UTK. My school could be a little smaller for more one on one action. They know it is a good school. Most of my time is spent in the classroom. College town. My administration could always be better.The biggest controversy is the police force and violence.Yes there is alot of school pride.THe one experience i will take with me forever is the school pride and the football games.The most frequent student complaints are with the UTPD and the KPD not being up to par.


UT is a great school with amazing resources, programs, and activities. The only real problems I have with UT are the large class sizes (for some courses, they reach up to two and three hundred), and the constant renovations and construction (although this will eventually benefit our school in a big way). One of my favorite spots on campus are the ampitheatre outside of the Humanities and Social Sciences building. There are large grassy steps perfect for studying, relaxing in the sun, and watching performers. Another place I love is the very top of The Hill. Right outside of Ayers, on of UT's oldest buildings, there is a huge, open, grassy lawn with benches and a perfect view of campus.


Football is the best thing. Air conditioned class rooms. Just Right. I don't really see any kind of reaction. Communication Studies building or Neyland Stadium or Thompson Bowling. COLLEGE TOWN! I think that we lack in areas of administration, but where we don't lack, it takes over for where we do. I know there was a bomb threat in humanities or the shooting in the fort. if that is what you are talking about as a controversy. I would say we have a TON of school pride. I think people think it is weird that we have a "drunk bus" system. Football games I will always remember, or the nights on the strip. Complaints: The Hill (where I say change your major) Big Orange Screw and needing AIR in the rooms.


The football and the social life. If there is one thing I could change I would say MORE PARKING! I think the size of UT is just right. I spend most of my time on campus going to classes or at the library. On game day there is orange everywhere..there is definitely school pride all around. I would the say the most frequent student complaint is parking tickets!


Best thing about UTK- I like the campus. I think it is really pretty. One change I'd change- better parking It is a little large, but I get good exercise walking to class. People seem impressed because it is a good school. I spend most of my time in the Communications building. I don't understand the question...but I'll say College town UTK's administration- My experience with them has been positive. Recent controversy- the arson in the elevator at Greeves There is a lot of school pride. The Rock that people paint is pretty unusual. I will always remember my freshmen year living in the dorms. Most frequent complaints- PARKING


Football and academica are amazing. I wish there was less concrete and more plant life. Its just the right size.


The best thing is the atmosphere all together. Lots of school pride, a big enough school to have a wide range of opportunities but yet somehow everyone you meet you probably have a friend in common with. People from my town like that I went away to a big school. It's not like a small private college you are completely free when you come up here, no curfews and limited dorm rules. Knoxville's a great college town, most everything you absolutely need is within walking distance. I rarely move my car. I think our administration as a whole has it's really strong points like campus safety. But some departments are just really a whole lot better run than others. Some colleges are also much better staffed I think.


Our school is very homey. That is the best work to describe it. Everyone talks to everyone and is welcoming to people of all groups. Although our campus consists of over 20,000 students, it does not feel that big. When I tell people I go to UTK, they say that the campus seems overwhelmingly large, which is definitely not true.


I love going to UT, and I am proud to tell people that I am a student here. I think UT is a respected college and I am glad I choose to come here. I think my favorite part of UT are the sports games. Because our school is so big and we have really good athletics, the students here get to go to football games in one of the biggest college stadiums. The only thing I worry about here is walking at night. Lately there have been so many crimes and robberies it gets pretty scary walking around at night. I think UT is trying to handle it the best they can and hopefully there will be a better system and not so many crimes will happen to UT students.


The best thing about UTK is the people-I've met people from all walks of life. I am constantly meeting new people, which I love, and with over 30,000 students I don't think that will ever end. Although I consider UTK too be rather large I still feel right at home. I have so much pride in my school. To me, it is really MY school. I share it with so many other students, faculty, and staff yet I still feel that I belong here. I take so much pride in UTK! Knoxville is pretty much a college town but there is alot to do off campus as well. Downtown and the Old City is lots of fun. Most of my time is spent in the Presidential Courtyard, which is so typical for a freshman. I also spend a lot of time at the library...sometimes the library becomes a meeting place, a coffee break,a spot too see people and be seen, but most importantly to get things done. I would recommend going upstairs to "the stacks" if you are serious about studying. Most frequent student complaints seem to revolve around UTK's meal plans. Very important to be familiar with your meal plan, its details, and all that it entails.


