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The teaching method at U.T.A. involves more student engagement than previous schools I have attended. Participation is valued in all of my courses despite the class size. U.T.A utilizes several different medium to promote student participation. This allows large classes a managable way to include each and every student. It also allows those students who are less than outgoing to participate without fear.


University of Texas at Arlington does not have a football team. This inhibits school spirit and an overall sense of community. It isn't a huge factor for me, but I know it bothers a lot of other people.


The most unique part of UTA is how diverse the school is with so many different ethnicities, beliefs, etc. A quick walk around campus will make you realize how many different type of people go to this university and I enjoy the variety of students we have here. It definitely stands out and makes getting to know people a lot more fun because you get to learn about different cultures as well.


I considered going to UNT and UTA. The uniqueness that led me to the UTA campus was the massive size of the campus. I enjoyed the size of all the engineering buildings and also the locations of the buildings. UNT had a new sadium, but I really wasn't interested in sports, but I'm more interested in engineering. UTA is one of the top engineering schools in the state. I feel like it was the right choice to go to UTA. UNT would be my second choice, but I just wanted to get my education from UTA.


The University of Texas at Arlington is one of the most diverse universities in the nation. There is an amazing Engineering and Nursing department and the Business College is one of the best. The CPA pass rates from UTA are some of the best in the country and the Masters in Taxation was ranked 8th in the nation.


there really isn't anything special about our school because all the schools are the same they halp students the only thing different is the Degree program that each student persue. if the school you are going doesn't have the program you are looking for then look for a college that has it.


UTA is very diverse, so I like that a lot. It's really nice to see all the different cultures mixed together as a whole. Also, UTA offers a good education for lower tuition's than most university's.


The most unique thing about this school is how open and engaging it is. There's all sorts of groups and clubs that all super inclusive.


This is a rising university, meaning that as years are progressing, more programs, degrees, majors, clubs, classes are taking noticed at this university and population is increasing at this school. As new students come each year, the school is still developing also to the new things it has to offer.


The program here is very prestigiuous and a great challenge for me while the school itself is an nevironment that nurtures my growth.


I think what is unique about my school is that I live near hear and am able to come and go back home rather easily also alot of the people on campus are friendly and worry about each others personal well being.


UTA is a widely diverse school where everyone seems to get along and accepts each other. Almost everyday, there is something that goes on, on campus where the students are able to participate in. There is also a lot of activities that are offered on the campus for anyone and everyone.


There are a lot activities and event for learning culture diversity that I would like to learn.


UTA is both a small university and a large university all in one. As with small colleges it is quite affordable, as well as still having decently small class sizes. Many of the faculty are involved with student activites; faculty that conduct research have not only gradute students working in their labs, but also undregraduate students. With its growing alumini base, student orginazation and community outreach projects UTA is rapidly growing. Just this year an entire new district was open complete with dorms, apartments, restaurants, and a basketball stadium.


The majority of underclassmen expect to transfer to UT in the future.


It is boasted as a research school with all kinds of programs and opportunities for students who want to enter fields such as biology, engineering, chemistry, nursing, and all other types of research or medical-based majors. It also has a lot of caring faculty who truly do care in your success. I know from personal experience when comparing UTA to previous schools I've attended. There are also programs for students in need of most types of assistance, from guidance to tutoring, counseling, or disabilities.


My college has to be the most diverse campus in the state. My campus has people from all over the world and this is so neat becasue I can ask them about their culture and learn from them. I enjoy having friends from different places, it makes one learn that the world is massive and anyone can become friends through conversation. I am glad to have picked this school and now since I am here I have made many different friends and this I can be proud of.


What makes The University of Texas at Arlington so unique is the cultural diversity. Personally, I enjoy it because I get to learn more about others and their ways of life. As a nursing student, this diversity will help me in being more cultural competent once I become a nurse. I will be able to give my patient the best care according to their cultural standards.


At UTA there is a very diverse community. Around every corner you can find someone of different race or ethnicity or someone from a different culture. And UTA have a lot of extra curricular activities that almost anyone can be apart of.


This school is very diverse and offers many resources and opportunities to help every student succeed. The professors are always available inside and outside of the classroom to help answer any of the students questions and concerns. Additionally, this school has a high rate graduation rate and students are able to instantly find jobs and start their careers right after graduation. Furthermore, there are numerous extracurricular activities, organizations, and affiliations that students can be involved with giving them the opportunity to form long lasting friendships, network with people, and make memories that will last for a lifetime.


