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What are the academics like at your school?


The professors do generally know my name, aside from the lecture classes, which have 60+ students at a time. My favorite class is my German class because it is taught by an awesome professor. Students tend to study frequently, and it is necessary to do your homework to pass your classes. However, the larger the class, the less students that actively participate. Students don't really compete for grades. Rather, they merely focus on raising their own. I took a Freshman Seminar class about Artificial Intelligence that allowed me to integrate into school much more effectively than those who didn't. For language classes, there is an opportunity each week to go to a coffee shop and speak in that language with multiple professors and other students in order to further immerse yourself in the language. Depending on your major, the school can be geared towards getting jobs or simply learning. The business school essentially trains students to get jobs while the majority of other majors do not.


Rate a professor was not around in my day... The students have it much better now. I had some TA's that sucked, and some full professors that truly impacted my views on everything. Great University for incredible faculty in the classroom, vs. the lab. Unlike Duke, Vanderbilt, etc.. I had incredible minds in the classroom with me from year one.


I don't really pay attention to other colleges, but not much slack is given in the college of engineering. It's engineering...


I like the smaller classes UTK has to offer because you get to know the professors on a personal level, but it is hard to get into classes like this.


The professors do know your name, the TA's and GTA's in the lower division classes don't. Favorite classes were Italian 111-112, 211-212 and 342. If you need a language and are looking for professors who really care about you, take Italian. I was a journalism major, so I can only speak to that school, but the instructors with the exception of Video Production classes were always nice and always went out of their way to make sure you knew what you were supposed to know. In the major, the best class I ever took was Advanced Photography with Rob Heller. It was a fantastic experience.


There are larger and smaller classes at UTK. It mostly depends on what class it is and how generalized the covered material is. Several professors will go out of their way to get to know their students' names. Class participation is fairly common especially in the smaller classes. Several teachers make class participation part of the final grade, just to help students get involved. Often as one is walking across campus or is sitting at a nearby restaurant you can overhear several conversations about classes or debates over recent events. The education at UTK is geared towards learning but also at getting a job. They give you the ability to learn as much you can or possibly want and if they don't offer it, than they are more than accommodating to help find someone or somewhere that can help.


Now that I am into my major, classes have gotten much smaller, and relationships with professors are easier. In the early level gen. ed. courses, classes are huge and at first overwhelming, but those are usually the easiest because the tests are multiple-choice and they're usually just lectures. Study time is relevant to the individual student and the class, but you learn pretty quickly how much studying is required for each class. UT offers History of Rock and Roll which was very cool. Unfortunately, the Professor I had is no longer here so I heard it's much more boring now. I think the education here, especially in the business college is more geared toward getting a job. I don't know much more about the other colleges, but I know we have two huge job fairs that offer things for everyone, and also Career Services does a lot to help students.


Aside from the rabid sports fans they do actually manage to teach some students here. Academic politics are as rampant here as other schools, so don't expect the majority of prof's to give a shit about you, only their research and grants and acquiring tenure. Occasionally you will find a prof or two who make it worthwhile, if you're lucky


Students have to study constantly here to keep up with classes. However there is no reason to fail because there is help available for every class.


Great Business program here Business Ethics was a class I really got a lot out of, The job fairs here at UT are amazing!!


Academics is highly regarded. Students are very competitive especially with the new HOPE scholarship allowing more and more brighter students an opportunity at receiving "free" higher education. I am an architecture major and I know that my program is very competitive. Just getting into the program is a hurdle itself with the requirements of a portfolio and good grades. Most of my classes are highly participation classes instead of lecture classes...which I am fairly fond of taking. I believe some of the general education requirements are there to provide "buffers" for the university to pad their ratings even more than they have to do.


One thing people say at college is that professors could care less about your grade. Well quite frankly, it depends on the professor. I've had all my professors this semester really care about my grade and its been great because they are willing to offer extra credit and outside meetings from class. It's tough to come to class if its a big lecture with about 200 students, but if you don't go, then usually you don't do well


Go to class! It's the best thing you could possibly do to get the grades you want, and it some circumstances, it is true that if your teacher knows you, you come to class, you participate if they ask, etc..they will help you out sometimes! Students study lot. It's expected, and in most classes, if you don't study..don't bother passing the class. I love my major. I'm a studio art major and have really enjoyed my art classes. They are fun, hands on. They keep me busy, but I prefer it over tests and papers!


Academics are UTK are varied, because in some classes the teacher knows you personally and you can easily get a name and face in their heads about who you are. However, some classes are with 150 people or more so its practically impossible for the professor to know everyones' names, but you should introduce yourself at least within the first week so that they will know you and you can get valuable connections that can help your future.


