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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Greek Life is a dominant social activity on campus. But there are other ways to get involved if one wishes, be it club athletics or intramural sports. Football games and basketball games are massive events that the majority of campus gets involved with.


Greek Life is a dominant social activity on campus. But there are other ways to get involved if one wishes, be it club athletics or intramural sports. Football games and basketball games are massive events that the majority of campus gets involved with.


Social life is really dependent on whether you are greek or non-greek. Their is plenty to do in Knoxville without being a greek, but being the greek community gives you a community and social scene immediately. Lots of alchohol, but no hard drugs that I ever saw. Great underground music scene. Old City was great once I was legal.


Football games, basketball games, and anything else you can think of...UT has it. I even joined the badminton club one year. Plenty of greek letters seen around campus, if that's your fancy then UT has that also.


I was actually not involved with UTK activities my freshamn year because I wanted to focus on my grades first and get situated to college, and I had to work when I wasn't going to school.


Fraternities and Sororities are by far the most popular groups on campus, followed by the religious organizations. I always left my door open in my dorm, but that was more because of the heat than anything. I was involved in so many different things, but most of my time was spent with my Fraternity and with a Greek (as in Fraternities and Sororities) Christian Ministry on campus. Football is King, I never went to the Theater and the only guest speaker I ever heard speak was Governor Bredesen. Met my friends through the Fraternity and the others through photography and italian classes. Most of my girlfriends were in Sororities. We have the Vol Walk, Homecoming, the SAE Boxing Tournament, All-Sing, the Florida game and Rush Week that happen every year. People party on Thursday and Friday nights, and on the weekends. To me, fraternities were extremely important, but that's because we ran SGA, All Campus Events and anything else related to student government or Homecoming.


UTK activities and social life is an amazing thing. Several people believe that it is the only reason several kids go to college. This is false. Almost all go for their academics though their social lives are also important. If one's social life falters, their academics usually start to reflect. Several students go "Greek" which means join a fraternity or sorority. UTK offers several different ones to choose from and there is a "rush" held two times a year. Students that live in the dorms are either really open with each other or keep to themselves. A lot depends on the floor that you live on and who your Resident Assistant is. My RA this past year was really awesome about making sure that she knew everyone and tried to come up with several floor activities to help get everyone together. A special bond develops between the people on the different floors if people are interested in helping it form. I will never forget my college experiences that happened while living in the dorm. Parties are held almost every day of the week for those people who wish to attend. Students will normally wait until the weekend or the later part of the week before going out. This helps with grades and tests. There are several activities a person can do instead of drinking. They can go to the gym and workout or play sports with their friends, go for a hike, watch a movie, go out to eat, go out on the town, still go to parties but just not drink, or just hang out with friends.


There are many fraternities and sororities on campus that students join to make initial friends, however, they tend party...ALOT! There are many traditions that happen every year, and living on campus helps students stay up to date on those. There's Homecoming Events with Smokey's Howl, The Vol Walk for every football game, and much more.


Again-[(engineering students+insane curriculum)^(university hands in pockets)]*(disassociated faculty)= no life so can't comment here unless you count getting liquored up after exams and streaking main street:)


Athletic events are the most popular events on our campus. With a stadium capacity well over 100,000..who wouldn't be excited about going to a football game?! I'm not involved in a fraternity and do not care to fit into that social scene. But most of the time they do provide respectful charity work to the area. There are plenty of opportunities to make road trips to Nashville to see a concert or go shopping in Atlanta or catch your favorite small band in Asheville all in a day's trip. Of course, the natural surroundings are also plentiful with the Great Smoky Mountains as a great backdrop to go camping, canoeing, or even just going to the mountains for a retreat in a cabin or chalet.


GET INVOLVED! There is tons to do.


Athletic events, concerts, parties, or just hanging out with friends are some of the fun things to do at Tennessee. Groups, clubs, teams on campus are things that you can also do for fun there are many intramural teams and many different clubs. In fact, I think there are over 350 clubs in tennessee so you are bound to find something that you like, if not you can create one yourself!


