The University of Tennessee-Knoxville Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love that all students are supportive of the teams. They are like one big family support system. It is really incredible.


There are so many thing that are great about my university, but if I had to choose one thing that I love most about our school, it would be the large amount of diversity that we have. There are people from so many different ethnical and cultural backgrounds, and so much that we can learn from them. The University of Tennessee prides themselves on their students being open to and accepting of others with different backgrounds, and people that have ideals different from yourself. The campus has such a welcoming environment, and that is why I enjoy being here.


The availability of several eating facilities and local convenient stores is definitly two of the best things on my campus. As an athlete, I have a full day of activities from class to practice to tutoring and the size of the campus is very large. Locating food near every building allows me to eat at proper times and it eliminates the extra time needed to travel to just one facility.


The best thing about the University of Tennessee is the overwhelming amount of school spirit. There is not a sight in the city of Knoxville where no orange or the words "rocky top" are featured. The school may not have championship winning teams, but it does have a huge student cheering section following the teams everywhere they go.


The school spirit. No matter what community we are ivolved in on campus we all come together as one as UT volunteers. We all show a great amount of love for our school and each other.


Value and strength of the degree is the best thing about The University of Tennessee.


The best thing about my school is the diversity. Thre is more than one type of race that is accepted into The Unviersity of Tennessee. This is benefit me tredmendously. My hometown is not that diverse, so I only comprehend things or ideas from one perspective. At The University of Tennessee, I will experence a new ways of veiwing ideas.


The best thing about my school is that it is a very good research institute. The engineering department is spectacular. The choices we have open to us as far as major and minors we can choose is very large. I am disappointed that there is no theology department though, although there is a religious studies course that I am taking, but its more like a sociology course than a class about God.


Ability to blame it on the alcohol.


A variety of extracurricular activities. The campus is lively because there is always an event happening on a daily basis. The best thing about my school is you can take advantage of all the opportunities (in terms of joining and bringing a positive change to any academic organization or social club). You can learn a lot from the lectures given by award-winning professors, successful businessmen, charity organizations leaders, company professionals from any field. Students should definitely develop their networking skills in order to get good internships at good companies that might provide full time jobs in future. Stay involved!


The University of Tennessee strives very diligently to ascertain that students are exposed to a global outlook. There are several study abroad opportunities as well as extensive education and training in how to communicate well with humans from an array of backgrounds and cultures. I am pleased to know that UT believes this is a very important and valuable aspect to humanity because every career contains some form of communicaton to all humans.


There is a lot of emphasis on research, ecspecially in my field (physics), and there is a national laboratory near the university which works with the university for internships and careers.


The best thing about my school is the attitude and spirit. Everyone here is proud to be a Tennessee Volunteer. Gamedays can seem somewhat magical once football season starts. Alumni and students both come together to celebrate many years worth of tradition. To be able to experience this is a great opportunity in a student's life. Everyone comes together no matter of race, sex, or status.


It is a diverse school with plenty of school spirit especially in sports. Classes are decent sizes with a variety of times being offered. This makes it easier to select a class when I can have a babysitter to help me out.




The relaxed attitude in Tennessee makes the university friendly and helpful, so that a student at The University of Tennessee can find assistance for any need from locating textbooks to emotional stress. It feels as if the personel truly want the students to be successful.


UT does have very good programs in several academic areas such Engineering. The programs that they are widely know for are funded well and the students are given a great amount of support to be able to succeed.


There are so many different options for you to major in or get involved in. The campus is large, but if you chose to be involved in any of the excellent organizations then it really makes it feel small and you find your niche, while still having the benefits of being on a large campus.


The University of Tennessee is a great place to be. Although many are led astray by the massive number of students, the University does a magnificent job of creating a sense of belonging.


The location; You can study anywhere on campus, off campus, or anywhere and still get things done in a soothing atmoshphere. If you have free time , there is so much to do within miles of campus. It's just amazing and a great school for any student..


