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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell my high school self to buckle down and get prepared for a roller coaster ride. The next four years define how you early adult life will be financially. Choose a positive career path that will not only help the community you live in, but also pave the way to great financial stability to provide for a family one day.


The best advice I could give my highschool self would be to get involved. Combining your school world and your social world will help you to stay on task and motivate you to finish. Secondly, not attending class is not dropping you must see an advisor or you will flunk!!


I wish I could tell my younger self to start studying and to search for more scholarships early. I really made college hard on myself by not studying in high school. Not only did I not know how to study, but coming out of high school I felt very confident in my learning ability so I took extra hard classes that I need the studying skills for even more. I also wish I had searched for and applyed for more scholarships when I was still in high school. I got a late start when I was a senior and because of that I am having to take out multiple loans just to be able to stay in class.


Just stay focused


I would tell myself to defer my enrollment into college for a year, then find a job and learn to wake up regularly. I'd suggest learning how to fit in time per week and day in order to get things done in a timely fashion. I would also tell myself to stop drinking coffee and get used to waking up on a regular basis.


I would tell myself to buckle down and focus on school. I didn't plan on attending college after high school and that was a stupid mistake. I'd help myself learn the right way to study and give myself a pep talk when it came to acting on stage. Don't worry so much abotu mainstage theatre and just focus on harning my craft. I'd also tell myself to looking to spelling because If I know myself (and I do), I'm not the best speller. I'd tell myself to spend more time with my girlfriend's dad because I wouldnt have expected him to die so soon. I'd make myself go get him checked for cancer to make sure that we could catch it sooner. I would've encouraged myself not to stay at my job as long as I did and go out and experince life as a kid just a little bit longer. I can't say excatly what I wouldve said to younger me because no matter how bad I'd like to, I Can't rewind the clock and right all my wrongs. i dont know If I'd want to.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, my life would be drastically different today. I would most likely begin by stressing how important it is to do well in those early classes so that I can hold on to my scholarships for as long as possible. I would tell myself to pursue substitute teaching as a means of making money as soon as possible. Also, I would tell myself to pursue a general degree in biology with a minor in education, as opposed to a pre-medical biology degree. This way I could conserve resources, get a jump start with classes relevant to my career, and have an interesting minor to fall back on if necessary. I would tell myself that Greek life should be avoided until junior year and then fully embraced. I would tell myself about some of the better apartment complexes in the area and warn myself fervently to avoid “’Centennial Court Apartments”. Finally, I would explain which classes to pursue and warn myself to take Calculus at a junior college over the summer.


If I had the opportunity to go back in time about a year ago today, I would be a senior in high school taking four AP Classes, dancing on two dance teams, and working at the Jack in the Box down the street. First, I would tell my younger self to be more assertive and tell my boss that the thrity five hours a week is really hurting my grades. I would also use that assertiveness and confidence that I had when I danced to stop putting all of my college needs off to the last minute because now I don't enjoy not having housing and having to drive thrity minutes everyday to campus. Next, I would tell my senior self to study a lot more and stop procractinating and hoping that the teacher will give you an extension because you were at work the night before. I would tell my senior self to stop letting people walk over you so that you can fit in and have friends. You should use the confidence that you have performing on stage, because that confidence is what you need to project every day you walk in that school and into class.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would have definitely told myself to try a lot harder to finish strong in my senior year. I would have told myself not to let my friends get in the way of my education and to apply to an enormous amount of different schools just to see what was out there for me. Also, I would have told myself what to expect from college and how much different it is than high school. I would take the time to educate myself more about how college works from tuition, to books, to housing, and everything in between since there was no one back then to tell me all those things. Last but not least, I would tell myself to not be scared of going away to college because it is a lot more fun and exciting than I ever imagnined it would be. It would also serve as a lesson to not be scared of change, especially when it would benefit me in such a great way like college does.


