The University of Texas at Arlington Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag most about how friendly the school is and how much financial aid they provide. I also brag about the gym that the school provides to students who pay tutition.


I like to brag about the diversity that is on the campus. My friends who are still thinking about what school they want to attend I like to tell them about my University. This school has helped me find my way, I have made so many people. I even got a job working for the school. This school is worth bragging about.


I always tell my friends how much I am embracing the decision I made to make such a big change in my life by coming here. The people at this school are all so amazing. I have not met one person that I didn't have the pleasure of talking to. The fact that the school is so diverse, makes me feel like I am constantly learning, even when not in the classroom. I always brag about the resources available to students, and the amazing atmosphere the school has.


My school is very big and there are a lot of student so it is not easy for the teacher to know who the students is if the students doesn't see the proferros time to time. we are very busy in school because of our homework and the teachers help us very well i am happy to be there. there is tutoring in our school , so that student can get help when they need it. I speak English as my secong language so i need the teachers help a lot that iw why i want to a community college.


It is a very diverse school where i get to meet a lot of intresting people that come from different backgrounds. There is alot to do around the school, they always have some kind of event going on so you don't get bored. Also if living on campus there is alot of facilites that are there for your use which are much cheaper than it would be outside the school.


I brag about how many activities there are on campus, such as the welcome week events and the never ending club activities that allow students to meet new people and form friendships. I also like to brag about the people. The students and staff at UTA are incredibly friendly and will never turn you away if you ask for any kind of help.


The classes are significantly easier than in high school. The teachers try to get to know you on a face to face basis. The gym is pretty nice, and the campus is always relatively clean.


As I mentioned previously, the diversity of UTA is without measure. There is something for everyone and all opinions are welcomed and studied. For example, I am currently registered in Colonial Latin American History and my class is composed of students from over 10 latin american countries along with students of diversity, Hispanic studies, Portuguese language and Spanish language variants. Where else could I get this complexity of opinion? My first year of college I attended another institution and was disheartened by the lack of diversity. Who wants to hear the same ideas repeated? Not me!


My school is more diverse than most of the colleges in the DFW area, and probably in the entire state of Texas. Also the campus is easy to navigate and the people are extremely friendly.


My school has a tremendous amount of school spirit. My school always has some kind of fun even going on on campus. On campus you can always find someone willing to help or just lend a smile. Faculty always has ways to communicate with students in need.


I love the advisors at UTA! I am a first generation college student who transferred from community college, and the advisors I had at Community College were not always as available to me. At UTA there are advisors for everything and every majo and you are required to meet with them once a semester. If you meet an advisor who may not be able to help you, then they can reference you to an advisor who can.


The connection between staff and students is unparalleled. Questions are always answered and ability to contact someone is easy.


I love that it is very academic with the average undergraduate GPA starting at 3.2. I especially make sure to mention that the Nursing and Premed programs are some of the best in the state. Last but not least, the size of the school and large variety of student organizations make this school (although not a prty school), very intersting and lively.


The campus is asthetically pleasing and there are lots of great spaces outside to study, relax, exercise.


I brag most about the professors and the resource materials they have for the study. Professors are very friendly and helpfull and always enourage students to get success more and more. They are the sources of inspirations. They are always there for the students whenever students needed help regarding their issues. Professor and students make good team work to accomplish the success. The resouces for the study materials are enough which provide students aboundance of information and experiences on their respective career. It has two library. One is central and the other is engineering.


The Mavericks Activities Center is the place to be. Most students don't live here on campus, so the most you can get out of your social life will be here at the gym!


I tell my friends that we are a great spirited school, and it is very involving. There is a student group for everything and there is always somewhere to study or be. They are really great at involving every student they can. I am on the dance team as well, so I brag about that, and how great our spirit groups are! UTA is really serious about academics, so they won't let you do anything you can't handle. They also want each and every student to be involved with anything they can.


I love to brag about the beauty of the campus of The University of Texas at Arlington. It is always enjoyable to take a walk around and explore. The university is known for the squirrels that are always digging for nuts in the shrubs and trees on campus. It's always plesant to walk through the architecture building and view the sculptures, mysterious engravings, and the beautiful waterfall. Also, because the campus is located in the middle of downtown Arlington, there are many cafe's, old fashioned theatres, malls, and healthy restaurants to visit.


The people that I met while attending UTA. They had an awesome track team and I got to know many of the people who were on the track team.


The thing that I brag about most when I tell my friends about school is that the teachers are really good.


I brag about how affordable and flexible it is. I can obtain my degree while still working full time.


I would have to brag about the Maverick Activities Center or commonly known as the MAC. The MAC is the place if you wanted to play indoor basketball, tennis, badminton, racquetball, soccer, or any other sport they allow. They have an entire floor that has free weights, machine weights, treadmills, stair steppers, elliptical, and even an indoor track. This is the best at the University of Texas at Arlington to work out, play sports with friends, and to be healthy.


I most brag about the quality of my professors and instructors. As a Business Management major, most of my instructors have real life experience and not only academia.


When I brag to my friends about UTA, I brag mostly about the quality of the education I am receiving. I have only completed one semester at UTA so far, and I have had 5 amazing professors. I would have to say that the knowledge that the professors have at UTA is top notch.


I like to brag about the amount of resources available on my school's campus. The library is well equipped with books, computers, and study rooms. I feel at ease when it comes time to study for an exam. I have everything I need.


I brag about how great the people are. They are eclectic, spirited, and intelligent individuals that make me excited about going to class and being on campus.


I brag about the on-campus living conditions. UTA has some of the nicest dorm rooms I've ever seen!


how it's an actual university, not a community college (although it costs about the same as ACC), the campus and how it's pretty and well laid out, the einstein brothers bagels right next to the architecture building, how it's so easy to be able to walk to class. My teachers that I have had and enjoyed.


There are many things to do. You are never bored, the school works hard to keep students involved on campus. This makes your experience that much better. You meet alot of people and it is a friendly environment. You are not the only one studying because everyone else is.


I brag about the different activities and events.


I brag about our academic standards,sports and athletic facilities including the athletes,equipped buildings with modern facilites and the diverse race population.


What i like most about UTA and what stood out to me is the Library. It is a great place to have group meetings, a plethera amount of books to check out for your enjoyment or for class assignments, and enough space to do homework or just even relax. Another place I have heard about is our huge gym facility. We have new gym equipment and it does attract many students. If a person is interested in watching sports or playing sports there is a mavericks stadium and baseball stadium. UTA has a wide selection to accommodate many students.


I usually brag about how good I am in Biology.


nothing really


I talk about the environment. The students are friendly and the professors are extremely helpful. The school offers many tutoring centers if you ever need help with your classes.


I don't really brag on my school that much beacuse we don't have a football team like most universities.


How the math departmen bent over backwards to help the school form an affiliation so I could study abroad.


The graphic design computers are freaking crazy!!


That is feels good to go there because it some what feels prestigious.


Usually, it revolves around my school having an enormous activity center costing over $30 million, and the fact that we have a bowling alley right inside the center the of university. Also, academmically speaking, our engineering, in which I am currently enrolled, nursing and math programs are some of the best in the state.


I brag about the good grades I am getting and the awesome new Activities Center that just opened up.


Education, lifestyle, friends, girls, activities, the city, and opportunities.