The University of Texas at Arlington Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


a fun place to learn


The University of Texas at Arlington is really diverse and is easy to become friends with people that came across the world to continue their education.


The University of Texas at Arlington is an up and coming institution of higher education that gives students a first-rate education while providing them with all of the resources they need to be successful.


My school is very beneficial specifically meaning, that whatever profession a person would choose they would benefit, and the end result would be a good one.


A good transition school, but not one in which you would be content staying.


My school, University of Txas at Alington, feels like more even from the first day of school because the staff and even students are very friendly and make you feel welcome, and that is the biggest fear of most freshmen who are going to college for the first year.


UT Arlington: where all are accepted for who they are not what they are because after all we are all Mavericks.


My school is a melting pot of all walks of life who have the passion and drive to learn.


The University of Texas at Arlington is a large school with a majority of commuters, very few people actually stick around campus.


The University of Texas at Arlington is a wonderful school full of bright young minds who come from all walks of life.


It's not UT Austin, but it's good enough.


University of Texas at Arlington is a well rounded university that trys to cater to everyones needs but overlooks the small things at the university.


It is trully a plaec of growth and discovery for me.


A school in the middle of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex with a lot of diversity.


I participated in an online accelerated program. I did not go to campus. I enjoyed this setting because I could do my work from home.


UT Arlington is a place to learn, maybe have some fun but mostly academic, definitely not a party school (I love it)!


It is one with a a few campus activities, but the staff is more than willing to help with registration for classes.


It's a great place big but not too big.


Two words, beautiful. Wait, one word.


UTA is focused on students succeeding in life.


UTA is a great place for learning, socializing, and continuing your life.


This school is very liberal


I am proud to say that UTA is my school because Maverick pride is the best friend in town!, my school is full of eager students and pride.


I haven't attended any classes there yet, but never read a book by its cover. From the outside this school looks like old run down brick buildings but once you're on campus everything is brand new wit the best technology.


If only words could eloquently describe how outstandingly creative, organized, hardworking, promising, intelligent, kind, trustworthy, honest, moral, persuasive, and diverse Annaliese vanHoye truly is.


The University of Texas at Arlington, is a techinically savvy university with a small college feel, education cost versus the benefit of post education employment are well within balance and the university is well aligned with the local and national business entities.


The school is diverse and accepting of students of different cultures and backgrounds.


This is my first year at a University and so far I am impressed with my school and the involvment they allow a student to dive into as far as major-specific relevent news, organizations, clubs and infromation.


UTA is a fun, friendly community in which it takes academics very important, so it has everything you need to succeed.


it is mostly a commuter school on the weekends everyone goes home it is reallly boring


The University of Texas at Arlington really does claim the term "one size doesn't fit all" because there is much variety to the student body, courses available, and the curriculum is great.


UT Arlington is a consantly active, amorphic, institute that provides all the resources for capturing virtuous goals and ambitions because after all, here, nothing takes the place of persistence.




The University of Texas at Arlington is a school of ethnic diversity.


UTA has a beautiful campus, great professors, many academic and personal support centers, and is close to two big cities, but far enough away to get that small town feel.


Is a pretty big University in which is we have ethnical diverse.


If you live in DFW area and want a good education, UTA is the best place to go. We have 300 organizations for people to join and there always something for you to do.


A very diverse school that is ready to teach anyone who wants to learn.


The University of Texas at Arlington provides excellent education, while providing over 180 degree options, a wonderful staff, and magnificent experiences. The university encompasses 420 beautiful acres, while still offering the comforts of home through a community-oriented setting. The campus provides a well-rounded, diverse campus, and offers plentiful fun and exciting extracurricular activities for all students. The University of Texas at Arlington is an outstanding, secure campus, with a unique and dynamic layout that offers exceptional education.


UTA is fun, engaging, and exceptional.


The University of Texas at Arlington is a wonderful university that is filled with bright, intellegent students and professors who are there to ensure you have an incredible college and succesful college experience!


The University of Texas at Arlington is no ordinary campus, but it is an extraordinary community built on diversity, progression, leadership, academics, and never failing support that sets its students on the paths of success and accomplishment for their near future.


UTA is very diverse and offers many social activities for students to get involved on campus. The professors are generally very friendly and helpful, and keep students engaged. The library is great for research, there are many computers available as well as on-line database access. School spirit is not prominent, but that is changing. Financial aid was very helpful at this school for me. Overall, I enjoyed my experience at this school and I would recommend it.


UTA is diversified, and dynamic with a focus on research to improve life for students and the community.


UTA is very diverse and easy to get involved in; there is something for everyone at UTA to feel like they belong.


UTA is a top notch school!!!


UTA has a beautiful campus that mixes both old, historic buildings with brand new ones and offers many, many different opportunities, both academic and recreational, to the students that attend.


Truly an embodiment of creativity and diversity.


UTA is socially engaging, diverse, full of spirit, surrounded by many of the city's best features and overall friendly!


Diversity in degree plans, organizations, and culture is what makes UTA awesome!