I would say to my senior self to not be afraid to push my own boundaries. If I am out of my comfort zone but doing something that improves my individuality, skills, or understanding of the way the world works, then I am doing something right. Coming out of high school I had the drive to do anything similar to taking over the world but I lacked the ability to be brave enough to go out and explore the world other than from behind my computer screen. Realistically I wanted to study abroad, volunteer for organizations and learn new life skills. I would tell my self to plan a few weeks ahead to make sure I have a plan for the summer and breaks so I wouldn't be dissapointed at my accomplishments. This would help me transition into college life because I would be prepared to handle the plethora of resume builders. Along with coursework, it's hard to dedicate your time to activities that will help build your individuality- an important aspect upon graduation. Now I am a junior suffering from torschlusspanik, the German word for fear that time is running out and important opportunities are slipping away.


If I could give myself advice going through the transition from high school to college, I would say do not try to be friends with everyone you see on social media. You will most likely not see all those people you added and follow on social media during the actual school year who is not the same major as you. Dorian you will NOT have time to party and go out a lot. You are in college for a reason and will have a job and be practicing a lot to even think about party. I would definitely tell myself that in the future you will not have time to join every club you find! Your school schedule and work schedule will make you really busy! Get your prorities straight first Dorian, before thinking of working out or shopping. Do not proscranite on an extra credit project! The earlier you get the work done, the less stress you will have. Do not be afraid to talk to people to make a study group, because there are others trying to do their best and wouldn't mind studying with someone.


If I was able to talk to myself as a high school senior I would say, "don't worry, things get better". A lot of my time I spent swimming upstream. I concluded that in order for me to be successfull I had to fight daily. As I matured and was exposed to more I see that everything does not have to be a fight. If I stand in confidence knowing that I am walking in the right direction the universe will rise up to meet me. It is not my strength or talent or intellectualism it is about my values. If a person continues to improve him or herself and adhere to values that are important then success will come.


I wish I had known how much money it would take to be in college. I knew I would be in debt, but I never knew I would be in this much debt. I would have saved more money to help pay for everything. I would have loved to know more about my classes in college and to know what my classes were like. I also would have wished that I knew about time in college. You have more time to study in college and you have to learn how to provide for yourself as well. I would try my hardest to learn the material that I need to know for my major. I would tell myself that I'm going to be a mechanical engineer and that I won't know what is going to happen next but I should stay faithful. Study hard when you get to college. Make time for friends, but don't go over time with your friends. Try hard to find a job so you can have some money to pay for college. Don't let people mislead you. Keep making friends and have study groups.


To my senior self, do not fret. The future looms ahead and may be frightening and new, but it is also everything that you have worked so hard for. Be calm. Do not worry about making friends, because you will. Join clubs that interest you, meet like-minded people, and get involved. The rest will fall into place. Cliched as it might seem, study young one. This is not a new concept and the need for its use will not disappear as you change learning institutions. Getting into college was only the beginning, a foot in the door, the first lines of an epic novel; you have much farther to go. So study, work hard, persevere not only for the grades, for the prospects of graduate school, but for the sake of learning, for bettering yourself, and for gaining the tools that will guide you in the professional life that is your ultimate goal. Keep in mind that college is more than just a means to an end, but an experience that will shape you not only academically, but in the way that you view the world and the way that you want to participate in it.


If I could go back in time and talk to myslef as a highschool senior, I would tell myself "sit down once a week and think about what I want out of life. Think about life and how college ties into it. College allows a person to have more opportunities in many different ways. You can be anything you want to be as long as you are hard working and patient. When you think about what type of career you want to pursue, do something that you like to do that will provide you with the kind of lifestyle you are comfortable living. It's great to have a high paying job, but what good is it if you hate going to work. Ultimately that will have a negative effect on your life outside of work. On the other hand, you could get a job you love and have an eviction notice on your door because you do not make enough money for the life style you want to live. In the end me from the past, find balance in your career/academic life and your personal life and you will be just fine."