Greek Organizations: As a member of a Greek sorority, I have the first hand chance to see just how much the Greek system benefits the community through their fundraisers and philanthropy events. I realize that some fraternities throw parties which are clearly violating the rules for campus, but I believe that the University is taking this way too seriously. It seems that the University is not Pro-Greek, and if you ask me that is not going to benefit the university if they do away with the Greek system. As we all have heard the alerts and the increase in crime on or around campus UTPD has done a mediocre job. Yes, they patrol campus and the Fort, but has that stopped the robberies? No. I believe that if the University spent half the effort that they put in trying to catch Fraternities for alcohol related issues on campus safety then we might actually be getting somewhere. I hate to be one to stereotype people, but given that I read the yellow alert posters that are posted all over campus following a robbery or shooting, has anyone realized that most of the crimes take place in the Fort, not Fraternity Park, and heaven forbid anyone notice that the assailants’ attires ARE NOT polos and kakis.


I am involved in Pi Beta Phi and I am an Orientation Leader, which I love both! Some other great organizations that I want to get involved in are ACE, SGA, and SAA. Every year, we have welcome week for the freshman, carnicus, all-sing, and torch night as UT traditions.


The Greek Community is very strong here. There is always something to do with this community of people. They have a strongly structured academic standards and hope to create active American Citizens. Every one in the fall is all football, in a way it unites the student body from the sepperations.


It's been great and a lot of fun.


i think the most popular groups on campus is the frat/sorority life. they are a great way to get involved and help the community and have fun. i am a part of a sorority. athletic events are very popular!! great time spent with friends at games.


Greek life is HUGE on campus...because of the Greek system, many students get involved in other activities such as: SGA, ACE comittee, etc...


I think sororities are important. They allow you to get involved in many different ways. You do charity work as well as sports, fundraiser and a WHOLE bunch more. I love it!


I think Greek life is a very popular option for a lot of students at UT. Of course since I am involved in a sorority a lot of people I meet are as well, but I think a lot of people join to get involved in a tradition and to meet new people, to get involved. I do not care for frat boys; therefore, my dating life has been fairly weak. I think frats/sororities are an important part of college life because there are so many activities getting people involved and a lot of fund raising for various philanthropies, which is important for students to be a part of. I met my closest friends through Delta Zeta and my room mate. I was lucky enough to get a random room mate that I'm IN LOVE with, so she is my best friend. She is in a different sorority so I have become almost an honorary member of her sorority, so I've been lucky enough to make twice the amount of friends. Students don't leave their doors open. This is Knoxville. We don't need invitations for rape or theft.


Im involved in Pi beta phi. sorority life is great, gives you plenty of reliable friends and lots of activities weekends are almost always filled with parties not related to sororities/fraternities no one leaves doors open, its too dangerous football is a big deal students attend all atheletic events for free


I think that the partying here is not as outrageous as other schools, which is ok by me. I like the fan participation at games and meets, students show everyone a lot of support, wether it's intramurals or real athletic events. I like that.


Where can I begin about the social aspects at UTK? Greek life is very important to me as well as a great deal of the student body. Many people do not realize how much the greek community positively impact not on the campus but also the greater Knoxville community. For example, the IFC and Panhellnic just came together and built several houses for Habitat for Humanity which is a great cause. For me, I feel that the entire campus is pretty connected in that most students know what the "big orange screw" is among other things. There are many UTK sponsored events...not to say that I attend all of them yet I am constantly getting UTK emails, sorority emails, passing signs, etc. about speakers and so on. Therefore I feel that UTK does a lot to include students. The campus social life is also alive and healthy in that there are several bars near campus that stay busy from Thursday to Saturday with students. I feel it is great when students can get a great education and also have enough time to go out and hang out with friends.


Most students don't know the kids down the hall, which can be a good thing. Athletic events are super popular and there is always one to go to. My best friends are from my sorority, and I wouldn't say that you have to be in greek life here but it REALLY does help you meet lots of people and know what is going on. There are so many traditions on campus, and yes the people here like to party. You can stay in or go out either way it is fun. We are also really close to the smokey moutains and lots of outdoor activities


Football is a big thing here at UT. Football games are crazy. There's so much stuff goin on and so many people here. But it's fun as crap. Tailgating and playing games are the best. Just hanging out with all your friends getting pumped up for a game it's a once in a lifetime experience.


The most popular groups/ organizations on campus is probably the Greek community. I'm involved with Delta Zeta and love everything about it. I live on my sorority floor in Greve Hall and I leave my door open most of the time. But when I'm in other dorms, I still see the trend of many doors opened as I walk down the hall. Athletics are very popular here at UT. One of the many reasons I came to UT, because sports are my life. We have one of the top athletic programs in the country and the school pride for our teams grow more and more each year. I meet my closest friends through Delta Zeta. A few traditions out of the many that we have are Torch Night, Homecoming, and Carnicus, etc. It's hard to say how much students party here at the university because it usually depends on what group of people you associate with. There are always plenty of things to do that doesn't involve drinking, for example, go to a movie, play laser tag, play volleyball or a basketball pick up game, or even have a water gun fight with your friends. The list goes on.


