The University of Tennessee-Martin Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I would encourage anyone who is interested in receiving a quality eduation, especially if one's focus is in science or agriculture, to attend UT Martin.


People going into agriculture or the medical profession who have there schooling paid for.


southern, partier, small-town roots


The ideal person to go to UT Martin would definitley be someone who is ready to work. The professors are very involved and the small class sizes make it almost mandatory that you know your professor exceedingly well. The work is demanding, hands on, and fufilling. Also, creative people are perfect for this university. UT Martin is a very small and rural set school, it can be hard to find something to do after you finish studying. However, if you have an especially creative side, fun will come to you.


Someone who enjoys a small school environment should come here. You must be focused on your work, as the academics can be strenuous. You must appreciate teachers who are invested in their students on a deep level. The classes are small, and the atmosphere casual and personal. You should be able to function without a lot of retail or big-city attractions. It is great for people who enjoy campus housing that is styled after apartments instead of dorms to allow for more indepent living.


A person who can have fun without "commercial fun". A lot of good people go to Martin and it is too easy to get caught up in the party scene because there isn't much more to do. I am a senior and have never even had a drop of alcohol, though I do go to parties. There is not much to do on or off campus so someone strong and focused enough not to get caught up in the party scene should attend. Also, a person who can be content with the little things in life!!!


The type of person best suited for the University of Tennessee at Martin would be the person who enjoys a small town environment. Also, it would help if the person was outgoing because there is not very much to do in our small town, so socializing plays a large factor in campus activities. We have an amazing Science program; therefore, someone with a related major would do well there. The classrooms are very small, as well; so contact with professors is simple. It is a wonderful University.


The person that should attend this school is any type that wants something out of life. The type of person that wans a career that is promising and one that helps an individual to feel good about his or herself.


Any one who really wants a good education as well as a great environment for learning how to make it on your own.


All types of people attend this school from different races to religions and personalities.


anyone can attend this school. it really is for ANYONE.


Anybody really could attend. It is very diverse and it loves everybody.


Someone who would rather attend a campus that is smaller with more one on one opportunities with faculty and staff. Someone interested in Nursing, agriculture, or other various fields. "A Small Town Person"


A person who likes a smaller school but not too small. Someone that does like campus activities.


Country people who are used to a small town environment. Also, those who get into the greek life don't seem to mind it.


I would recommend this school to anyone! It is a great school.


I believe there is room for anyone at this school. I haven't seen anyone that hasn't been accepted for who they are. There is a place for everyone.


Someone who wants a great education at a low price, or hussle and bussle of a big city.


anyone who wants to succeed


The kind of person that should attend my school should be someone who enjoys meeting new people, enjoys the beautiful landscaping on and off campus, and someone who isn't afraid to be him or herself.