My senior year of high school was easy, time flew by and my grades were exactly where they needed to be. Due to my skills and knowledge of high school I figured that my first year of college would be the same. However, I was completely wrong and my first year of college was the total opposite of what I thought. If I could give my self advice I would be as precise as possible with every word I mentioned. I would inform myself that college is a serious matter, and nothing to play around with. Also, I would tell myself to be confident with the major I chose. Since I automatically knew that I wanted to be a nurse I knew that taking school lightly wasn't an option. I would inform myself that the first year of college is so crucial and to be serious about it. And remember to mention that studying is the most important factor of college, and that the first years work, is what will get me into the nursing program. Overall I would tell myself that I belive in us and we will make it because we are smart, and wont give up!


If I could go back in time and speak to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to apply for as many scholarships as possible, keep going and never stop til you graduate! I entered college and my eyes were opened very wide to a big world. I was introduced to other people from various backgrounds and realized how much bigger the world actually is. I loved my first year and a half in college and loved the new found freedom from my parents. What I didn't like was chemistry and having to take it twice was not easy. I was disappointed in myself and allowed myself to loose focus and dropped out of school. Not only because I lost focus but because my family couldn't afford for me to stay in school. I went to community college but lost focus again and of course got pregnant and started a family. Here I am twenty years later going back to school to try and finish what I started. Many obsticles are in my way but UTA is helping me acheive my goal, a BSN. Wish me luck.


I would advise myself to apply to more scholarships. I never really applied to any and when I did it was too late. I would encouage myself to talk to my counselors more often to see what scholarships are availble. I also would have advised myself to retake the ACT and study for it. I would have been offered more scholarships if my scores were higher. I wasn't too concerned with financial aid and I would've instilled in my how important that is.


Given the option to go back to high school I would tell myself to work harder at school and to make those applications count. I was so reckless with grades, I slacked off to have a social life. I'd give myself the advice to keep my head up and to never let anyone bring me down. People will always talk about you, but its best to work on what you want in life. Always keep your goals in front of you. You can do anything you set your eyes on, make sure you make every grade count. You can do this. College is not easy, it is a struggle. There is no easy way to do something, always go to class and make an effort. Take advantage of every opportunity that comes to you. Studying sucks at times, but its better than not studying. Your grades are a reflection of the effort you put in. I will always stress this to anyone i know: Always go to class and participate! College is not easy, but it is worth it. Every stressful part of this experience is worth it at the end of the day.


Do not be scared to take risks. That is the one thing that I would want to tell myself in high school. Taking risks and making changes are what college is all about. It is a way to really get to know yourself and to branch out. I was always nervous to step out of my comfort zone. I was scared to live on campus, meet new people, be away from my family and friends, and officially have to do things on my own. Those were the scariest, yet exciting words when I was in high school. "On my own". Truth is, in college you are never on your own. There will always be someone there to help you with literally anything you need. Colleges are like families and the university is your home. Taking a risk such as moving four hours away from everything you have ever known, and learning the responibility of taking matters into your own hands is the most exhilarating, exciting, and best time of your life. Do not waste these precious years because you are scared.


Take everything serious. It is not as hard as it seems sometimes. Do everything possible to excel in school. Pay attention and study. Learn an instrument and play a sport. Strive to be the very best at both. Make Des Bryant fear you on the field, make Jimmy Page nervous to get up and play a guitar in front of you. Enjoy a healthy social life. The most important of all is to learn to maintain a balance with all of this. Do not get so distracted by your friends and girls that it makes your grades suffer. At the same time do not get so caught up studying all of the time that you become a hermit and you lose out on things every kid should enjoy. It will all pay off in the end. You could get a scholarship for anything, so learn a lot about as much as you can and learn it well.