I live in Greve which is where 4 sororities live. I think that it has been a great experience living with them because I always have someone to talk to and I know everyone that lives on our floor. I think Greek life is really important at UTK. I know that it has shaped and will continue to shape my college experience. On weekends I like to go to parties, go shopping, or just relax.


the greek system is very popular on campus, sga, the republican and democrat clubs, and ducks unlimited are some of the popular clubs.


there is no end to what you can do whether you join an extracurricular activity or just go out with your friends. UT is close to downtown and the old city and is close to the smokies so you can go hiking and enjoy the outdoors.


Sororities and Fraternities are the most popular social organizations on campus. I have met my closest friends in classes or through sorority functions such as date parties, mixers, philanthropies, and all campus events. People party 7 days a week, if you want to find a party you can.


most popular groups are the sororities and fraternities. I'm involved in Zeta Tau Alpha and it has been a great experience. i don't live in a dorm so i wouldn't know. athletic events are extremely popular. i met my closest friends through my sorority and also a few classes. last weekend i went home and spent time with my family; and also worked. off campus: I go shopping, to the pool, go downtown, go out to eat, go to the movies.


The most popular organization on campus is Greek life. I am in Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. This is where I've met my really close friends. I hang out with people from my classes sometimes. Students do not usually leave their door open. There are also a lot of fun stuff like Homecoming Week. On the weekends, I will either hang out at someones dorm or apartment, or I will go dancing at the bar.


The greek system, athletics,and professional clubs are very popular on campus. The is a steady stream of campus activities to keep everyone busy. Sororities and Fraternities are a great way to get involved and make friends. These groups allow students to freedom to participate in philanthropic and social activites. My sorority, Delta Zeta, has an even mixture of parties, community service, and sisterhood activites.


I would say SGA is very popular- the campaigns are so large that many students can be active in them. I am in a sorority and I live with 40 girls my age and we leave our dorm rooms open at all times and have a communal study room where we spend most of our time. If I was wake at 2am on a tuesday, I am either studying or cannot sleep. I don't know much about the dating scene, I have had a parter for sometime but I know my roommate is having trouble.


There are so many ways you can get involved at UT. My sorority helps update us on these opportunites.


The most popular programs on campus are definitely UT football and basketball. Greek life on campus has a lot of involvement, but the statement has been made that the administration on campus does not want Greek life involved on our campus. I am involved in the sorority Zeta Tau Alpha, and I honestly feel as though nothing negative has come from my participation in it. My closest friends are in my sorority. Many people accuse sorority and fraternity members as "paying for their friends," but I believe that I have made true bonds with the girls in my sorority. If it weren't for ZTA, I would not have a tenth of the friends that I have made here.


Greek organizations are the most popular, especially in certain demographics. Athletic events (particularly football and basketball) are populat Met my closest friends through sorority and my boyfriend's fraternity If I'm awake, I'm studying on a tuesday people party thursday-sunday i love my sorority! Went out last weekend Hang out with friends, see a movie, dinner


I'm involved in Delta Zeta sorority here on campus. Students in dorms don't generally leave their doors open, besides in the sorority and fraternity housing, where everyone knows everyone else pretty well. I met my closest friends through my sorority and the girls that I live with. If I'm awake at two am on a Tuesday, it's usually because I'm studying or just goofing off with my roommate. Every year there are various traditions on campus, such as tailgating before football games. People party a lot here at UTK, but not as much as some might think. Fraternities and sororities are a big part of this campus, but not all students are involved in them.


i love my soroity and i think every girl should join one. they are so much fun and a great way to meet friends, and have lifelong sisters. they also offer intermural sports that are always fun and non competetive. you can always go out without drinking. you can go to the movies or have a girls night out, or even go to the parties and bars and just don't drink, just hang out and have fun.


I am involved with the sorority Pi Beta Phi. Students don't really leave their doors open while in the dorm, except for the sorority dorms and the frat houses. UTK basketball and football teams are major events that people stand in line for just to get tickets. The dating scene is huge. People are usually looking for someone to date. If I am up at 2am I am usually in the library studying. People party regularly, but mainly on the weekends.


I think lots of students leave their doors open. I think dating is a big thing here, most are looking for a compaignion.


