The University of Tennessee-Knoxville Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I would say the kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is somebody who does not enjoy being in condensed area with a high population. I also wouldn't suggest coming here if you don't like physical excercise between classes. If you're expecting to come to college and act exactly like you did in high school, don't attend UT. They may have a reputation for letting everybody in but there are plenty of people who are dropping out at the end of first semester because they never did any work or couldn't keep up.


If you are not socially involved nor have the yearn to exceed with a rather diverse crowd, The University of Tennessee at Knoxville is not for you.


I believe that almost anyone could benefit from attending The University of Tennessee. Our school offers a large variety of majors and is highly accredited in the state of Tennessee. However, if someone were to be planning on working in a field that did not require a college degree, or if it were better suited for them to attend a technical school for that job then that would be the only reason I think The University of Tennessee would not be beneficial to them.


Someone that likes being alone. Being a Volunteer means we get together and help each other out, no matter the circumstance. That also means that we respect those that wish to be alone.


A person who does not want to come to school and work hard. A person who has been given everything they have ever wanted and never had to work hard for anything in their life. A person who simply comes here to party and skip classes. These people should not be allowed; they prevent others who want to learn from accomplishing their dreams of being a student at The University of Tennessee.


Everyone should attend this school! I have never seen more diversity and acceptance anywhere else.


Someone who should not attend this school is someone who is not willing to work for what the want.


Someone who is not willing to put forth effort to flourish should not attend this school. This instituition respects its student body and expects repsect in return. There are a plethora of opportunities to get involved and be an active student as well as a helper to the community. If someone does not want to participate in interesting endeavors or does not seek a quality education, then they should not consider the University of Tennessee to spend the educational career.


If you plan on coming here and partying 3 or more nights a week, do not even bother applying. This university demands committment from its students to their studies.


Someone who needs personalized attention from instructors to succeed. Don't kid yourself, this is a large school, and especially your first couple of years, most of your classes will be huge, and you'll have to fend for yourself .


I believe all students are welcome here no matter what race, creed, or religion/


People who problems dealing with others or being able to stand on their own two feet.


Very conservative




I cannot think of a single category of persons that should not, or would not want to attend this university. All of the groups, political, social, religious, and cultural are well represented here. We have strong diversity in our athletic programs as well as our academic programs. For every person on this Earth, there is a place to fit in here at the University of Tennessee.


People who are shy and do not easily make new friends will struggle on this campus with making friends or feeling like they fit in. Also, people who are not responsible and assertive for finding out information for themselves will have problems staying on track with their classes to graduate on time or to fill out the correct forms for getting into programs or getting scholarships, etc. The counselor are not very good so you have to do most of your education planning yourself. Also, it is really hard to find out information about anything so you must be persistant.


People that don't like walking far to go to class. Also, if you don't like being around massive amounts of people. If you slack then most likely you won't do well in class.


If you are not outgoing or if you absolutely hate crowds, I would not recommend UTK.


This is not a school for someone looking for a "big-city" experience. Knoxville, while not a small town, lacks a lot of the features of larger cities. Much of the city is based around the campus itself, which is great for those looking to live on-campus, but transit to other parts is limited at best. While there is an arts community, it is somewhat stifled.


Someone who shouldn't attend this school would be someone who doesn't like mountains and walking up hills. The campus has a lot of hills.


Anyone could and should attend my school. The University of Tennessee has something for everyone! Whether shy or outgoing, artsy or scientific, any race or ethnicity, and almost any interest you could think of....UT has it all!


Someone not willing to try and make friends. If you don't put forth the effort, you'll probably get lost in the crowd and end up alone and possibly depressed.


A smart, out going person.


There is a very diverse range of types of students. The University of Tennessee Knoxville is a good college for just about anyone.


Anyone who is truly satisfied with their life should not attend this school. This university is ideal for anyone who wishes to better themselves along with others. We make dreams become reality at this university. Anyone who has accepted this life as the best should be left with this life while others make improvements to theirs.


There should be no discrimination to the attendees of the University, it should desire diversity both racially and intellectually.


Any person who is very introverted or "stuck" in their comfort zone should not attend this university. Even in my first semester, in the general education classes, I was required to break out of my shell and interact with the other classmates for nearly every part of class. Anything from emailing papers to be reviewed, to having conversations in Spanish, we had to do early on.


Someone who can get homesick easily should not come to this school if where they call home is far away, otherwise UT is a great campus for anyone!


Someone who does not pride in their work.


People who like a more compact campus, who dont like big places or city life.


anyone who has grown up sheltered. Drinking is quite common and although some choose not to partake, you should be accepting of what people choose to do.


Someone who does not want to interact with students and professors or take part in extra-curricular activities.


A person who does not want to get involved in school spirt activites. UT is considered a football school and many of the activites center around football so if your not interested in football or any other sports you will find it hard.


SOmeone who doesnt like meeting new people


A person who is very serious about school should not attend the University of Tennessee PERIOD. One who wants a traditional college town should look for another place. UT is in a very urban enviornment. I have noticed that minority students, especially black ones, are singled out and discriminated against quite frequently by students and police. However faculty and staff tend to be very supportive of minorities.


Someone not ready to experience new things. I believe you should be really open minded to new experiences and new people. This is a huge campus and it is very easy to get to know people you just have to put yourself out there.


Someone who doesn't meet people easily or make their own way


Anyone wanting to come to college on the sole purpose of being on their own and wanting to have a good time. Though we all have our fair share of fun, we are a very academically strong community.




If you are apprehensive about starting college, UT might not be for you. It seems to be a big school at first and can be very overwhelming, but it does get easier.