The University of Tennessee-Martin Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing at my school is the inconvienent system the administration has to keep up with everything and have everything in the right place. This facter is very time consuming and waastes a massive portion of students time trying to fix something with the administration buillding or the business office. Its very inconvienent.


Having to work 40+ hours a week maximizing my job-related potential and my courses hindering that opportunity and experience rather than complementing and assisting me.


The office of fin aide


There is not enough parking.


The most frustrating thing about UT Martin, is that the library has an unupdated book selection. As an avid reader, it can be a nussance to look through the catalouge and see that most of the books I want to read, are not in the system. It can also be just plain annoying when I am looking for book sources and they are extremely outdated and scarce of information.


Depending on what dorm/ university apartment you are in, the internet is not that great. WiFi is excellent in academic buildings as well as the University Center but lacking in the residence areas.


Although the campus itself is diverse, the students very rarely mingle with members of different ethnicities outside of the classroom. However, what is even more frustrating is the fact that the school does not provide very many extra-curricular activities for students who are not interested a fraternity/sorority or sports. Because I have lived in this small town for most of my life, I do remember a time when the university hosted many activities that were enjoyable for the students as well as the younger population of the town itself.


Quite honestly the school website is horrible. It is being revamped currently, so time will tell, but previously it was extremely difficult to navigate. The inaccessibility was even worse considering the fact that much of what a student must take care of, such as registration and financial aid information, can only be done on this website. Other than the website, pretty much everything else on campus is perfect.


The only frustrating thing is that the campus security tends to hassle you when it comes to Greek parties. Do not recommend being safe by walking back across the road to campus because you will get hassled. It's safer to have someone come pick you up from the party and take you the whole 100 yards back to your apartment or dorm on campus.


I don't like how all the food courts and caf. close so early.


My most frustating thing about college was getting stuck with bad roomates.


I dont really know i dont start until aug.


I am not an easily frusterated person, but one thing I have encountered that has bugged me in the past is the parking. With such a large freshmen class there is very little available parking. Other than some other minor details, I have no major complaints.


There isn't much activity on the weekends. It seems like the town mostly shuts down.


It is so boring on the weekends and people are not social outside their groups.


Many of the faculty and staff cater to the minorities just because the color of their skin, and much of the financial aid goes directly to minorites beacuse of that very reason.






Some teachers at my school didn't really teach and could care less if you did well in life after school. That is why I am attending college to become a teacher so I can make a difference in a child's life. I don't want to know that a student of mine was unprivalged in a full education.


I do not find anything frustrating at my school. I absolutely love my school.


The school needs more money for scholarships.