The University of Tennessee-Martin Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is that it is far out in the country; there isn't much to do that is closer than an hour away.


Nothing at all is wrong with the school I go to. I have a great advisor, Dr. Swan, and many other teachers are awesome there.


The worst thing about my school are the fraternities and sororities. They are a big distraction to school work and bad examples to the students on campus. They make the University seem like nothing, but a party school. The reputation of UTM is effected by this, but it is a great school to attend.


Martin is a suitcase campus. Over 75% of the students are West Tennessee natives, and the majority go home on the weekends.


Sometimes the staff can be less helpful than expected, but I see sometimes people can be real busy.


The weather, because it rains a lot in Martin.


I don't like the secluded location. It's just too far away from every thing.


the only complaint i have is that tution is becoming more expensive for students that are already having to take out loans. If they could offer more ways to help out students then maybe there wouldnt be as many students in debt.


I would say that the parking at UT Martin is the absolute worst part of my experience here!


The only complaint I have about the school is that freshmen are required to purchase a meal plan even if they live in the apartment-style dorms with kitchens. I am spending more than $1,000 per semester on a meal plan and I almost always cook my own meals. The cafeteria is crowded and the food court has few healthy options for a vegetarian like me. The meal plan is a waste of my money. I have not encountered anything else I dislike in the school, though.


I think the worst thing about my school is also the fact that it is so small. Having such a small campus limits the amount of faculty which limits the amount of classess available each semester.


The worst thing about my school is that its in a small town. It took a while to get use to.


The worst thing about my campus is the gingko trees!!! They accidentally planted the FEMALE trees by the sidewalks instead of the males. The gingkos are rare and beautiful trees but the females produce berries that give off an awful- lasting smell when you step on them... and there are PLENTY of berries!!!! It's no fun to walk around all day with the stench attached to your shoe!!! :P


If I had to think of one thing that is the worst thing about this school...the only thing that comes to mind is the lack of things to do around campus. There are only a few restaurants, and not much else to do. If you want to do anything fun, you have to drive an hour away to Jackson, TN, or towards Kentucky.


registering. because even though the class says full, there are at least 10+ desks still available


I think that the worst thing about UT Martin is that when it rains there, water puddles are all over the sidewalk.


The worst thing I consider about my school would be that fact that since most people that attend live near. It is usually a dead campus on weekends.


I think the fact that students can't stay on campus in the dorms over holiday breaks is the worst part of this campus. Foreign students have no other place to go really. I used to be able to stay over the break and work, but not anymore.


There isnt much for us to do other than school. The town is really small and we have to drive at least an hour to go shopping or do anything like that.


Basically you can describe it as a "Suite-case" college. So many students go home during the weekends and breaks, that it is completely dead during that time. Other than that, since it's a smaller college in the rural south, some people can be close minded and quite conservative.


There is not very much to do in the town in which the college is located. It's a very small, rural town....not a lot of options.


The small town that it's in.


The social groups stuck together around campus. It was hard to be a part of more than one group.


Most social activities revolve around Greek life.