The University of Texas at Arlington Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Being a great school for most degrees.


My school is best known for being in the Unversity of Texas school system. It's also the third largest school in Texas.


My school is known for the intramural traditions of Oozeball and the Bed Races that all lead to our big Homecoming Bash and Parade. Oozeball is the best to play in the summer because its really hot outside and what better way to cool down than to play volleyball in the mud. Our other tradition is the Bed Races which basically states what we do. Since we don't have a football team, we have a team of five people, race a bed down the football field.


My school is best known for it's location. It is a mid size school that is outside of a large city . It also is a smaller affiliate to a larger school.


The University of Texas in Arlington is best known for it's Engineering and Nursing programs.


It is best known for its biology and nursing studies as well as the vibrant lifestyle.


My school is best known for its ROTC program and its nursing program. The University of Texas at Arlington started out as a military school and has led to one of the best ROTC programs in Texas which I am excited to have since I support the military. The nursing program at the University of Texas at Arlington is difficult to get in but every student I have talked to has said it is worth all the hard work which I am willing to put forth in order to acheive my goal: becoming a nurse practitioner.


The University of Texas at Arlington is best known for its education student services. One of the things I adore the most about UTA is their strong desire to help the students any way they can. While it is ranked rather high for its student services, I know it best for the nursing school, where I hope to see myself in two years.


The Sciences. It has one of the best programs for Industrial/Organizational Psychology. There are not that many programs out there, but UTA has one of the best!


Well, there's the bed races, and oozeball.


The University of Texas at Arlington, also referred to as UT-Arlington or UTA, is a public research university. It is currently the second- largest institution within the UT system which currently contains fifteen institutions.The schools colors primarily consist of blue and white with orange serving as an identity color.To all those who attend the school, we are known as mavericks and our school mascot is the Blaze.Our motto, "Disciplina Praesidium Civitatis", in Latin means,"the cultivated mind is the guardian of democracy".These are just a few of the many accomplishments this university is recognized for.


The university of Texas at Arlington is well known for a number of reasons. We have all sorts of research centers, we're considered a research university by Carnegie Foundation. We have one of the best and largest nursing programs in the state of Texas, which strives to provide the best nurses to meet the upcoming nurse shortage. Our university is large yet our classrooms are small enough for individual attention.


The diverse alumni and near the city campus


Our basketball team, school spirit.


The University of Texas at Arlington is known for its diversity. I have never seen a more diverse group of people in my life. Associating with such a diverse student population really gives you the chance to learn outside the classroom by being exposed to many different philosophies and attitudes.


Being the largest university in Arlington, Texas.


UTA is best known for having a sorry sports program. Almost no one attended the games because the team never won at any sport except track.


University of Texas at Arlington is best known for academic advising; student activities such as sports, work, and counseling services.


The University of Texas at Arlington is known for its rigor of math classes, making an engineering degree from this school very competitive. That's why I chose UTA, because it was well known for its engineering program and now I'm realizing why. The professors make it interesting, but still challenging so I enjoy all the hard work.






UTA has one of the largest nursing enrollment programs in the U.S. We may not have a football team but have a great basketball team.


I feel that the University of Texas at Arlington is best know for its Engineering, Nursing and Business programs.


The University of Texas at Arlington is best known for satisfying the hunger for knowledge both inside and outside of the classroom. Participating in classes, projects, and research is only the beginning. Here, students have ceaseless opportunities to make a difference on campus within organizations and individual groups. Apart from campus, students have the availability to study abroad in other countries and interact with other cultures, all the more encouraging research further on into discoveries our world has yet to behold. The University of Texas at Arlington has so much to offer its students, the community, and the world.


Our architecture, engineering, and nursing programs.


My school was known for a few things, notably architecture. I met people there who had traveled from New Jersey just to attend the program for architects! But the nursing program was also highly rated and my department, microbiology, was just getting started with some world class professors, scientists and researchers. Additionally, I found the art and English classes highly enjoyable and impressive.


My school, The University of Texas at Arlington, is best known for our nursing program. We are currently ranked one of the top nursing schools in Texas and through the success of our alumnus, that statement continues to be true. If you aren't looking at the academia of UT Arlington, Arlington is nationally known as the new home of the Dallas Cowboys; we also house a Six Flags Amusement park and a big water amusement park- Hurricane Harbor.


It is honestly best known for its wheelchair basketball team. They are amazing and have won seven championships.They are awesome.


My school is best known for its engineering program which is one of the best in Texas, and maybe even the nation. Plus it is located in the Metroplex where there are many job opportunities for graduates.


I believe that UTA is best known for its nursing program.


Architecture, nursing, engineering, physics, being right inbetween dallas and fort worth. Alan Saxe. Wheelchair basketball, very interesting.


Most people do not think of UTA as a school of oppurtunity. They hear UTA and think, "oh that is a blow off." I know this because I used to be one of those people. I started my college career at SFA in Nacogdoches and was real disapointed to be moving back home and having to go to UTA. Now that I go to UTA, I realize that UTA and its staff is best known for the oppurtunites that they provide for any student that wishes to suceed.


UTA is known for its excellent Engineering Program and Nursing program, as well as its rigorous Math Department.


University of Texas at Arlington holds wonderful programs in Social Work, Research Psychology, and Engineering. The Graduate Engineering program attracts students from across the globe. They have a wonderful marching band and soccer team, and they have many services for students with disabilities. They work with student's schedules, and often attract working adults and commuters. Their activity in the Arlington community makes great impacts on the residents and the students. The school's location allows for students to acquire many internships and various work-study programs.


best nursing




engineering programs


Engineering & Nursing schools


This school is best known for its cohesive relationships between students of different nationalities and races.


Engineering and Business. There are many engineering buildings suchs Aerospace, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, and Biomedical.


My school is best known for nursing, our nursing school is very competitive.


The convience and academics


Several strong career programs.


It's diversity.


I often hear that UTA is very diverse culturally and does a good job of being tolerant of eachothers culture. (culture ranging from race, religion sexual orientation, etc)


Science and research...diversity amongst students


Wheelchair basketball, and being one of few college marching bands without a football team.


Lot of asians comes in this school for Health related major or any math related major.


It is best known for their engineering and nursing programs. It is also known for its wheelchair basketball team.


Ut Arlington is probably best know for it's nursing program. It has a wonderful nursing program for virtually anyone wanting a degree in that field, whether you're 18, or you're 40.