The University of Texas at Arlington Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Parking! The parking is very bad. It is extremely hard to find parking if you are not 20-30 early class. Often I am late to class because I cannot find parking. There is more than enough parking for faculty but none for students.


Parking! The parking is very bad. It is extremely hard to find parking if you are not 20-30 early class. Often I am late to class because I cannot find parking. There is more than enough parking for faculty but none for students.


I really do love my school, but the worst thing is parking.


I think the worst thing about this school is the large classes. It immediately becomes apparent who the teachers are willing to listen and pay attention to, and the students in the back get more left out. It is not as personal as having smaller classes.


I will not be attending until the spring semester of 2015. As of now I have no response for this question.


THe worse thing about my school is the lack of black fraternities on campus.


The worst thing about my college is trying to balance my financial and work load pressure, as well with finding a schedule which is flexible enough to allow me to get a decent paying part time job.


I haven't begun classes yet, but it is the difficulty to become an instate student. You can do anything, but if you haven't lived in Texas for a year prior to starting school, you will be an out of state student.


The worst thing about my school is parking. The parking is not enough for students to park and it takes about 10-15 minutes to get a parking lot.


The University of Texas at Arlington has very few bad qualities- it's a great bang-for-your-buck, offers a quality education, and has a campus life that is alive and well. The only thing that I would consider as a bad about the school is that I don't feel very safe when I am walking alone at night or in the evenings through campus. Although there are precautions that the school has taken to make safety at night a priority, such as emergency buttons and a police escort service, the school isn't in the best neighborhood.


Don’t ask the advisor which classes to take. Find an upperclassman and ask for their opinion on classes, then correlate this advice with internet research. It is also a good idea to build relations with college professor you take early in your career. It is also wise to take the “deal breaker” classes of your major early on. The last major thing you need to consider is taking difficult classes, especially calculus, at community colleges.


Students don't share notes or are willing to help other students. Also, they never respond to emails regarding class.


Unlike larger Texas school such as A&M and UT, UTA is very young in the scholarly world. While larger schools have age old tradtitions and expectations, UTA is just barely sticking its toes in the water. This is great in a new and growing world, change is inevidable and a blank slate is easier to change than a busy one. Unfourtunitly, not all of these modern changes have been seen as of yet, leaving current students at a lower standing than they could be.


The worst thing about The University of Texas is the smoking laws. UTA has become a "smoke free" campus this year, which was a resolution constructed by Student Congress. However, there are still students who smoke on campus who do not receive tickets and go by unpunished. I feel if a rule is made that rule should be fufilled by everyone, no doubt about it. If anything, Student Congress should designate certain areas on campus for smokers to attend their needs, so UTA can still be "smoke free," but giving aid to those who desire to smoke.


I can proudly say that I have yet to experience anything I would consider the "worst thing" about the University of Texas at Arlington. Though one thing that I wish the students would do more is staying on campus and get involved. There are still a significant amount of students who commute, which makes it difficult for Arlington to become a huge college town.


The worst thing I can think about UTA is the lack of soccer and football. Although UTA does offer intramurals for these sports I wish that we had an offical team to represent our school. We also need more parking spaces, but thankfully UTA is already adding more dorms and parking lots. What I don't like on the academic side is that almost each year a new edition for a course is used, which increases the college expenses.


The traffic in the morning commute


I am fortunate enough to live 15 minutes away from the campus, but that can also be a bad thing. Unfortuantely, everyone from my high school goes here so I get annoyed, because I would love different people.


There is no negative aspect looming around my educational facility except maybe in my mind how there are so many wonderful things to partake in, and there is not enough hours in the day to satiate my need to be involved on campus.


The lack of importance in school for some students in the classroom


The worst thing about this school is how expensive the cost of living and parking. There are many good places for on-campus living but they are really over priced.


Not all facilities are as well maintained as they could be. The Engineering Building is newly restored, but the Fine Arts Building could use some work.


Well, the professors for the most part have been avg. A few have stood out but the terrible ones have offset the good ones with thier tenure! Their seems to be a new shift from affirmitive action to white discremination. Being white has made me the but end of many aspects I do not like as in graffati and overheard conversations. The financial aid systems favors minorities so much that they will give money to someone who does not deserve it but maybe lied and was awarded the money because of race.


