The University of Tennessee-Martin Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I do not like to brag or boast about anything I usually do. It is not really right to do so. I will say that I like every staff member over there and that each of my teachers and professors really do care about the actual students.


The professors are really good at helping their students out. All the student has to do is ask, but if you don't then that's on the student.


I mostly brag about the campus environment. It is a welcoming place to go to school. It's full of professors who care and want to teach at their best.


We have great greek life.


I brag about the dorms at my school. Martin has wonderful apartment-style dorms, complete with private bedrooms, kitchens and large living rooms. The rooms feel like home, rather than just someplace to stay.


The quality of the education. I feel that all the professors are highly qualified.


It's not too expensive, very affordable.


It is close to home and cheap. Small classrooms make it so you know your professor and he/she knows you.


That it is close to home.


Being an out of state student, as a walk on for a varsity athletic team, I still pay an outstanding amount of money for tuition. Something I have personally loved about this town is how easy it is to save money here! I can go on a tank of gas for a good two weeks or more! The apartments on campus are the nicest apartments in Martin, Tennessee! The apartments themselves offers many amenities and still give students all their usual freedoms. Living on campus is so convenient especially for first year students who would like to get involved.


Im getting the best education money can buy.


The main aspect that intrigues my interest in UT Martin is the friendly atmosphere that the faculty and students provide while living on campus. After leaving home for the first time, I did not know anyone in the area because I moved away. Despite this pitfall, the people around UT Martin boosted my spirits with their friendly camraderie and understanding. I also enjoy UT Martin because it has a wonderful quality of education for its low cost. Overall, I enjoy UT Martin because I enjoy the small town atmosphere with a quality of education that is worthy in the future.


My school is a branch of the UT system, it has all the advantages possible, but it is still small enough to get to know most of the people you come into contact with very well. I have made sisters and friends for life here and would not, given to the option to make the choice again, change my mind about Tennessee Martin.


that it is a great,small school.


I brag about the different people I met and the professors I interacted with.


The accessibility to many restaurants, stores, and other businesses is the thing that I brag about the most.