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What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


No, not that I know of.


The students all smoke and drink and have sex all the time. Yes, for the most part this is what the on-campus students do.


It is accurate.






Stereotypes I usually don't pay attention to, but you occasionally see your fraternity or sorority clubs, along with those other students that are having fundraisers for whichever club they represent. Everyone does a good job on maintaining true to who they are and joining in with those they feel comfortable with.


UTA is widely known for its vast diversity, being one of the most diverse schools in the UT system. And it's true! People from just about everywhere can be found in one of your classrooms or sitting next to you in the Cafe or Starbucks. I don't think there are really any definite stereotypes, maybe groups - but even then, you'll be made pretty welcome. UTA is serious when they say there's something here for everyone.


I suppose it's mostly atheletes, like basketball (wheelchair). There are also alot of engineering students. Lots of commuters!


UTA is very diverse. I meet all kinds of people. Frat kids, geeks, jocks, stoners, they are all here.


UTA has a nickname called "University of a Thousand Asians". I don't think this stereotype is very accurate. There is a lot of diversity every time I take a moment to look around. UTA even has many events to celebrate the diversity of its students. There is a Black Hertitage month, Hispanic, Asian, etc.


We're incredibly diverse, so it would be inappropriate to apply any stereotypes to our student body.


I would say that the population is pretty mixed, with 35,000 students there is room for many stereotypes; it is true that our college is populated by a lot of american people in their mid lives, that are coming back to college to get a degree, maybe with the support of the army or other scholarships. You will find many students here that have served the country before.


At UTA there's all kinds of students. Every stereotype is represented and most groups of friends have people from many of the stereotypes. I've never seen anyone not fitting in.


Most students at my school like to study a lot but they like to have fun too.


I wouldn't say stereotype, but you can tell the groups apart. However, its not like you cannot talk to any of them, they are as friendly and open as your own friends are. The "brothers" and "sisters" hang out with each other but they are always are welcoming to everyone!