The University of Tennessee-Knoxville Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Since the University of Tennesee is such a large public school, it has a really diverse pool of "typical students". Someone who is interested in sports, particularly football, would love UTK. Someone who is very much interested in greek life would love UTK. Someone who wants a large college campus or a college campus near or in a city would love UTK. Someone who loves hiking or rock climbing or other outdoor sports would love UTK. Someone who loves doing research would love UTK. UTK offers opportunities for almost any interest or passion.




The type of student who should attend this university is someone who is willing to put in long hours of study, commit to achieve higher goals academically, contribute to the community of which the University of Tennessee is a part of, and encourage fellow students to do the same while achieving personal goals and ambitions of higher education and establishing a promising and worthwhile career.


someone who in interested in meeting new people, and is not afraid to be in a large group of strangers. also one who doesn't mind a varied ethnic mix.


A very outgoing person. Someone who is extroverted. Somebody who can not be afraid to get out into a crowd and mingle. Somebody with very good time management skills. Somebody who is firm in what they believe in and is confident in themself.


Anyone willing to succeed and go after their dreams should attend The University of Tennessee. There is a place for everyone on this campus. From clubs, greek life, social events and football games, you are bound to fit in somewhere!


A very social person, because there are so many things to do on campus and so many people that you have to be at least a little bit of a sociable personality. Also, a person has to be very diligent study-wise in order to succeed in many classes. Art 101 took up a whole lot of my time, and chemistry with a lab just about killed me, but through hard work I passed and am now in Chemistry 130.


A very dedicated and commited person who is not afraid of a challenge should come to the University of Tennessee. If you're looking for classes to flow through, go somewhere else. The University of Tennessee is for someone who gives their all to do the best of their ability.


The kind of person who would attend this school is someone who wants a big school experience. UT brings a lot of noteriety, particularly in sports. For a long time it was the only game in town, for the whole state of Tennessee. Great school, overall.


All types of people can attend this school. There is always something to do and the people are always friendly. The school is a huge melting pot of many cultures. The engineering program is on it's way to the top. The school is great and everyone will definitely find interesting and fun things to do.


This school has a wide base of students, with a lot of options for everyone. There is something for everyone offered at this school, so I feel that anyone should attend this school.


Someone who is passionate about the university and who wants to attend rather than use it as a fallback school would be a great addition to the university. There are many opportunities for driven, hard-working students, and there are also plenty of ways to have fun and enjoy the college experience. The school is huge, but it's so easy to personalize it and make it whatever you want it to be.


A person who is open to all the possibilities that life has to offer should attend this university. Do not come with a closed mind, because the possibilities that are offered are tremendous. Whether it be sports, religion, academics, or social endeavors, the expanse of opportunities offered are limitless. Due to its proximity to the smokey mountains, there is a strong gathering of people who love the outdoors. And though Knoxville is not a large city, it offers just the right amount of social interaction through it's campus side "strip" or the old city.


The University of Tennessee is a great school for Tennessee residents. It is a terrific bargain; great university, with lots of financial assistance available for in-state students. I am from out-of-state, so I don't qualify for those benefits. However, The University fof Tennessee is a good fit for me because it offers outstanding academic programs, complimented by a plethera of opportunities for students to become involved in social, service, and professional activities. UT has all of the advantages of a major university while maintaining the small college intimacy.


The University of Tennessee is best suited for people who like a crowd. Although the college is large, the University does have hundreds of individual groups and clubs a student can join based on their interests to meet new people. A Vol likes finding their place in the "big" atmosphere and is able to function without extreme amounts of professor assistance. To sum this up, a University of Tennessee student would have the confidence to function and find thier place at a college that literally prepares them for finding their place and functioning soley in the world.


Charismatic, studious, creative, enthusiastic, caring, fun-loving, involved, diligent, and athletic people should go to the University of TN in Knoxville.


Someone who enjoys a suburban lifestyle and is alright with crowds should come to the Univerity of Tennessee. Someone who knows how to find their way around a crowded city and like to go to sporting events should also come.


Someone who enjoys a sense of community due to the high involvement in team sports. Also, someone who is excited about learning...the business and engineering departments are awesome. Also, for those that enjoy a smaller town feel and love to explore outdoor adventures.


The University of Tennessee is for any students that wants a quality education and experience the "college atmosphere." A person that wants to have fun, be in a semi-diverse population of 25,000, and enjoy the four seasons that Tennessee receives. The teachers are selected among the best in the states and have exceptional research in their respected fields. Also, the Greeks are on the best ways to expand your leadership potential and also have sisters/brothers for your college career. The athletics at UT is amazing, expecially football games at Neyland Stadium with over 100,000 screaming fans.


Anyone wanting a large state school. They need school spirit and a willingness to learn.


Anybody really can. What's important about this school is that it is exactly what you make it. I know people who came here purely to party, and that is what they are doing and plenty of it, especially in the sororities and fraternities. However, if you want to learn as much as you can and get started on research, there are plenty of venues to do that, as long as you are willing to put forth the effort. I'm a sophomore, doing research in what I plan to be my future career. You just have to stay focused.


Being a rather large school, it is easy to fall behind without much notice from anyone. So, if you want to succeed at the University of Tennessee, some self-motivation is required. That isn't to say there is no help, but you have to seek it out. The professors will not baby you and slap your wrist if your grades start slipping. There is also a lot of social activity so it's easy to be distracted. You must be goal-oriented but able to have fun, as well. It is college afterall.


I would suggest this school to an open-minded and outgoing student interested in meeting people and making life-long friends.


someone who love sports. like tennessee football. in-state


Someone who likes big schools and does not need a ton of extra attention, unless he or she is an athelete.


UT is a good school for someone who likes people of all types, because there are so many people here. Well rounded students because the campus offers a bunch of clubs and activities for all interests. UT is good for students who want to push themselves in school the programs here are fast paced and hard to get into, you know you will be educated throughly. Students that are interested in sports are encouraged to come but it is not a big deal if that is not your thing. This school is also great for people who like the city.




Everyone can feel comfortable here. You should be somewhat outgoing because it is so big so if you're not a people person it won't be good for you. It's great if you love sports and a big social life and don't mind a large classroom.


Someone that enjoys city life. The college is like a city within a larger city. There is always much to do...on campus and surrounding areas. Lots of sports.


In my opinon, a person who is not bery interested in being serious about their studies. Mostly middle class and white describe the student body as a whole. East Tennesseans are the majority, and sometimes it feels like it is the University of Knoxville. West Tennesseans should look closer at Ole Miss if they can afford it. A person can do very well in school with minimal effort (which most students do not give), so if a person is looking for a sky high gpa UT is for you.


those who don't mind fighting against the system to make a name for themselves


All different types.


There are people from all religions and ethnicities at this school. The Greek system is not overly present, but still present. People should attend this school who like to get involved in activities.


There is no one type of person I would advise to attent UT. This university is very diverse in more ways than one. We are made up of all sorts of ethnicities, sex, religions, political views, etc. It wouldn't be near as interesting to grow physically and academically if we were surrounded by one 'kidn of person.' I advise any and everyone interested to attend.


Any Tennessee resident.