If i could go back in time and give my high school self advice I would say many things. First, stop worrying about boys and focus on bettering yourself. You must first find yourself before you can even imagine to find your significant other. Second, don't waste your time on people who don't appreciate it. Focus on your family and close friends, because they are the ones who truly matter. Thrid, always treat each and every person with kindness and look for the best in people. You never know what is going on behind the scenes and how much a smile can change a person's day.


I would advise myself to go to university straight from highschool. Work hard in highschool and it will help you tremendously in college. Apply for scholarships while in highschool and it will help you pay for college as you go. The better your grades are the better your scholarships will be. Work hard so you can focus most of your energy on school work instead of having to split your energy between full time work and part time school. Put in the work for a couple years while your young and the rest of your life will benefit from that hardwork.


To know as much lesson and retain as many words as you can because some of the stuff that are given to us in college are review of our High School. There where somet6imes in High School that i would forget my work at home but if you do that in college it is going to affect you a lot in class. making our grades go up is quiet difficult than making it drop. the teachers always told us to turn in our homework when we get to college and i understant now what she meant by it.


If i were to go back and talk to my high school self i would say not to get too invloved with the social part of college, although its great to meet new people and make friends once i began making them i started not wanting to go to class so i could hang out with them. College is about learning about your career and although it's important to make friends its not the main thing to be focused on. I would also say that high school is nothing like college, i thought i was busy during high school but college has shown me that i had a lot of free time in high school that i didn't take advantage of. I would tell my high school self to enjoy the simplicty of high school but to also look forward to the new expireinces that come with college.


Future self. College will be nothing like high school... do not expect to have your hand held throughout this experience. The transition from high school to college is the most eye opening situation you will ever experience. I cannot tell you how much you need to take advantage of the education you’re getting now. Take advantage of the free books, all of the extended due dates and most importantly to the extra hours of sleep. When you get to this point, you will hardly get sleep, whether it be because you stayed up trying to meet those due dates or because you can’t stop thinking about how you’re going to afford all your materials. College is no joke. But it is an opportunity not many people get, so please take advantage. It will build your knowledge further and be the path to your career. Enjoy yourself now and prepare yourself for the near future.


I would tell myself that learning to make a homework schedule is key to get high grades in your first year because no one is going to remind you of the homework due dates and once the deadline passes there is no turning in the assignment late. I would also stress the importance of financial reponsibility as it is hard to keep a job that gives plenty of hours and still go to school and maintain high grade standards, also stressing how money can be spent very fast when on campus for long hours every day. The last thing that I would tell myself is that making new friends and meeting new people is easy, all you have to do is open up and be yourself and people will accept you. Moreover I would say that there are no such things as cliques in college and anyone can be friendly, and most poeple are, if you are friendly back.


I would tell myself to take a chance. I was offered 4 full rides to different universities but didn't attend any of those schools so I could stay close to home. Now I wonder what life would have been like if I had taken any of those scholarships. I would also tell myself to figure out what I want to do with my life sooner. Yes it seems kind of soon to know what you want to be when you graduate, but if you have a general idea you can at least take classes geared towards that. Changing majors and losing all the credits you had isn't very fun. Another thing I would tell myself, is to just be me and have fun doing it. It's the best way to be.


Get your act together! Write the best college essays, and read them out loud, cry at how horrible it is, and start again. Have others read and edit them. Just because you don't recieve every single scholarship you applied for doesn't mean that you give up on the mad scholarship hunt. Don't stress too much about how hard college is (it's really not); worry about what dress you'll wear for prom, worry about your application documents are on file, go to football games, HAVE FUN!!! Senior year is the last year in which you can still be with your family and have freedom. Listen to your saint-like mother, she's right, you really don't know what cleaning is until you do it on your own. LEARN TO EAT HEALTHY!!!! Starbucks and Subway WILL NOT GET YOU BY. Do not over pack on move in day, you can bring stuff on your visits home. Even though getting out and socializing is hard, go to the events, talk to people, or else college is going to be extremely boring. Even if all the assignments are online, or attendance is not required....GO TO CLASS!!!!