The best thing about UT is all the widespread opportunities the university has to offer. The campus itself isn't exactly beautiful, and when compared to other SEC schools like Alabama or Ole Miss, it's definitely lacking... The school can seem really overwhelming, but by getting connected with organizations that interest you, you can make tons of friends and have a strong foundation so that you don't feel like you're in a great big ocean of people. When I tell people I attend UTK, their reactions are mixed. Those who know it from earlier years as a party school kinda shrug me off, but people who are aware of its current academic stature are really impressed that I go there. I spend a lot of time in my dorm, either in my room or other friends' rooms. I also am constantly at the library studying! Knoxville is a decent sized city, but UT does sort of cast a shadow over it. I don't really see the administration interacting much with students; I don't even know who our Dean is...or if we even have one. Safety on campus is a really important issue lately. Fort Sanders, or "The Fort" has lots of robberies and there was even a shooting. I feel pretty safe on campus, but sometimes I worry. School spirit is huge! Football games especially bring out our Orange Pride. The sea or orange is really unbelievable.


I think the best thing about utk is that almost all the students have extreme school spirit and are involved in something on campus. I would change th eparking situation, dont sell more parking passes than u have spots.Maybe a little too large but I think its fine how it is. They dont really say much when I tell the I go here. I spend most of my time inmy dorm room or my friends room or the gym. College town. The administrationI think for th emost part is pretty good. There hasnt really been major controversies that I know of. THere is tons of school pride. I think its not unusual but people would not expect how diverse it is. The first time I sat in the student section of a football game I will nevr forget. Parking I think is the biggest complaint.


Being in the SEC and living in a college town, football games in the fall are the place to be on saturdays! There's so much school spirit and support for the football time, not to mention a lot of orange. It's a great way to bring the student body together! UT's size is just right for me. I like that's there are so many people on campus, it's hard to run into the same person twice. There's always someone to meet!


The best thing about UTK is I see new people EVERY day. It's a really awesome thought to see some friends from high school and then walk two more feet and see someone I have never seen before. The one thing I would change about Tennessee is to have the freshman dorms a little closer to The IS a little far away. I think the size of UTK is just right- I don't think it needs to be larger or smaller. When I tell people that I attend UTK, most people say "GO VOLS!!!" Which is a great feeling! I love being a part of BIG ORANGE COUNTRY! Knoxville is DEFINITELY a college town. And I love it. School pride? I have never seen so much orange IN MY LIFE! Rocky Top is not just a song here..It's amazing. I'll always remember going to the football games. A UTK Football game is an experience all it's own.


I think the best thing about UTK is that there is so much to do and be involved with. There are all sorts of clubs which is nice because there is something for everyone! Its a very welcoming school that wants it students to be involved. The school is just the right size. Its definitely a big school, but I like the big school atmosphere. There is always something going on and the campus is never dead. There are always people everywhere. There is a ton of school pride. The football team, the Vols and Lady Vols basketball teams, and lots of other athletic groups bring thousands of Tennessee lovers to the school. We are very proud of our athletics and so is the city of Knoxville. Every car has a Tennessee sticker on it somewhere and people are always sporting Tennessee spirit wear. No matter what the outcomes of any games might be, Tennessee is and always will be absolutely obsessed with Tennessee athletics.


I think UTK is just the right size. Big controversy and complaints are usually related to student safety on and around campus and student parking. There have been a lot of armed robberies lately and students do not feel safe walking alone, especially at night. Also, there is not enough parking for students on campus so they spend way too much time looking for parking spots. There is a lot of school pride, especially when it comes to sports. Most exciting events are football games.


The best thing is the sports. The parking is terrible. They should put a parking garage by the library instead of the small staff lot. The size of UT is just right. This is certainly a college town. Most of my time is spent in the library or in class. The administration on campus is great in some departments such as business while lacking in others like science classes. The school has an enormous amount of pride from its students.


I love being a student at UTK. I love the atmosphere of the campus and the school spirit that is found everywhere. One thing i would change, would be the lack of parking. Finding a parking spot can become very stressful. Some people think that UTK is just too big, but really its not as big as people make out to be. When I tell people that I'm a student at UTK, i sometimes get that look like "oh, your a party girl" and it frustrates me, because i chose UTK for its Education program, not for the amount of parties i can attend on the weekends. I would say that Knoxville can be a college town, on game day you see orange everywhere. When I have to work on game days at the mall, people are shopping in there orange and white. Right now there has been a lot of controversy with the safety of UT's students but i think that the administration and UTPD is working hard to fix the problem.


