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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice that I would give myself is to not rush life. Attend college at a young age and get as much education as possible. I would also tell myself that attending a junior college first is not a bad idea. The fact that I was offered a full sholarship to a junior college seemed like a bad idea at the time bu now I see it would have been a small step in the rightdirection and a giant leap towards a promising future


I would advise myself to get better study habits and to be more receptive of advice given to me by my mentors and parents.


Do not get discouraged. You'll be fine. Just take a breath and make some time for studying. But don't forget to get involved. See what's going on around campus and be there. Have fun. The proffessors are pretty nice, but always read the syllabi first thing and learn their quirks. Make new friends and bond for life; you never know when they can help you later. Hope you like to read! Textbooks will be the must-have items for the next four years. Just remember, you're preparing for your dream job and having fun at the same time!


As a senior you are ending a phase of your life and beginning a new one. Now is the time to spread your wings and fly, be confident in yourself and your abilities. DO NOT be afraid to try new and exciting things in college. I know it can be somewhat scarry entering into a brand new world...with the new people to meet and new places to discover. But know that you are the only one that knows what is the fight path for you. You know that you will face trials and conflicts and when the path you are on seems all uphill, don't you quit. Don't you give up, for you know that with stress comes satisfaction and with satisfaction comes success. Keep your chin up, your head held high, and keep on smiling.


As per my intellectual inquiry, I would advise to not allow myself to be swallowed completely by feelings of being overwhelmed by pressures for perfect academic achievement. I would say, "Hold true to yourself, your moral creeds, and your responsibilities as a positive role model and representative of your family. Never let go of infallible truths, even if they may have a basis in faith. Be a friend to old acquaintances and new relationships. Even if you feel the world holding you down, choking the very life out of you, never lose your will to live nor your confidence in living." I would smile reassuringly at my past self and state plainly the words, "You can do it."


The advice that I would give is to try to always find the balance between work and play. Yes, college is pretty much a once in a lifetime experience but wise choices need to be made all the time because what happens in college could potentially effect the rest of your life. However, you also need to take time and truly live and enjoy college because it is the place where you can make lifelong friends. Make sure your college is actually out to help you and not just out to get money from you. Make sure your college matches you and what you believe in because it will be a much more rewarding experience that way. Also, follow your heart. Don't just go where people suggest that you should go. It's your life and you have to made decisions that are best you because at the end of the day, you have to live your life; no else does.


November 11, 2009 Dear Kayla, As a high school senior, you decide to attend a school hours from home. You will be excited and extremely curious. Making friends will come natural. Know being an athlete is great, but taking nineteen hours of school and working twenty hours a week all at once is insane! Do not miss out on friends, family, and relationships! Your sophomore year, a close friend dies. His father gives the baccalaureate speech to him and his fellow classmates at graduation. He conveys materialistic things are great, but they will not last forever. He continues to introduce the most important reality of life, it starts and ends with loved ones, therefore be wise, you know not your classmates who will be alive tomorrow, in a month, or a year. Please Kayla, realize they will live on the lives of those directly affected and influence those who hear this heartbreaking blessing. As you begin college, consider the steps you take, the words you say, and the relationships you pursue. Above all, there are always people that love you and support each step you take to become the wonderful person you are fated to be. Love, Your future self


Don't wait to go to orientation. Save more money. Apply for more scholarships ahead of time-- don't wait for deadlines to crop up.


Choose whatever school makes you happy and make new friends.


Do not choose a college due to its proximity to your home. A campus and school that fits your needs and wants is worth the travel time. Being away from home can be one of the greatest experiences of your life. Parents, please do not dictate the location of your child's education? In the end, it is the quality and enjoyment of education that is most important, not the proximity of this education to home.


make sure its what you the student want and no one else. finding the right school is tricky, but if one stands out to you, go ahead and go for it.


Students should look research into their schools long and hard. It is a tough decision because that student is preparing not only for their future, but also because they are going to spend two to four years of their life at that college. Students and parents should also look into miscellaneous factors when going to school, such as the size and distance it is from home. Size is important in regards to how a student interacts with others. If a student is very social, they would enjoy a larger student body to interact with, while if a student is more of a loner, he or she would enjoy a smaller student body due to their inclination of forming a smaller group of friends. A student should also look into distance to see how far they have to travel if they need to travel home for the weekends or holidays. Lastly, students and parents should look at the school academics. A worthy school should pertain to a student's idea of what career they want to majory into even if they might not know what it is at the moment. This is not a bad choice, because life is about learning.


The way to finding a right college is going on visits. I told myself i would never go to the college I picked until I visited the school. I feel in love with my school just with the visit. What makes the most of a college experience is the interaction. There are so many campus programs, that everybody can join. I highly recommend getting involved in campus life because you will make new friends and have the best college experience that will leave memories for a lifetime.