UT needs to alter it's general education requirements, for example, I had to take greek mythology. Does that have anything to do with the audiology major? NO. Maybe consider that some students do know what they want to do with their lives and do not need to take classes irrelvent to their major.


I love my classes at UT. All of my professors, to this date, have been very friendly and helpful. There are only 2 professors who I don't think know my name, and both of those were large lecture classes. I think the curriculum is academically stimulating. The only thing that I am not satisfied with is the new grading scale.


If you come to UT for academics it's a great place to study. The Library is amazing and everyone is typically good about respecting others space and quite time.


I think my own program at UT has been challenging.... I thought when I picked my major it would easy, and that was part of my decision. Turns out it has been very challenging.


my professors know my by name because i am an animal science student and we have smaller classes. we study very hard for these courses because they are very challenging. i spend time talking to my advisor outside of class.


I always try to get to know my teachers, you never know how it might help in the long run. I took Human Sexuality and loved it. I love my major, but it is very hard and competative.


I think it's really important to go to your professors office hours. It really helps establish a relationship as to where you can get help anytime you need it.


Professors know my name because I am in nursing school, with only about 100 people in my graduating class. My favorite class of my whole college career was History of Rock with Wendell Werner.


Most professors know my name because of the intimacy of the art department. In art classes, participation and attitude basically make up the majority of your grade because it's not necessarily the product, but more the process you go through to get there. The graphic design program/art studios in general is VERY competitive. Everyone is always feeding off others' ideas and it's really like it's own community within the community of UTK. Working on campus is a good idea. I work at The Daily Beacon and it gets me job experience in a field I am interested in, but more importantly I made contacts that will be useful in my future of graphic design. I would recommend getting a campus job to anyone. Having a boss on campus is a VERY useful contact when applying for scholarships or future jobs. I feel that the majority of the conversations I have with my acquaintances (not so much close friends) is about class. My favorite class thus far has been my ENG 102 composition class. I enjoy writing, but I also liked the discussion in class and the readings assigned. Outside of class I rarely ever see professors, but I have always had successful email responses from any teachers I needed to contact.


Classes are interesting for the most part. There is an equal amount of good and bad professors It can get competitive Lots of help is offered


Academics at UTK are great in my opinion. Some of the undergraduate and graduate programs rank very high nationally which is excellent for a public university. Each year the programs continue to climb in the rankings therefore UTK's future is looking up. Students at UTK study a good amount in my opinion. I, myself tend to study a few hours a week per class and that still leaves me time to have a social life.


I thought when I came here that the classes were going to be so large that I wouldn't succeed but that is not true. Many of my Professors do know my name and if I needed help they would be willing to help me. The educational experience here is what you make it.


I believe academics at UTK are great, very challenging and intellectual stimulating. I believe that by just having a diploma from UTK will make one stand out on their resume than others because UTK is getting harder and harder to get into, not just anyone can get into UTK. Class participation is very common and has helped me learn the subjects better than just listening to a lecture. I really pride myself on the fact that I go to UT and the academics here at UT.


I hate our Math Department. I think the teachers are awful. The best class that I have taken at UTK is Social Psych 360 with Debra Stairs. She is an amazing teacher. I always enjoyed going to her class.


it all depends on how large your classes are, and how much of an effort you make to get to know your professors. if you make a big effort, and try to get them to remember your face, the professors will definitely know your name.


the academics are very good and students are held to a high standard. if you want a good atmosphere for studying and good degree programs i would completely suggest that UTK is the place to be, there is a wide variety of majors and higher degree programs and all are very good.


I think that several classes at UT are actually harder than a lot of people think. The stereotype is that being a state school it isn't hard, but that is not true. Depending on the class size the teachers know your name, especially once you have gotten into your major. Students study as often as they want, but it is either all the time, or rarely, depending on the person and the type of student they are. Most education is geared towards learning for its own sake, not towards getting a job, but the advertising major actually has an entire class that focuses on getting a job which is really helpful.


Only a few proffessors know my name. My favorite class is spanish 212 with Jules Harris. She makes the class well worth my time. My least favorite class is calculus 141.. it is very difficult. It really depends on the individual student on how often they study. I know that i study about 8 hours outside of class. Students are very competitive. I've heard many intellectual conversations while riding the T. I don't spend time wtith proffessors outside of class. Utk offers many outstanding courses and help from career services.. so UTK is definately geared towards getting a job


Mt favorite classes are my science ones because I like the topics we discuss. My least favorite is Calculus because it is very tough. My professors in small classes (20-30) usually know my name. I study a lot for my classes, and I believe others so as well. The school and students are pretty competitive.