I don't think there is anything I would change about UTK. I've been to 3 different school during my college career, and UTK by far have been my favorite. I would not want to be anywhere else! While on campus, I probably spend majority of my time in classes or in the library... yes, studying in the library, but also socializing of course! I actually get to know alot of people in the library, and you can always find several people studying the same thing you are studying. I'm able to stay up alot longer and be more focused on what I'm studying in the library than I would if I was at home. I definitely believe Knoxville in a college town. Obviously families live in Knoxville, but majority of people you will see anywhere in Knoxville are students. Also, majority of the Knoxville is based around students- bars, restaurants, stores, etc. There is no doubt in my mind there is a lot of school pride. I have never seen so much school pride before I came to UTK!! Florida is in close rank, but I definitely believe we out beat them!... "We bleed orange!" UTK in general is a memory I will never forget. There are too many experiences that have meant so much to me that I cannot begin to list them all- from times out with my friends, to football and basketball games, to things that have happened during our nights in the library, to hilarious moments in class, and so many more! I don't believe I know of a frequent student complaint!


The classes are too big!! I spend a lot of my time at the gym!! I think there is a lot of school pride when our teams are actually doing well. I would like to change some of the teachers who cannot speak good english.


Best thing overall-FOOTBALL SEASON! UT is a large school, but I think the benefits outweigh the cons. We offer tons of resources that small schools don't have, and there are opportunities for all types of students. Knoxville is a college town. There are tons of places to go out, most located within 5 minutes of campus. There is tons of shopping and restaurants. On game days, the ENTIRE town of Knoxville and even surrounding towns are focused on the game. School pride is endless. Not only are their complete organizations dedicated solely to school spirit, the entire student body readily sports UT gear and everyone is always discussing the most recent game. The most frequent student complaint is about parking. Being in the middle of downtown Knoxville, parking is scarce. It is really hard to find parking especially for visitors. When I tell people I go to UT they usually immediately recognize the name from our phenomenal sports teams.


UTK is a very diverse campus. I think the student population is fine, except for the lack of parking and classrooms since Glocker is under construction. I spend most of my time in the library or dorm. Personally, the faculty at UTK are very accomodating and helpful- I feel welcome at office hours anytime. There is a TON of school pride especially this year and our mens basketball teams successful season. I will always remember my first UT football game in Neyland stadium freshman year. There is nothing like 107,000 UT fans cheering the Vols on to victory.


--The best thing is location-- I love that it is in the mountains. It is so gorgeous here in the spring and fall. --I would change how centered it is on partying --I think it might be a little big but I like that though --They react in different ways. The funny thing is, is that most anyone else that has gone to a different school in the south hates us just because we are rivals with pretty much everyone, but we pretty much have more spirit than anyone else. But people who didn't go to school in the south think it's great that I go here. --I spend most of my time on campus either in my room, at the BCM, or in Panhellenic --Knoxville is most definitely a college town --I love UT's administration --Controversy.. hmm.. I think the crime on and near campus recently --School Pride? Are you kidding? It's ridiculous here.. We are ALL about the school pride. There's a reason people hate us-- because we LOVE our school more than anything --One experience I'll always remember: mission trip i took with the BCM last year for spring break


The best thing about UT is EVERYTHING! It is full of great people, awesome football, and many oportunities. I would definitely add more parking because it totally blows! The size is perfect, its pretty big but it becomes small very fast, once you make your friends its much easier. People love that I go here to school. On campus I'm usually in my dorm or the courtyard outside it or at TRECS. There is tons of school pride here! Everyone LOVES THE VOLS!


The pride people have for the school is the best thing. If I could change on thing I would get rid of the construction and add more landscaping. It's defintely a college town within a city.


Our school is just the right size and right place to be. At first, the school seems amazingly huge and as though every building is miles away from the rest, but after a short time, the campus becomes small and everything is relatively close. People react very differently when I tell them I go to UT. Most have that typical response, "Oh! I bet you have lots of fun." The majority have the stereotype in mind of the party scene and not so much on the academic side. one of my favorite places on campus is actually the library. Our library at UT is more than just a place to study. It is a major hang out spot for all of our students. Honestly, when I go to the library, I socialize and hang out with my friends sometimes more than I actually study. Our college town has an orange and white atmosphere everywhere one goes. UT has an enormous amount of school pride, which is lead by our strong and efficient administration. Our chancellor and deans are very active in all aspects of campus life. They have a genuine concern for the well-being of all students and their interests.


The University of Tennessee has come a long way since the institution of the lottery scholarship. More high-achieving in-state students are choosing to go to UTK instead of out of state somewhere. Because of this, UTK is becoming more and more competitive and its educational quality is greatly improving. The only downside to this is that UTK is rapidly expanding their incoming freshman class sizes, and the rest of the university is not yet able to accomodate all of the extra students in housing, parking, etc.