The worst thing about my school would be the tutoring. I needed some tutoring in chemistry and the student tutors were very rude and didn't help at all.


The University of Texas at Arlington does not offer thier financial assistance like they should. You can get more money if you are living in a low income and making bad grades, than you can if you have a 4.0 GPA and are living in a poor-average income family.




My school is so big, and I'm so short. It takes me at least 7 minutes to get anywhere, but I guess that's what I get for being 5 feet tall.




The worst thing about the univeristy is that you don't get the real college experience. At least this is my experience because I have lived my whole entire life here in Arlington and I am still living with my parents. Therefore, I didn't get to move out and experience my life on my own. Also, the people there don't really help you get a real college experince so that appears to be another worst thing about my college.


I think the worst thing about the University of Texas at Arlington has to be the look of the campus. A lot of the buildings look almost the same and most of the plantlife on campus is just green. Also the campus has burnt orange fountains that sound nice, but are not very attractive. Overall the university itself is amazing.


The worst thing about my school is that it underrated. The University of Texas at Arlington has a lot to offer as far as academics are concerned, but many prospective students tend to overlook it in favor of larger or more popular universities such as Texas A&M and The University of Texas at Austin. In my opinion, UTA ranks just as well, if not better than those universities. The faces are friendly and diverse, academics do not take a back seat to sports and the community surrounding the campus provides more than enough excitement between classes.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of school spirit. I think this is driven by the fact that we do not have a football team. We do not have that force to drive us as a school body to rally together.


Since our school is a big commuter school, the school spirit is not as high as it could be.


The parking and traffic problem is annoying, but the most annoying thing about our school is the lack of a football team. It is very difficult to show your school spirit without the opportunity to yell for your team on friday nights. Other than that I can't think of anything I would change about my school


Most students on campus would like to see a nicer Library with books for research AND books for leisure.


Smoking is really bad, although the university has and is the first in Texas ( not sure about the other states) to implement a free-smoking school. I am excited to see that people will go in the healthy direction even though so many students/faculty may be addicted to cigarrettes. I know it will help them in the long run.


The worst thing I consider in my school is that students are allowed to smoke. I think school should be a smoke free environment. I personally would not like to inhale second hand smoke.


The worst thing about UTA is that we don't have a football team. I really feel if we had a football team we'd have a lot more school spirt. Football in Texas is a big deal and it's a sport that most people get into,so I feel having a team would really bring students together.


I don't really have anything to complain about my school because I really don't have much to compare it to. I did attend a community college and I can say that I enjoy the university more. I guess the worst thing about my school is that I feel very frustrated with registering for classes, mainly because they fill up fast. Also when wanting to talk to your advisor you need to set up an appointment. Just seems that there are always some obstacle when trying to just register for a class. This always seems to get very frustrating.


The worst thing about the University of Texas at Arlington is that most people that attend are commuter students. Most people do not live on campus so you do not get the full experience of meeting a lot of your fellow students because you are only there for a short time and then you return home.


The worst thing was the dorms that were cheaper had very little living space.


The worst thing about my school is that there is no football team. Basketball is great, but I believe that football is what really brings out the school spirit in everyone. Students try to show their school spirit through many different organizations, but i don't feel lik college is college without football.


There isn't enough time to take it all in. We have to learn a lot of material in a short amount of time.


There is nothing really worse about it. I despised the smoking environment,but it was resolved when we voted to make the school a smoke-free zone.


I do not enjoy UTA and I will be switching school in the spring of 2010. The administration does not care about the students. I have an ongoing medical problem and UTA has not worked with me at all. I am now taking out loans so I can go somewhere better.


I do not think my school has any negative aspects to it.


The Financial Aid staff and the Counceling services, because niether seem to be dedicated to the students.


Very low school spirit because it is fairly new compared to other large universities and we don't have a football team


I really do not consider anything to be bad enough at my school to comment about in this catergory.


The worst thing about my school is parking. It is sometimes very hard to find a parking spot or you are forced to park very far.