I feel very comfortable in all of my class, large or small. I have found that professors are usually willing to help and offer advice if needed. Lots of my professors know me by name and remember specific contributions I have made to the lecture. UTK College of Business Administration has a very difficult curriculum. I often wonder if the curriculum will be rewarded in my job search. I have found that UTK business students are very competitive in and out of class.


I am a Spanish major and I love that department. I do meet with professors outside of the classroom. We have "tertulias" at a local bar on Friday afternoons. Most of my professors know my name because now my classes have become smaller. But my freshman year I am not sure anyone knew my name nor cared.


I have loved all of my classes. I have become a better writer. I think at a big school such as this one you only get out of the class what you put into it.


Because UTK is such a large campus, many of the classes have hundreds of students in them. It makes it much more difficult to have a one-on-one relationship with professors because they have to focus on so many students. Most times, teachers don't know my name. But I also feel that one's performance in a class says enough about who they are. My major is Psychology, and I am very pleased with the department. There is a wide range of available classes, and the professors seem very concerned with their students' progressions through the major. I am also taking prerequisite classes for physical therapy school and have found that science classes on this campus tend to have less focus on students as individuals.


Some professors know my name. I study lots! Class participation is common if the teacher requires it, or if a student is trying to get a letter of recommendation. Students are very competitive. I don't think lots of genereal education requirements are that necessary, especially for people who are certain about what they want to do.


Academics at UTK are getting better. Most of my professors know my name, because many of my classes are smaller than I expected them to be. My favorite class is Spanish, and my least favorite would have to be Sociology, just because it doesn't interest me. Students aren't as competitive here than they were at my small high school. The most unique class for me has been Scandalous Women in American History. It was a class I had to take for the Honors program. I'm majoring in Advertising, but I just now switched so I don't know much about the department thus far.


some proffesors get to know the students, and some don't care at all. i like the teachers who actually take time to get to know the students and have a small number of students in their classes. larger classes seem to lack people because normally the professor is boring and talks the whole time.


I know my teachers' names. My favorite class so far was Acting 101. My least favorite is geology, it is so boring and seems pointless. I personally study a few hours a day. We don't really have class participation. I believe that we usually do have intellectual conversations out of the classroom all the time. Students really are competitive, we all want to do better than eachother.


I think academics here at UT are challanging. They have been useful and interesting.


My favorite class is my acting class. It is something that I love to do and the teacher is energetic and makes class fun. I think UTK students do participate in class. I love my major but with the large amount of students, signing up for required classes is too much of a pain. A required course only has two sections allowing a total of 40 students to sign up is obsured.


In some classes profressors will know your name, but alot of times they wont unless you go up and get to know them yourselve, by going to office hours and etc. UT is a very hard academic school and students do have to spend alot of time studying!!! Class participation is common in almost every class that you will take. UT is a very competitive acedimic school, anyone can tell that just by looking at the admissions requirements.


My major is Exercise Science. The class sizes are small in my major, around 30. Teachers learn your names in classes that small. In my general education classes teachers never knew my name because they had over 100 students usually. Class participation is common in certain classes but not all. I feel that the education UT provides is geared towards getting a job.


I think that my favorite classes are my minor classes, Elementary Education. The professors know my name enough to be willing to write me a letter of recomendation for scholarships or jobs. My program is more like a community, doing all of our Spring Senior Year classes together and then embarking on our internship year together, a wonderful experience.


My professors know my name. My favorite classes are my German classes, though I feel that the other students aren't up to standards. I think the general education requirements are absurd for my major.


I know in one of my previous answers I stated that a majority of students at UTK live in non-stop party mode, but even they find time to study. Studying is essential at UTK if you are wanting to maintain an acceptable GPA. I could walk into the library at any time of the day, any day of the week and have a hard time finding a spot to quiet. Most of the people that I see in the library are people I saw the previous night stumbling back to their apartment after a late night out. Regardless of what most people think of the amount of studying that goes on here, it does happen and students are able to manage grades and their social life.


classes at this university are amazing. there are so many opportunities here it is unbelievable. My favorite class is my math 113. the this i like best about it is my teacher. she makes it very enjoyable. i am terrible at math and she has helped me start to like it. she does many hands on activities and explains the concepts very well. the most unique class i am enrolled in right now is bowling. I love it i have made a lot of friends in the class and it is a fun way to get college credit for an extra curricular activity. the education here is geared mostly for getting a job so you are prepared right out of college they give you many ways to get experience in the field you want to study.


Once I got into my major the classes were smaller so it gave the professors a better opportunity to know who you were. I feel that some of the classes that were required for my major were totally useless and I will definitely never use them for what my occupation is going to be.