The University of Texas at Arlington Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is hard working and diverse in the way they think. This campus is becoming more liberal.


The University of Texas at Arlington is a great school for students who want to be academically challenged in a diverse and welcoming environment. The school is excellent for commuters as well as those looking for on-campus living, as the University is able to accomodate both needs. Go to this school if you want to be involved. With so many clubs and organizations it is easy to find something that not only interests you, but challenges you while allowing you to make a difference in your community and in causes that you believe in.


People that should attend should be hard working, friendly, sociable, diligent, and patient.


I belive that someone that is always confident about what they would like to do, also someone who is dedicated. The university isnt as hard as it may seem, yet, if anyone would like to attend this university, they must be prepared, although this is with every college or university.


Any person who is interested in getting a great education, surrounded by fun and engaging people should come to UTA. It is fun, diverse, enlightening, and challenging. I feel like I am getting the best out of my college experience. I was nervous to come to a big university at first. I have only been here for one semester and I feel like I am at home. Anyone who wants to make great friends, meet excellent professors, and experience a great school should come to UTA!


Anybody who wants to learn should attend the school. It is very diverse, there are people from all over the world attending school there.


A person that likes a mixture of fun and hard work. This place will push you to your limits but at the same time allow you to partake in a social life with ease.


Absolutely anyone is welcome at UTA. I have never seen such diversity anywhere in the state of Texas. I am proud to be in classes with such a diverse cross-section of humanity. All ethnicities, social standing, personal interests, religious preferences and learning capabilities are welcome here. It is a huge school with goodness knows how many students but all are welcome here. I feel proud to say that I have made friends and learned from people whom I would never have gotten the chance to talk to without attending UTA.


The people attending this school are serious and dedicated about thier education, but they realize that the best results come with a scheduled time of safe and smart relaxation.


business or criminal justice types


The University of Texas in Arlington has a very diverse background. There are student right out high school, transfer students and also continuing education students. The school is an easy school to fit into and it has many opportunities for every type of student.


A person willing to succeed.


Someone who is ready to learn but also someone who is open to diversity.


The University of Texas at Arlington is for a wide variety of students- international students, returning students, disabled students, and just regular students- there are accomodations for everyone, and there is a large variety of people on the large campus that anyone can find a niche in which they will fit.


The University of Texas at Arlington is demanding of both time and money. It offers a plethora of resources to help students, and you will more than likely need to take advantage of these. It is well known for its science programs and college on nursing. The weather is constantly changing but enjoyable for the most part. Students and faculty are friendly and helpful, and it is relatively easy to find a job on campus.


I think that Anyone can attend this school. Just make sure your head is on straight and you are ready to work because this school is not a push over school.


Any student interested in bettering their life! This school is fairly easy to get into, but most fields of major are intense course-work here and they take their academics seriously. It is a great academic school with a lot of opportunities to get a quality education and build up your resume before entering the career of your choice. It is NOT a party school and NOT for those who are looking for a tailgating-football playing- parties and rivalries kind of school.


I honestly can't think of a single type of person who should attend UTA, there is a wide variety of people that attend here. This campus is flexible for the loud people and the studious to get along. Our campus consists of a few quiet zones were noise is not tolerated. On the other hand we have a bowling alley and the MAC were people can socialize and have fun. Therefore, I think everyone that wants to continue there education should attend UTA and become a mavrick.


Someone who desires to attend a solid 4 year university with friendly people and professors. It is a campus big enough to have a good walk in between classes, but not big enough to where you have to shuttle on busses to different parts of the campus. I got my undergraduate degree at The Ohio State University, and the layout of the campus was daunting and overwhelming for new students. Here at UTA I found my way around pretty much everywhere by the 2nd day. My teachers are passionate, and overall I'm very excited to learn his semester.


Any kind of person can attend this school. If you have the right SAT or ACT score then your good to go. If the kind of person likes diverse communities and lots of events that can go on that they can be apart of then this is the perfect school for them.


An artistic, culturally diverse person with defined career goals and a laid-back personality should attend this school. The school requires attention and focus to school work, and emphasizes personal development over cutthroat competition, so a student that is truly passionate about furthering their learning will thrive in this collegiate environment. Social activity is easy to come by especially for those who live on campus so it is very inviting to social and community-oriented students. Finally, all races, religions, sexual orientations and any other defining factor is represented, consequently no one feels left out.