The population is very diverse, it is a non-traditional school with mixed population in younger generation and the older generation, which makes it beneficial because some professors take that into consideration in planning lessons and work.


The school is an off campus life style campus that has a courteous and professional teaching staff. The campus is extremely high tech with wi-fi access for the full campus. It has computer stations for student use in all of the major building complexes. It is conveniently located in the downtown area and surrounded by restuarants in walking distance to the school. Cowboy stadium and Texas Rangers baseball is within 4 miles of the campus...Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor are within 6 miles of the school. Most of the professors have research or book credits.


The class size and the location is what attracted me to The University Of Texas at Arlington. I have an option of going home every week if I wanted. I had meeting with the Dean before applying, was really impress by him and the advice that was given.


What made UTA stand out to me from all the other schools is the Smart Hospital they have. The Smart Hospital is what really stood out to me since I am a nurisng major. It works as if it were a real hospital, the manikins are very life like. One of the maninkins they have can even give birth. The staff is here to help and I like the fact that we can count with many of there resourcesthat are always availale to us and they are all very helpful.


The University has a good reputation for producing productive individuals that are likely to succeed in their career life.


my school has one of the most technological advanced research facilities in the nation, with a brand new MAVS recreation facility for all or you fitness needs.


Is a peaceful, and good quality friendly environment, with a chance to independency oneself.


UTA is largely a commuter school. Greek Life here is not that big. It only makes up 2.8% of the student population.


Perhaps the most unique thing about UTA is the fact that it is very multicultural. While at UTA, I have met so many amazing people that are from all types of cultural backgrounds.


I love the diversity. Many students from out of state and country attend.


My school has a very good art program, which is what my major is, and is known for its glassblowing program, which is what my concentration is.


What drew me to the University of Texas at Arlington was its location. The campus is very pleasant, and there are several places of entertainment nearby that give students something to do during weekends. EX: The Dallas Cowboys stadium, Six Flags, & Hurricane Harbor. The Mavericks Activity Center is also a great place located on campus; not only is it an amazing facility for exercise, but it also serves as a place for students to watch movies, play video games, and hang out with friends.


My school has many places to study at. Specially places where its quiet but still can be out in the open. those are the places that really count.


My school is unique as compared to other schools because it is very diverse in cultures, and we are not known for sports as other schools.


My school is nothing out of the ordinary/special, but it is a good school. I chose it because it's cheaper than most schools in my area and it's very convenient.


This school is located in a very unique place where people can have a good time. In addition to great places, the university is making great improvements that will not only better the school's academic studies but will also better the school's overall goal which is to become a Tier 1 school.


University of Texas at Arlington has a wonderful Social Work program without costing a fortune. The School of Social Work has many opportunities for students to acquire real world experience in various fields, all thanks to the location within the DFW metroplex. The School of Social Work also has many class offerings; day, night, and online. UT Arlington is also close to home.


My school gives a lot of scope to do research and gives opportunity to teach so that we can earn while we learn.


It's architecture program is ranked 2nd in the southwest region.


It is a neat school. The staff really seems to care about the attending students. However, I really wish that the attending students would realise how blessed they are to attend such a great school....and STOP complaining.


It was close to home, but far enough away for me to be on my own. And able to work to support my self.


This was the only school i applied to, or even considered.


UTA is concerned with student activities. The school is always having different events and fairs to engage students involvemnet on campus. I like that the school encourages students to be more involved with what is going on in our government because i feel that many young people choose not to be concerned with politics. It's nice that the school invites celebrities (singers and presidential candidates for instance) to speak with students.


The University of Texas at Arlington has most of the degrees that anyone thinks of. It is mainly a four year school, and it has good quality labs and lecture classes with all needed materialas and equipments. The education in it is very good and requires attention, attending class, taking notes, reffering too textbook and sometimes internet. Each course needs at least 3 hours per week, food is provided in the university which saves time instead of going outside to have lunch, and the library provides internet access all day long and many stuff to borrow such as laptops.


People call my school a commuter school. But being here, I see the same people just about every day. I grow with the people in my major. We create relationships that follow us wherever we go. My school gives you a sense of home.


I felt like I actually had a chance to get involved there because of the school size. I didn't get lost in the amount of students that attend UTA.


It isn't to big or to small and it is close to home.