Never give up. Don't assume that work will get itself done because honestly it won't. In order to succeed and reach the goals that you want to achieve put 110% into everything you do and don't look back. Without this drive to succeed you wont make it in this world. Don't just be a part of the curve, instead lead the curve with every bit of effort that you can put forth. With this in mind succeess is always in sight.


Oh high school me, you were so free. Looking back I wish I could warn you against going to parties and getting wasted with so-called friends. Those people are not your true friends and they will disappear as soon as you wake up from your drunken stupor. Start AA now because you know in your heart you need the stability and lessons they teach. Having fun is great but it is all worthless if you can't remember the night before. Silly high school me, boys do not define you. A man will never support you and you can't depend on a Disney ending. Everything you have you will need to earn with hard work and determination. Make friends with people at school and don't keep those dead beat friends, they will only drag you down to their level. I know you are strong and smart but you can't go to school when your're drunk. Think not of the time and money you will be wasting if you keep on this path but of the opportunity that others would kill for. Be the best person you can be or else you will be no one


The advice I would give to myself as a senior would be obvious - make plans now. I waited until very last minute to choose a college and apply, so I didn't get any scholarshps or very much financial aid. I would tell myself to start practicing good study habits, and implementing them and practicing them early, so I wouldn't be lazing around and waiting until the very last minute to do assignments. Overall, I would tell myself how different college and high school are. College takes effort and you have to present every moment of the day, not just inattentively sitting through class and expecting to breeze through like high school. be prepared, and don't give up!


The most important advice I would give myself would be not to be afraid of change and go straight to a university after high school. I was accepted into a number of different schools but I was scared of the change that came with it. Instead, after graduation I attended the local community college and that has been the one thing I wish I could go back in time and change.


I would go back and make sure that my high school self applied to colleges and scholarships before senior year even started because i am now in a situation where I do not know how I will pay for college. I know, If i had signed up for scholarships earlier, and applied to every college, I would not be in the precarious situation I find my self in now. Another peice of advice would be to keep up with school work and stay in the top 5 instead of dropping to numbder 10 overall becasue it would've helped find and get better scholarships. My main piece of advice would be not to procrastinate in everything that had to be done in my senior year becasue that is all I did and it came back and burned me.


I would make myself study more and do better in my classes. I graduated with a high C/low B average. UTA would have given me a scholarship because I did great on my SATs but had a horrible GPA. Also, I would apply for more scholarships, a lot more. I would have advised my past self to join an organization. It helps to feel a part of a group, and it would improve my leadership and teamworking skills. College was not so hard to transition into, and I have loved the experience.


If I had the chance to go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior I would have so much more than 200 words to say to myself. I would tell myself to prepare for the challenges that were ahead, everybody told me what to expect but the college experience is different for everybody. I would tell myself that even though living at home with my parents and going to community college for a few years seems like the world might end but that it would be so worth having a home to live in to focus on my studies. I would also tell myself that one of the most important things to do while living at home with my parents would be to save money for university. Finally, I would tell myself that college is a beautiful experience and that I should be extremely excited to experience it with everyone I love surrounding me, because at the end of the day, if one is doing what they love, then they are really living life to the fullest.


Your high school career was the opportunity to make life a tad easier financially and mentally. Financially, because if you had got good grades from the start you would have made it to the top ten percent. And with that, you would recieve that scholarship with no big deal. You just needed a push, a motivation. I know your friends dragged you down into procrastinating, staying up late, bomb tests, play games all the time. However, it was a test whether if you would follow your friends or not. Mentally, because you would know the presistence of your goal, your determination. I have realized that far too late. Your senior year goal is the time to apply colleges and scholarships early, before the Christmas, this is the time to show how worthy you are and college doesn't come cheap at all. Mom and Dad can't cover you the whole time. This is the time where you think," I have no money, at all, what should I do?". Scholarships make life easier, don't avoid them just because it's senior year and it is the time to relax. You have summer for that, don't give up.