The best thing about my school is probably that there is so much diversity everywhere, and at the same time this university is all about unity and being a strong community. No matter who you are, I am sure that you can find some sort of activity to join to where you can find other students with the same interests.


The unity of the student body at the University at Tennessee has been the best thing I have experienced so far. We stand together as a student body and look out for each other. It is easy to find study groups on campus and get help from other students. The students at the University of Tennessee strive for success together as to follow the logic two heads are better than one. Any student feels immediately bonded and unified when we join in singing Rocky Top together.


The best thing about the University of Tennessee Knoxville is the diverse opportunities it provides to its' large student body. Aside from our superb Athletic and Academic programs, Study Abroad, Internships, and Career Planning also provide great services that can broaden your educational horizons if you take advantage of them. The friendly atmosphere here also make campus enjoyable. Many students are very driven to do well and have collectively created a supporting environment for everyone to do the same, from incoming freshman to graduate students. I absolutely love my school.


I think the best think about UTK is the sheer amount of people and different interests. There is a little something for everyone here, whether it be the Outdoor Program, Intramural Sports, Fraternities and Sororities, or Volunteering. Each person has a place here, and new clubs and groups are created all the time. There are also many different majors that interest a variety of people. So many talented people in one school create a wonderfully diverse and unique environment.


The University of Tennessee's best feature is its devotion to serving others. The very mascot of this selfless institution is the Volunteer, a tribute to Davy Crockett's bold service to the struggle at The Alamo. Consequently, UT faculty and staff strongly encourage leadership and service not only to the local and national community but also to the world itself. For instance, I spent my first year in a leadership community, living and studying alongside students who share a vision of hope and help for the dissadvantaged and hopeless.


That I'm the only one who can keep myself going.


The fact that you can make this school what you want it to be. This taught me how to set my priorities. I no longer need my mother hanging over my shoulder, telling me to do my homework. It is a tough thing to learn, but I feel that it is very important. I also think that the proffessors here truely care about their undergraduate students, particularly in the psychology department. They really go out of their way to make themselves available, sometimes staying as late as 9 pm just so you can meet about something you're curious about.


The way the Univeristy of Tennessee prepares its students for the business world is unparalleled. Once you've completed your general education and begin pursuing your major, it's amazing how much the classes feel like a workplace. They do a great job of making the student feel like they are competing for a job title when they are really just earning a grade.


The school spirit it is so great to see all that orange.


The best thing about my school is the school spirit. Whether our teams win or lose, students are very prideful of their school.


I enjoy going to sporting events and being apart of all that excitment.


It is so easy to make friends at the University of Tennessee. It is so easy to talk to classmates and form friends in classes. Most professors are great when working with students. It is also pretty easy to make friends with professors as well. People at this school are friendly and they care about one another. They are always looking out for each other.


There is a lot to do on the weekends and even during the week. Since it is downtown, there are always shows, resturants, and events to attend even if the university is not involved.


The best thing about school is the actualy challenge of learning. I enjoy solving problems and coming up with the answers to things.


I consider the people the best thing. There is a large and thriving group of people at Ut and they really make the experience something worthwhile.


The large diversity allows students to interact with other students from different cultural backgrounds.




There are many oppurtunities for students here because of the environment around us. UT is located in the busy city of Knoxville (which is great for job opportunities), but the rural farm areas and beautiful Appalachian mountains are just a short drive away. Ut is also extremely diverse pertaining to the student body. I think this is great because being around such a diverse community made me learn about other people's culture and I grew to understand and respect their views.


The atmosphere. At UT you definitly feel like you belong to something and that you should be proud you are a part of it!


The poeple are great here. There are enough people for you to find friends that are actually very compatible with you.


Communications Department, Football atmospher, being close to the Smoky Mountains


focus on different cultures, interesting students, large choice of extracurricular activities


The best thing about my school is the library, because that is where you get your studying done and where you meet new people.


The technology available. There is great technology there and it is widely used in the classrooms. They are a writing intensive school as well which has taught me how to be a much better writer.


It's a great education for the price. Bottom line.