The University of Tennessee-Martin Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is that it is very diverse and consists of various races and religions from all over the world in this one school. This creates a chance for students to be diverse and experience different cultures and life ways.


The best thing about my school is the small class size. I like being able to be heard when having class discussions, enjoy that the professor knows me by name, and like not being crowded in a large class setting. The cost of attending isn't as bad as some bigger more well known colleges either, and I found our school to be an affordable choice.


The campus is not to small or too large and it is very spacious because you can get to your classes easier with a smaller campus than a huge campus. Also, it doesn't feel like your being crowded and it feels easier to breath fresh air.


The best thing about my school is it's location. UT Martin is located in small town near the top of Tennessee. There are no malls; the only thing the town has is it's essentials. I love that because there's no distractions to get off track. There's nothing to do but homework and focus on completing your education.


I love it here at UTM the campus is the perfect size and the teachers are so willing to work with the students. I feel that i can go to the professors at anytime for any thing i need help with.


The best thing about the University of Tennessee at Martin is the small town atmosphere. It seems to be like a home away from home. There are plenty of activities, clubs and organizations to get involved in, with many people that share the same interest. This leads to many future connections and life long friends, which is important in today's world because it it not always how much you know that matters it is who you know that can make your dreams come true.


The best thing about my school is the friendliness and the openness. The University of Tennessee at Martin is settled in a friendly calm learning environment. The teachers, as well as my peers, are nice and helpful. It's amazing how much I learn here than I did in high school.


The best thing about Western Kentucky University is the many different majors and minors avaible. There is truely something for everyone there, anything from Agricultre to Nursing to Robotics to Music. There is no dull moment, or class at WKU.


The small community setting it is in, along with its friendly nature.


The best thing about the University of Tennessee at Martin is the synthesis of academic challenges, a variety of curriculum, and the available social activities paired with a wide array of extra-curricular events.


The best thing about my school is the class size. Most classes are not very large. This allows for each student to feel equally important in the lecture or discussion. It also allows for interactions between students and faculty to occur more often than in large classes.


its easy to meet people and make new friends and people are always there for you no matter what


I like how the student-to-faculty ratio is. You get more one on one work and if you're still not getting it, you can always go to the Student Success Center for tutoring.


Having small classes. It gives us more one on one time with the professors.


I like the professors most of all. The teachers are experts in their field and are frequently available during office hours. They are willing to help you and seem to genuinely want you to succeed.


The size because the professor were able to get to know you and be more personal. You were able to have most of the same people in your classes and get to know them. It made it easier to meet people.


The sense of community. Students are supportive of each other and form lasting friendships. Professors will go out of their way to help a student.


The best thing about my school was the diversity. Everyone would talk to everyone no matter what their ethnic background was.


I love all that UTM has to offer on and off campus. From fraternies to getting involved in your local community. They have it all.


It is a small friendly atmosphere. It is located in a small town with plenty to keep you from getting bored. The professors are very willing to help. Most are you very excited about teaching as well.


I think the fact that the classes are small is a great factor in the best thing about my school. I have had professors who had me in their classes four years ago remember my name and still talk to me. The students here are absolutely awesome, too.