The University of Texas at Arlington Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Being a science major, the courses are very difficult. Often the faculty make the courses geared toward student failure. The science department needs to be reconstructed.


It is academically challenging, but most of the teachers are very engaging, and know their topics.


I want to finish my bachelor and go on to my master with the assisting of joining the military after graduation. hopefully, want to graduate with an Honor


It depends on what subject you're in, different subject have a different kind of professor. Most professors that teach freshmen will get to know you and learn your name. Math professors hardly ever learn your name. History classes usually are large lectures, so are sciences. Most lecture classes will have an average amount of class particpation.


Extremely important. UTA stresses on students to do well.


Classes here are pretty big, but if you go to the counselors, they're a great help. Make the effort, and you'll be fine!


My favorite classes so far have been my electives in economics and the least definitely the English classes. Here we do study quite a bit because professors definitely don't waist time and go along with the program quite fast. We have quite a bit of class participation, off course that always depends on the professor but in most classes we are pushed to interact with each others and talk about the subject. Professors mostly know your name because the classes are not with a huge number of students so it is easier for the professor to know each one of their students. We usually don't spend with professors outside the class but they are definitely very available to give you any extra help that you need. The education here is definitely geared to get you a job or at least to prepare you for the outside world, because almost all the professors have a lot of knowledge in their fields and a lot of experience that they usually try to transmit to us.


It varies by professor and department.


pretty tough. You have to earn the A's basically


If the class a student is taking and it is related to their major and if that class doesn't challenge them or motivate them to think outside the box, to want to learn more in that specific subject then the class or the teacher are not doing their job. However, UT Arlington class have exactly what I wrote. Yes, there will be some classes which are just not appealing but if that subject area really interests you then your motivation to stay in that field not decrease. The academics is really competitive, the nursing, architecture, accounting and interdisciplinary studies and many other programs are really asking a students to give nothing less than 100%. As the school progresses to become a Tier 1 school the programs are going to get even more challenging and competitive to get into!