Getting to be close to home and still far enough away to be independent. All of the construction on campus. Just right I love it! They say oh that's great. In my friends rooms. college town. The administration could use some serious work. If we could keep a president for more than 3 years that would be great. The big crime spike is the most recent controversy. TONS of Volunteer Spirit. Nothing unusual that I can think of. I will always remember my first time in the student section at the football game it is amazing! Most complaints are about lack of security and protection from adminisration.


What was the biggest recent controversy on campus? Well it still is an issue, but safety in Fort Sanders. I'm not sure that there have been evident changes made and I think that lots of people have just tuned out, which is sad. The Fort has a lot of potential to be a nice, unique area to live in Knoxville. As a student I feel bad for homeowners who are going to continue living here when there is potential for conditions to get worse over time.


the best thing is the sports whether it is football or basketball i love them all. i could have gone to georgia for free with the hope scholarship since i am from there, but eversince i have been born i have bled orange. i would change the parking situation it sucks. and tuition is really high. when i am on campus i am in class or at a sporting event or in the TREX. Its not really a college town past the strip. i dont know anything about the administration-which is probably a good thing because no news is good news. the biggest controversy was something with the president. i have tried to have conversations about it but no one seems to really agree to what he has done. it seems to me that know one really knows because everyone i have talked to has heard different rumors. there is a lot of school pride especially now that the mens basketball team is doing so well. nothing seems unusual. beating memphis in basketball. frequent complaints: parking the new grading policy student sitting in basketball games.


Best thing about utk is the sports/ downtown life/ to small/ they think i'm redneck/ sports facilities/ knoxville is nothing but a college town/ na/ i dunno/ lots/ not really/ first time running through the T/ parking


The best thing about UTK is its school spirit. UTK is definitely just right in size, not too big , not too small. When I tell people I go to UTK they ask about athletics. Knoxville is definately a college town, I mean we are walking distance from the Bars! Not sure if it is the biggest, but the safety concern off campus is a big issue for me. There is definately a TON of school pride! I will always remember the first time I went to see a game at Neyland Stadium, no one could had ever described to me how huge it really is!


On-campus living is very involved and there is a wealth of nicer off-campus apartments. Knoxville is a city built around a huge university. The school is downtown, making the scenery spectacular and bars and restaurants accessible. Although UT is downtown, the area surrounding it is a whole different world with its own apartments, houses, clubs, bars, restaurants and cafes. It is community oriented as well. During football season, 3/4 of the Knoxville population piles into the stadium and its surrounding parts to tailgate. Football time in Tennessee is certainly something that cannot be explained. It has to be experienced. Out of all of the other SEC football games I have attended around the South, UT has the most passionate fans, revered traditions and energetic atmosphere.


I'll always remember watching the UGA fans leave early both years that I've been here, as we beat them in Football. The roar of the stadium is life-changing and inspiring. School pride here is completely polar opposite of home, where basketball season in the spring unites the students. Here at Tennessee, football fall weekends bring the city to life and pride of the state shows truest. I spend the most time on campus in the fraternity house, with my brothers, whom I have learned to confide in, as well as the very same people who motivate me to acheive and lead around campus. The administration hates the greek system, though we have multiple chapters on campus that are the best in the nation for their particular chapter. I feel like the days of great greek life is over, as it has been invaded by media and by liberal ideals, and it has steadily gone on a decline since. However, lingering traditions within the greek community remain. Greeks rule the campus, and UTK has done a fine job in producing great alumni from the greek community. The strip makes it feel like there is very little near campus, but the fort makes up for it. Bomb threats scare people, but so does change.


One experience you'll always remember: Alternative break trips. You immerse yourself in community service with students for a week. The diversity among you brings you together. I've worked with african refugees, sprayed homes for mold in New Orleans, visited the Kentucky Derby, and will soon be leading my own trip to an undisclosed location! It truly is an amazing experience. Student complaints: Too much construction and an unsightly campus.


The best thing about UTK is the array of opportunities available. As a large school, there is a club, an organization or an activity for everyone. However, the size of UTK is a double-edged sword. Sometimes I think UT is a little too large. You will not know someone in every class. You may even go a whole day walking around campus without seeing a familiar face. When I talk about UT, most people are impressed by its size and its stadium. From the outside, this is what most people focus on when looking at UT. I don't spend a lot of time on campus. I spend most of my time in the surrounding areas, like the Fort. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding UT's administration recently. However, I am of no opinion on the matter. There has also been a great deal of controversy surrounding Pike, one of the more popular fraternities. Three of Pike's members were hospitalized with Staph infections after allegedly going through severe hazing. Pike was in trouble on a national level, and as far as I know, the chapter has been suspended. UTK is exceptionally hilly. You will get a workout just walking around campus. However, UT has a really great free transportation system. If you don't want to walk to class, just hop on the "T."

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