If I had the ability to go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school I would tell me to spend more time focusing on filling out scholarships in my free time. I would aslo let myself know that out in the real world friends from high school tend to not stick around, so don't worry about trying to impress them and instead worry about doing what you love and what makes you happy.


The best advise I would give to myself as a new senior in high school is to not worry about where all of my friends are going. After school ended you realized those who chose schools based on their friend's decisions ended up back at home at the local community college. While the first year of college means separation from people you've known since first grade, it also is a chance to cross of a list load of first. No matter where friends go, the long term friends will stick around and the temporary aquaintinces come and go. The only thing that matters is your education and choice in school is non but your own. As your mom would say "Do yo' thing baby".


Senior year flies by! They arent joking when they say, '"Blink, and you'll miss it." While I did enjoy my senior year, there are a few things I would do differently looking back. The biggest piece of advise I would give myself would be to better manage my time. I was ignorant in thinking I would have ample time to apply for colleges and scholarships, so I continously put it off. Meanwhile the deadline dates quickly approached, and I found myself rushing to the end. This of course results in subpar work, and ultimately hurt me in the end. Another piece of advice i'd give myself would have been to become more involved in extracurricular activities and clubs while in highschool. College is all about becoming apart of a group or niche, and being exposed to that earlier on definitely helps in the proccess of doing so. Other than these things, I was satisfied with my senior year. So again, my only words of advice are to stay involved, and don't waste any time!


Scottye, this is your future self. Don’t freak out. I have something important to tell you. You are about to enter into one of the most fun, challenging, scary, and by far the most interesting seasons of your life. Things are going start slow, escalate quickly, and then slow down again. Friends will come and go. Mistakes will be made, but remember they are only mistakes if you don’t learn from them. You will question a lot, but hey, that is what college is all about, you may even find a few answers by looking hard enough. You will make a friend name Michael, do me a favor and cherish every moment you spend with him. It’s important to keep your grades up, but friends are more important, don’t forget that. You have your first bar experience, it gets a little dicey, but you come out a legend. All in all I could tell you not to do a few things or to do some things better, but you know what, you end up doing pretty well—and you do get the girl. P.S. Maybe you shouldn’t go on that river trip.


I was in AVID (Advanced Via Individual Determination) which was a college prep class. We went on college tours and had many college visitors. The main thing I am learning is to always have a back up plan. Never assume that you will get any scholarships you apply for. Keep applying even if you have already applied for 50 keep applying. Contact the school, don't be afraid because there really are other people in your situation.


Travleing back in time, as a topic, brings with it many emotional feelings as much as it sparks creative curiosity to the mind. People contemplate about all kinds of ways they should have acted upon past decisions or even alter that decision itself. However, sometimes thinking on this thought just renders the person inept to continue forward. I do not dwell on the mistakes I made as a high school senior, but I do realize there were things I needed to advise myself. Placing much more of my effort and consideration towards the college process would have put me in a better situation. It was nessasary to have taken scholarships in a serious mind set along with initiatives about discovering more on inner workings of my university. Now I am here absorbing all of the consiquences for my past mistakes. I am hoping I have enough 'bell tolls' before deadlines and finances to get matters resolved before I get dropped from my classes. The responsibility of a college student did not come after freshman orientation , it began during the start of my senior year of high school.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to apply myself more, and to learn as much as I can about everything. Knowledge is a possesion that no one can ever take away from another person. Knowing what I know now, I would tell myself that an education is more important than it seems to be at a young age. An education is not only a tool to put someone ahead of the competition, but it also brings a sense of accomplishment to ones life. At a young age, most young adults do not consider such aspects of life, but I believe that a sense of accomplishment and a higher education can have a huge impact on someone's perception of a successful life.