Anybody can attend this school. The school is very open to diversity. The school is heavily based upon Science and Engineering, but the liberal arts department is decent. The school's nursing program is top notch and rated one of the best in the nation. I guess prospective students should be those looking to be in engineering, science, or healthcare so that they can get the most out of the facilities available.


a person who is not afraid of studying hard


Anyone can attend the University of Texas at Arlington. It's a great school. People are nice there and there is always someone there to help.


If the person needs a closer relationship with their professors, this is the school for them. Here, the classes are smaller and you can build a better connection with professors. There are tons of opporutinities to grow at this school. Whether through leadership, clubs, academics, or volunteer work, there is a way to grow as a person and there are numerous opportunities to learn. If you are an engineering major, you will pleased to know that at this school, there is a brand new research building being built . For any pscyhology majors, numerous amounts of research studies are available.


UT Arlington encourages the enrollment of intelligent, open-minded individuals. If you decide to attend the University of Texas at Arlington, expect to meet many interesting people from all over the world.


The type of person that should attend this university is a person who is not looking to party. If you chose to go to college for academics then this is the place for you. There are not many parties here and everyone here is more focused on getting their work done.


A person looking for great college with a wide variety of majors offered and looking for a bright future


The kind of person who should attend University of Texas at Arlington are people who are determined to work for there grade, and understand that with great accomplishment there is lots of work.


People who are interested in Army ROTC, people who are conservative (we need more of you!), people who have a strong desire to do well and not a whole lot of money


The type of person that should attend this school is one that enjoys diversity among people. This university consists of many backgrounds and cultures. No one is singled out as being different; everyone fits in perfectly. As a non-traditional student, I feared being looked upon as an outsider and not clicking with the rest of the students on campus. That just was not the case. I not only fit in with my fellow classmates but I also am learning about other cultures directly from students in my classes and other campus activities. Love diversity? Go to UTA.


This school is really great for people who want more classes and an oppertunity to get an undergraduate or graduate degree with financial assistance and help.


Open-mindedness is a must! The University of Texas at Arlington is an extremely diverse place. Anyone who enjoys meeting people from all different cultures and backgrounds will love UTA. Also, this school is very science oriented so someone who plans on majoring in a science related field will definetely get the best training.


Self motivated, intelligent, and hard working individuals. The campus offers a wide range of degrees and opportunities. This is a great work school. If you like to party or are wild, this is definitely not the school for you.


Any and all.


This university seems to be very goal driven, not your stereotypical college portrayed in most movies. Though the university does provided fun activities and lots of information on interesting campus happenings, it is not typically a place where most students hang out. From what I have observed if you are interested in more social interaction there are plenty of groups and organizations you can join. Overall if you want a university that is close to home and has a balance of work and play this is perfect for you!


Someone who is passionate about their education but also wants to make fun memories and have the time of their life. UTA is a great college and it has not only great students but a great faculty as well. If you're serious about academics, like to have fun, meet new people, and make great relationships this is definitely a place to consider. Arlington is a great city and has plenty of things to do . If you want to be in a great environment with not as many people as UT-Austin, UTA is a great place to be.


Student who are looking for a valuable college experience while willing to put in above average effort in school work would do well in this school.


Most freshmen believe that once they enter college that it is party time and study later. At the University of Texas at Arlington I can honestly say that the amount of effort put into your classes reflects your grades. If you are not ready to postpone fun for weekends and dedicate your self to your studies, then UTA is not the place for you. Furthermore, it is extremely difficult to get accepted to UTA's nursing school and only the best are choosen; therefore, in order to be with the best, self-motivation, self- discipline, and determination is the key.


i believe any kind would enjoy it.


UT Arlington is very diverse. There are many clubs and organizations to be involved with. People ranging from high school graduates, to single parents will feel welcome here. There really is no stereotype to the "ideal student" here.


People that enjoy being closer to home rather than far away as well as commuters. They should be prepared for a tough math program due to it being an engineering school. Like any school you'll have to pay attention in class and study hard.


One who can make decisions for themselves.






There is a heavy interest in professional and research fields at this university.


Someone who lives in the Arlington area.


UTA is a school for people who want to learn and stay active in the school and community. Outgoing people who are not afraid to try new things and enjoy being a part of something.


Anyone that wants to become a nurse or engineer, although the work is hard. People usually go to TCC to save money though


The beauty of UTA is that anyone can attend this school who wishes to get a solid secondary education that arms you with the knowledge to be competitive in the world. Slackers and disinterested students need not apply.