The University of Tennessee-Knoxville Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The University of Tennessee is an amazing school and there is very few things that frustrate me, but the one thing is not having enough seats in the student section at football game. We are paying thousands of dollars to attend this school and we all want to show school spirit by attending an SEC football game but it is hard when there is a very limited student section and we have one of the largest college football stadiums in the nation. The ambience of Neyland Stadium during a big game is worth the fight for a ticket.


I constantly am realizing how much our college has become more like a business and less like a learning institution. Students are pushed through the system, and at the end of four years are extremely broke with nothing to show for it but a piece of paper. Our administration doesn't care about students, just about becoming a "Top 25" university.


There is always construction at different parts of the campus.


The construction is a little bothersome at times. Other than that the University is quite pleasant and has several features that are desirable.


The most frustrating thing about the University of Tennessee would probably be the food situation on the weekends. On Saturday and Sunday none of the on campus dining areas are open after 2:00. On the weekdays all of the on campus dining areas, except the one on the very edge of campus, closes at 6:00.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that there are not enough classes to support all the students in the university that are wanting to take the courses needed to pursue their major. This makes it harder to register for the amount of hours needed full time per semester and even harder to graduate in four years.


The most frustration thing about the school is not being able to use dining dollars at the restaurants on the strip. If the university would work with the local restaurants and come up with some kind of deal to where students could use their dining dollars and all star money to eat at the restaurants it would make it a lot more convinent for students. Most of the students get tired of eating on campus all the time but don't have the money to eat off of campus.


The walk to classes are a little too long, and the classes are sometimes difficult to register for.


This could probably be said for more than one college in the United States, but, especially for a freshman in college, it is very frustrating for me to not be able to find the information I need when I need it. That is to say, I wish that the University's website displayed more helpful information than it already does.


The most frustrating thing about my school is probably the length of time it takes to get into contact with someone of authority, especially the Financial Aid office and the Transportation/Parking department.


It does seem like sometimes students don't have much say in things. It is a large university, but the SGA doesn't do very well with representing every student.


The Career Center is not as useful as most students would like it to be. It organizes career fairs and hosts workshops once or twice per semester which usually happen during hours when most students take their classes. Getting help with cover letters and resumes is worthless due to a limited knowledge of the staff. Inquring about internships and jobs was a waste of time to me because the staff told me to do my own research on the Internet.


I'm doing so many activities, research, and work and sometimes it gets to my head. However, while this is a downside sometimes, it is also a plus. Most of the time I enjoy it... sometimes I don't.


Some teachers do not seem to care whether you get a credit or not, but most are very well at working with students to help them to the best of their ability.


Honestly, the most frustrating thing about school is finances. I am a student that has no parental help and it is difficult to try and find the funds to stay in school or even eat sometimes.


Lack of guidance by some advisors.


I am a single mother of two toddlers and can not seem to get the financial aid needed. Whenever I have contacted my financial aid advisor, it is hard to get a straight answer or a return phone call.


Other than the money issue at UT there isn't much to complain about. I'd say the bus system is very flawed. There is an East-West bus and a North-South. There are 3 times as many east west buses than north south leaving certain students to stand and wait with the ONE north-south bus runs all the way around campus. It's an easy fix too, but UT is stubborn and it will not change.


Being a Vol rarely becomes frustrating. The main problems stem from lack of parking and increases in tuition. These are problems that are frustrating about 98{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of colleges, so I do not believe that, in comparison, they are frustrations that make the University of Tennessee a bad choice.


The school does a lot to appease the alumni or fans or research professors and doesn't always put the students and their needs first.


Some of the African American students on campus tend to gravitate towards each other, insead of students of other ethnic backgrounds and it hinders the amount of diversity we could potentially have; but dispite that UT is still a very diverse campus.


The technology is awesome, but often messes up. For example, last semester we all used a wireless service that would sometimes just not work, or log you off the internet. So we had to change that, and this year it's much better, but now there are issues with our campus email service, so now they are planning on changing it. Technology issues are frustrating, but the school is usually on top of it by the next year. Also it's frustrating that my theater classes are all over campus because we don't have our own building with classrooms.


In my opinion the most frustrating thing about the University of Tennessee at Knoxville is the size. It's hard to find your place amoung the great masses.


I get frustrated with the parking situation. Some of the classes are to large.


Most frustrating about UT are its level of hypocrisy and dismissal of students' wishes. They push a "green" campaign, but pay to light Neyland Stadium 24/7, all year 'round. They pay to power the electrical features on a hideous sculpture erected in the middle of the Pedestrian Walkway just this summer. Students protested the highly inconvenient placement of the statue and petitioned that it be moved, even going so far as to create a Facebook group dedicated to the cause. Though the group blossomed, UT disregarded it and left the monstrosity where it perched.


There are very little studio classes, but a lot of art majors that need them. UT takes on too many art majors then puts no money into the art building.


Financial aid office. Very hilly.


The campus has alot of hills and is not the prettiest campus or located in the prettiest city.


The most frustrating thing about UT is trying to graduate on time. The budget cuts at the school have forced the system to cut a lot of seats in gen-ed courses and cut/combine entire degree branches. Also, it is hard to create a schedule when most required courses past gen-ed are being offered only at one time.


Losing at football. Administrators not lisetning to studnets. Assinine decisions made by the administrators.


Too many conservatives that don't have open minds.


Classes at Tennessee are in varying difficulties based solely on your professor. A P.E. class could be more difficult than an Engineering class if your professor is a tough grader, a bad teacher, or just an angry person out to fail every student in their class. It is frustrating to know that i recieved a bad grade in a class when one of my friends took the same class, with a different professor, and recieved an A, when I know I studied more than they did.


The way Groups exclude people.


I am not extremely frustrated with anything on this campus or with the school but i suppose that the layout could have been planned a little better. There is an ADD campus that is a bit far away that makes getting to those classes a bit more difficult but all in all this school is amazing.




I am disappointed with the quality of the on-campus housing when you compare it to what is available off-campus for the same price. Also there is a strong no alcohol policy, even if you are over 21.


Class size can be frustrating you must go out of your way in order to get help




Well, I am currently in the pre-nursing program; this is where you take 2 years of general education classes, and then you apply for the nursing program. However, since our school previously had to make budget cuts, the nursing program is only taking 48 students this year. I think this is awful considering that there are over 24,000 students at this university and that there is such a high demand for nurses.


The T: buses are slow and croweded


The most frustrating thing about my school is the fact that it seems like all of the professors/lecturers/graduate assistants seem to schedule tests around the same time, which makes it impossible for most students to adequately study for each test.


There is not enough parking for students on campus.


The administartion is a huge problem. They are reffered to as the 'Big Orange Screw' for a reason. They go out of their way to obstruct the students in order to get a bigger paycheck. They have yet to work hard enough for the paychecks they get now.