Susan, You are a talented and intelligent person. Anxiety will try to cripple you. Force yourself outside your comfort zone and you will overcome your fears. When you struggle and teachers say “you will never be..”, remember, only God knows what you will and will not be. Set goals and work hard. Don’t let your high school counselors and teachers ignore you. Throughout your education some classes will be difficult but they do not define you or your intelligence. Embrace your strengths but do not run away from your weaknesses. Do not work two jobs to try and earn your college tuition. Taxes and time will impede your path. Instead, research government assistance, college grants and scholarship opportunities. Visit local colleges and ask questions. Do not move away and do not attend an unaccredited vocational school. It will only lead to huge debt and when you decide to pursue your bachelors’ degree, you will be forced to start all over again. Stay home, hold a part time job, and keep one goal in mind–a Masters Degree. If you follow this advise you will get where your going in an expedient manner and you will have a rewarding future.


Back in Highschool I would give myself the advice to stay focused, take more time to study, and be careful on trusting to easily.


Hey Babe! You're doing great. You're going to college this year! I know you're scared: scared of failing, scared of disappointing Mom and Dad. Let me let you in on a secret. You're going to be awesome. I just wish you wouldn't stress quite so much. Run cross country your freshman year. It’s a blast! Coach Izzo is going to have a major effect on your life. You're going to learn how strong you really are. When you meet Dr Flanagan, don't let her get to you. You'll pass with flying colors. I know it was tough being a home schooled kid. You've never had classmates before. You feel like you stick out. Whether they say so or not, people respect you. It’s way cool that you're different. Please don't choose to drink underage in hopes of being accepted. And for God's sake, don't foolishly drive buzzed. No, you don't get caught, but the memory will always bring shame. The life before you is quite a journey. You’ve got this. Be true to you. All My Love, You’re 36 year old self


The advice I would give myself would be to challenge yourself more, take advantage of this future opportunity so close at hand. I would tell myself to not see college as something to get through like high school. Take your time in college, enjoy your time in college, do not let people try and rush you through it. If I could talk to myself in high school I would tell myself to not listen to other people, know that your capable of accomplishing anything your willing to work hard for and that your the only person who can stop you. I had a high school counselor tell me not to apply to the University I graduated from, I had a college counselor tell me I couldnt get into nursing school. I am now enrolled in a nursing doctorate program and the only regret I have looking back is that I even considered letting people who didnt know me tell me what or who I could be. I can only say to pursue every chance college gives you because youll spend the rest of your life wishing you could be back in college.


"If you're early you're on time, and if you're on time you're late!" - My theatre director Little did I know that these words would be more important to me than I would ever realize. I was the guy who, when confronted with a problem, would take forever to get it started out of fear; fear of the unknown, fear of making a mistake. When time to register for Community College started, I thought it would be a simple and quick process, boy was I wrong. You see there are a few things you need to do before enrolling in your courses. I needed to complete my TSI placement tests, which means I had to study for each test, then also get the required documents, and let's not forget the mandatory advisement sessions. In the end I was left with night courses, that I barely made it in, at the last day to register for classes. If I could some how send a message to myself back then, I would tell myself to plan six months in advance, and I would also tell myself to submit for every single scholarship opportunity that presented itself to me.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior and give myself advice for college, there would be two important things that I would say; take every opportunity that you can and relax, it all works out like it should. College is a time to explore who you are and what you want to do. It is very important to explore every opportunity that is available. Find a group that you are interested in, wether that be a sports team, greek life or a group that focuses on things that you want to do. Not only do you get to go do some awesome things, you get to meet new people. Plus, there is normally free food and things at these opportunities. I would also tell myself to relax and enjoy the time spent in college. It goes by so quick. Take all the classes you can and join all the groups you can but remember that you are there to figure yourself out. So take the time to relax and have a fun time with friends and family. Hopefully, I would listen just a bit more to myself than my parents.