I would tell students to visit the campus often during their senior year to get a better vibe from the students and faculty on campus. You wont get that great a vibe on just one visit. I would tell parents to be patient with their children and let them make the final decision, and to help the child weigh out the pros and cons of each school that is being considered. Also, the student should ask professors to sit in on some of the required classes that they may have to take. That way you get to see the real and important side of college life. That could be a make or break for colleges.


If you aren't comfortable going far away, don't. If you do go far away-make sure you have enough money to survive until the end of semester. Do not just give up while you are there-professors know when you are tyring and when you aren't. Don't skip or be late-after awhile it will hurt you a lot. Remember-you don't have to declare a major the second you get there. Take some time to choose the major.


The advice I would give on finding the right college is to look in to what pleases you and where you thing you will stay focus. I think if you dont like where you are at or not comfortable you will not get the great experience you would like to have.


To those searching for a great college experience, I would say that you need to look for a place that you fit into. You need to be comfortable walking around the campus and have to decide whether you would like to be at a big school where you are not well known or a small school where your professors and classmates know you well. Once in school, don't be afraid to jump into different activities and have fun with everything. College is a once in a lifetime experience and if you are more outgoing and willing to try different things, you will meet a great number of people and be remembered. Classes are so much easier if you go to themand talk to your professors frequently! If you show your professors you are willing to learn, they wil help you to succeed.


Go with your gut. Check out the school first. Make sure to go around the town the college is in, and make sure there are places to be socially involved other than just bars. Choose a college that focuses on what is important to you.


Every student learns differently. You need to find a campus that will help you the most. A campus with a friendly environment and a close-knit community is my cup of tea. Once you are in college, take it seriously but don't over stress yourself. If you need help don't be afraid to ask for it! The only stupid question is the one not asked!!


When looking for a college, first find the place that offers the best program available for your major. Then look at the resulting jobs from that university. Academics is always the most important part of college and where the majority of your money will be spent. Next, I believe you must choose a place that fits your personality. If you are not a big city person, you are not going to feel comfortable in a very larger university. You also must take into account the extracurricular activities. Are there too many, or not enough? Making sure that you are going to be well educated, safe, and feel like you fit it are very important aspects of college. If you do not feel "at home" if you will, then you are not going to reach beyond your goals.


You definantly want to focus on the right school for your chosen major. Try to find a school that is known for having a good program for your major that way you know you will be taking the best classes you can take. Also, bigger isnt always better. My school is quite small and I like that there isnt 150 students in my classes. My largest class probably had 35 students at the most. It makes it so much easier for the students to get to know the professor. Which makes it easier for the student to get help when it is needed. To make the most of your college experience, just try to make a lot of friends. Most of them will help you with anything and the makes life away from home a lot easier when you have someone you can always turn to.


Pick a school that fits your needs. It has to have a good program and your favorite activities. You have to feel safe and kinda like home away from home.


What interest do you have? What really makes you think "Man, now that is really awesome." Because if you don't find it interesting or think you could do it for a long time, then you probably shouldn't major in it. Also think about what kind of college would suit you when it comes to population. Would you feel over whelmed if you went to a big school? Would you feel bored at a small college? I would advise going to the campus you are interested in more than once and experience what it would be like there before you completely commit. Good luck!


Parents and students, don't be afraid to ask questions. The staff are there to help you. The only stupid question is the one not asked. After class, don't be afraid to talk to your professors about subject material or otherwise. Remember, they are just people like you and me. They have been where you are before and know somewhat about what you're going through. Lastly, take charge of your life. Take it upon yourself to explore. College is a great resource, but don't count on your professors to teach you everything you should know.


Be sure to take the time to visit the college you are interested in and take a tour as well as go through some sort of orientation the summer before your first semester. It is well worth your time and you will begin to make new friends and bonds that have potential to last a lifetime.


I believe that students and parents should consider cost when searching for the right school. The environment, safety, and size( for example the class or the buildings). Students should visit the college and determine if they would feel comfortable there. It also helps to know or find out different programs they have for your field to futher career in the future. Students should use all this information to help make a judgment on what college to attend. Most of all the student should choose a college based on their own oppinion, and not the oppinion of others.


Apply to as many schools as you possibly can. Visit all campuses you are interested and don't just ask questions, request documented facts about the schools academic and extra ciricular activities, campus security and safety. When choosing your school, take in account ALL of these aspects. Ask to tour on campus housing, not just dorms but all campus housing because there are many options.




Well utimately I believe the student should make the final decision on what college to attend, unless the parents cannot finacially suppport it. I choose my college to follow a girl. Yes, I know it sounds dumb but I do not regret my decision. I am making the best grades of my life, close to a 4.0 , and I'm still with that girl. The social life I have on the school is just awful but the admininstration and the the teachers do a great job, for the most part. The student should make this choice because they are the ones that have to live with the choice everyday. If the parents choose the school and the child just hates it they will always resent their parents for not trusting them. Sometimes you just have to trust your children to make the best decision for them!


