The University of Tennessee-Martin Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students are everything from frat boys are sorority girls to the art club type to super country. There a group for just about everybody who comes to campus.


Bible Belters, brainwashed and not the sharpest.


Every class that I've been in has been full of helpful, friendly students who feel as if we all need to work together to achieve good grades in the class.


Usually your classmates are very friendly and are always willing to help you out.


They were a diverse and interesting group.


I would say that my classmates are very willing and able to learn. I think that they have an invested commitment to their education here.


The diverse collection of peolpe in the classroom include diferent ethnic groups, religions, and backgrounds.


My classmates are typically genuine and responsible people who have an intense thirst for knowledge and wish to achieve greatness in their life. We all study hard and believe in focusing on schoolwork, but we also have fun and get to socialize with others among different groups of students. Each of us come from different backgrounds, yet we are all understanding of one another and enjoy spending time with each and learning about our backgrounds and how they can help us to become greater people.


My classmates generally seem to be a lot like me. Not only do we have class together, but we generally form study groups for tests and finals, then we end up becoming friends as well.


They are supportive, helpful , and outgoing.


Classmates at UT Martin are for the most part nice and friendly.


My first year I knew one person in each of my classes, now I at least know 5 to 8 in each class. They are fun and easy to get along with.


My classmates were diverse. Some of my classmates were open-minded and accepted everyone around them. Other classmates were set in their opions and ways. I got along well with all my classmates.


My classmates are motivated and friendly.


They are fun to be around and usually very helpful.


Students are typically friendly and helpful to eachother.


Most classmates are very friendly and willing to help with anything another classmate needs.


My classmates are friendly, helpful, and fun to work with.


My classmates are generally very diverse in the gen. ed courses, fairly focused in the major only classes.


My classmates are the best i have ever had and are all helpfull and willing to work together.