Sororities and fraternities are the most popular organizations on campus. I am in the sorority Pi Beta Phi. Girls on the sorority floors leave their doors open. They trust one another. Football and basketball games seem to be the most popular athletic events. It can be harder to meet someone to date at such a large school, but once you find one it is worth it. At 2am on a tuesday i would either be watching tv, on the computer, or hanging out. Depends on the person as to how much they party. Some party a lot, some don't. Frats and sororities are important. Last weekend I went home.


The Greek Life is very popular on UT's campus. Im involved in Delta Zeta and i love it! I have made my very best friends that way! Students for the mot part will go off and leave their door inlock, where i live this is true anyways. If you are awake at 2 a.m on a Tuesday, its moe than likely because you are studying your brains out!! UT is a bog party school, but at the same time we get our work done! You will find people partying just about any night of the week. Knoxville is a big city, so if a saturday night you don't want to drink there is tons of things to do!


I am involved in Greek Life. I am part of Delta Zeta sorority. I lived in the dorms freshman and sophomore year and I always left my doors unlocked. Athletic events such as football and basketball are very popular but others ones are not so much. I met my closest friends through my sorority. If I am awake at 2 on a Tuesday night I am either studying or hanging out with my 5 roommates. People usually begin partying Thursday nights through Saturday nights. I prefer to go out on Fridays. Saturday nights my friends and I hang out and watch movies.


THe most popular groups on campus are definently the Greek Life organizations. They run the majority of the other campus activities and organizations.


I joined a sorority this semester, and I feel like a lot of girls are friendly, but I don't really get to go to all the social events cause I have a job. Some girls leave their doors open, but I don't, and I don't think the majority do. Football is extremely popular, but I don't know about other sports. I thing basketball is also a big deal. I don't know about the dating scene because I have a boyfriend. I get out of classes early in the afternoon, but I stay up till about 3 every night, watching TV or reading, but usually talking to my bf.


The dating scene at UTK is probably one of the most annoying things I have been around, especially within the Greek world. Sorority girls and fraternity guys are ALWAYS having conflicts about who is dating who, who just broke up with who, who hooked up with who etc. The Greeks are just in our own world and it seems as if people passed around among each other every week. Sometimes it just seems difficult to have a "normal" relationship with someone in the Greek system because you are undoubtedly going to piss quite a few people off whether you are doing something right or not.


Although there are a lot of greeks on campus i don't think one group is more popular then the other. I am involved in a sorority but i have many friends that aren't involved in sororities. I absolutely love it though. I encourage everyone to at least to go through rush to meet other girls. No students for the most part do not leave there dorms open once in a while u will see someone do it but i haven't really met that many people in my dorm. Many people do have boyfriends or girlfriends but there are a lot of kids that are just looking to have a good time so it doesn't really matter if u have a boyfriend or girlfriend. if i'm awake at 2 am on tuesday i'm usually studying. people usually go out on thursdays fridays and saturdays. those are the biggest nights to go out.


I guess an important group is the Greek group. Quite a few students on our campus are in fraternities or sororities. I myself am a Delta Zeta. I live on the sorority floor, and I am close enough to my sisters to leave my door open or unlocked. I've also made some of the best friends I've ever had here. I'm also in Alpha Epsilon Delta, a pre-medical honor society, and I volunteer. I also keep meaning to sign up for TeamVOLS, but I haven't made it to the UC this semester yet! Athletics are very popular on campus. We only missed one home football game and only a couple of my favorite sport, baseball! You don't HAVE to drink, but quite a few students do. My friends and I have fun even if we don't whether we go out to RT's or just hang out at another friend's apartment!


-GREEK LIFE!!! -Delta Zeta sorority. i love it! i have alot of fun and have made some lifelong friends! -nope. not on my hall. people steal things -athletics are top! theater, i personally love but most people dont...guest speakers could be better -there are lots of hotttt boys at ut! but i have a bf so im not really looking! -i met my closest friends in my sorority and through their friends -eating gus's, guthries, jimmy johns...haha studying probably or watching a movie! -homecoming -alot! yayay its fun -important...we have alot of dedication to our philanthropies and really accomplish alot in the community! -last weekend was parents weekend for my sorority..we had a lunch and an auction to raise money for our philanthropy...friday night i went to a frat house band party with my friends...saturday night i watched a movie in my friends dorm with the girls... -saturday night with no alcohol...anything you want to! you dont need to drink to have fun! -off campus i