This college is perfect for an intimate setting with a big feel. The faculty and staff here are excellent and they will bend over backwards to help you with anything. They care what happens to you.


Coming into college with a plan isgood but not let it get to you if it falls through or the student simply changes their minds. It happens, ALOT! College is a fun time. Parents, not always think your kids are out drinking and partying sometimes college calms kids down because they know the have to do well. But also, if they do party alittle it is college! Students, go to class! That is the best advice in how to survive college. Most professor will not fail you if you actually go and try!


I would suggest that the potential student start early on their selection process of a college. They should make college visits to each potential school and talk with current students and recruiters from the school. Potential students should not make impulse decisions on which school to attend. Once you have decided which school to attend, I strongly suggest getting involved with clubs, organizations, social groups, etc. that suit you.


Visit as many as possible and talk to the professors.


When you are trying to determine if a college is right for you, look for the aspects that you consider most important. If you are concerned about the quality of the instruction, look at the composition and qualifications of the faculty. If you are concerned about housing, check out the dorms and the availability and affordability of apartments. Once you have found the right school, be sure to meet a group of people you can be around and experience things together. That is what really makes the college experience worthwhile.


If I were looking for a college again, I would make sure to pick one that fit with my personality. Each college has its own culture, and it is important to find one that you want to be a part of. Choosing a college isn't something that your friends or family can do for you. Also, it is important to research the fields of study at each college you are interested in. Colleges, even state schools within the same state, offer a variety of different majors. It is important to think about things that you would like to do before you pick a school so you don't have to deal with transferring once you decide on a major.


Go visit the school or schools in mind. Consider the major you wish to persue and the programs available at each school. Also consider if you are wanting to join certain groups, oraganizations, fraternaties, and sororities. Then choose for what is best for you.


this school has a great student to teacher ratio.


Look for a school that fits your personality and lifestyle, has the degree you want to persue, and great professors. Go to look at the campus, ask questions to the guides, talk to the professors in the degree you are interested in. Once you find the university that fits you, get involved in as much on campus as you can. You will find people who can become life-long friends. Do as much as you can to have fun but remember, you are going to a university to further your education but you still need to have fun while doing that. Do what is best for you as a person.


Check out all your options when looking for a school. As for the college experience, make sure that you study, study and study!!!


Find the one that fits you the best.


Students need to be sure that they are pleased with every aspect of the school. There maybe something at that college or university that bothers the student. This one aspect could be the main reason the student is not happy with their college experience.


I would advise students and parents to explore the options. Actually visit the campuses you are interested in. It isn't a good idea to base your decision on location or past experience. Choose somewhere that offers many different types of degrees, so that you have many options. To make the most of your college experience...go to class. I know that is the obvious answer, but it is the right answer. Stick to your morals and trust your instincts; you will go far.


To make sure their children are perpared for college and start early.


The best way to find the right college is to visit the campuses that you are most interested in. Visit classes, talk to students, and walk around the campus alone to see if it feels like home to you. Once you find the right school, do not be afraid to jump in and get involved. Find groups that share the same passions that you have. Make friends with the people that live around you and open yourself up to new experiences. Also, attend class and get to know your professors. They can be some of your greatest allies while you are in school and even after you graduate.


Students should look for a college that attend to their interests and future career goals. They shouldn't attend a college just because their parents are pressuring them to got there. Parents should be willing to let their children make certain life decisions on their own, like which school they will attend or their major.


I would advise them at looking one who has a low crime rate, high graduation rate, student-teacher ratio, campus involvement activities, and cost.


Make sure the campus is safe and that your child feels comfortable there as if henor she were at home. Let your child choose their school, don't deceide for them.




My advice would be to get involved with the campus activities, not necessarily the greek societies, but the social clubs that pertain to the student's major. I would also recommend to get a job on campus working in the department of the student's major in order to always have one on one contact with professors in the department. It helps the student in getting to know the professors for that particular major. College is fun, you just have to make the most of your experience while you have the chance.


My advice to students is based off of what they want from a school. This question must be answered first and foremost. You should consider what your major is likely to be and look for a school that has a very good program in that area. You will be paying for this education, so you should look for the highest quality product possible. Also you should consider the location of the school. You must ask yourself 'How close to home is it?', 'Will I need to stay on campus, and if so, how are the living accomodations?', and also 'Does the atmosphere of the town fit with my tastes?'. After answering these questions, you will have a better idea of whether the school really suits you. My advice to parents is to look for a school that has a good campus department of safety and and low alcohol consumption. Also you should visit the school and just talk a few of the professors to ensure that they have teaching and education as a priority and not just a paycheck. The biggest consideration are the people on campus. If people on campus are friendly, this usually indicates a good learning environment.