The University of Texas at Arlington Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is that it allows students to flourish in a smaller environment while still having great expectations. The credits earned at the University of Texas at Arlington transfer to the main campus in Austin, TX. Costs and school size are often intimidating to students and parents and the University of Texas at Arlington allows a person to move gradually towards success.


I would have to mention the fact that my school for one is very diverse. There are so many different types of people to be able to get along with and meet. Another point that i would like to mention about my school is that they are so helpful. There are so many prorgrams that can help students with any and everything.


The diversity. Because in high school you see large amounts of the same groups of people and here it's different everytime.


I have not attended yet but I have visited and I would have to say the environment and the staff. The staff does not make you feel as if you are just another number on the roster.


The best thing about my school is the diversity of the student population. You are able to go anywhere on campus and meet a student from another country or just down the street.


sought after school for nursing


The University of Texas at Arlington is an amazing school for many reasons. The nursing school is leading the way in teaching students patient care. The SIM lab learning experience is superior to any opportunity many other students have had. The virtual hospital is a safe environment for students to apply skills learned in the classroom to a bedside. The school is unique, diverse, and constantly expanding. The city of Arlington is also a great place to live and study from the major sports teams to its proximity to Dallas and Fort Worth.


The best thing about my school is the variety of program and degree plans available for student to pick.


They have a very amazing emphasis on Physical activity. Our rec center is always full of students ready to work out and learn about working out. Also the teachers are very caring and i absolutly love that especially my department. All my teachers love physical education and strive to teach it the very best they can, meaning not exculding anyone and also not just rolling out the ball like many people think physical education is like. They honestly have a LOVE for P.E. and they want to change they way it is percieved!


The best thing about my college is the campus life. Although it is a fairly large campus, it is quite well organized and the staff is always friendly and willing to help. The campus also offers many resources such as a gym, play area, and study grounds. Because it a fairly large campus, one can conveniently find day to day stuff such as grocery stores and restaurants.


The best thing about my school is that my classes are larger than a typical private school classroom, which helps with lower stress level, less anxiety, and overall result in higher class grades.


The diversity. There is something for everyone that attends UT Arlington. The acadamia there is top notch. The engineering, business, and nursing colleges are among the best in the state of Texas from what I've seen. So, then it comes down to what do you do outside of class. UTA is the type of university where you get out of it, what you put into it. There is something there for every walk of life. If you don't find a place where you feel like you fit in, then it is your own doing.


I conseder that it is nearby downtown the best because, you can walk around and enjoy the scnerey.


There are so many thing that are great about this campus. Professors are amazing and teach you to manage your time wisely, and help you when you need it. There are numerous campus activities going on so if you are looking for an active campus UTA is a great one. I think the best thing about the campus is that it is a perfect combination of school and fun so it gives you the perfect college experience.


I came from a small town 4A school dominated by white kids so I find the extreme diversed environment that the University of Texas a Arlington provides refreshing and accelerating in terms of exploring new friendships. I, myself, am an Asian Ameircan who has now formed many friendships with people from different backgrounds. It helps expand my knowledge about other cultures and change my attitude about them as I continue to keep my mind open.


My campus is right next-door to COWBOYS STADIUM!


The best thing about The University of Texas at Arlington is the friendliness of everyone here. Being a freshman the idea of going off to a university was scary. What if I don't make friends? What if I get lost? Well all of my questions were soon answered by the first couple of events I attended at UTA. At orientation I made a couple of friends who were also pursing nursing, and I now share classes with them too. The first day of class of course I got lost, luckly there was a girl who showed me the way.


The best thing about my school is that it always tries to get students involved socially and academically.


The best thing about UTA is that for any question you have their is an office on campus that can help you find the answer. With the campus being small you would think it would be laking in support but that is not the case. We even have multiple tutoring sources and other resources to help people succeed academically, socially and post graduation.


The best thing about UTA to be is that there is always a way for me to be involved with the school and other students. I like that I will never be bored, and there will always be something to do. Whether it's working out, studying, dancing, or just hanging around, I will enjoy being a college student here at UTA.


The motivation and experience it has to keep the students involved in activites and academics. The schools allows many opportunties to allow the student to be involved in campus activites and to show school spirit.


I feel the best thing about my school is the reputation the surrounding cities know about my school. I have heard much talk about UTA having a good Civil Engineering program and that is a major plus when it comes to finding a job, credibility goes a long way in my opinion.


I think the best thing about my school is the diversity. University of Texas at Arlington is probably the most diverse place I have ever seen, there are teachers and students as well as staffs coming from all over the world enrolling at the university.


I believe the best thing about The University of Texas at Arlington is the diversity of the students. You get to meet all kinds of people from different backgrounds and learn about their unique lifestyles. Due to the vast diversity on campus, there are also many cultural events that take place which allow students to gain insight on the traditions and foods of many cultures. It is always a great adventure to explore another culture because I believe it allows you to learn more about yourself as well.


I think the very best thing about UT Arlington is the overall attitudes among the staff, faculty and the student population. Personally, since I've set foot on this campus, folks have been really respectful, courteous and extremely helpful, towards me at least. The guidance I've been receiving, comparably speaking, have had a very positive and conducive towards my edification. I hope this lasts.


It's just big enough for me, but not insanely big. And the courses and the subjects taught at this school are on the same level as lot of other colleges.


I would consider the best thing about my school would be the facility. I can learn more and recieve help from fellow students. In the mean time the campus provides nice facilities to do my work and make friends. I enjoy the art program; learning more and developing more each day. In time I will find a better job and more financial freedom. Through dedication and available resources needed to fullfill my life. I also enjoy the extracurricular activities, and free offers available to students who are in a time of need in thier own lives.


The best thing about my school would be the professors. They are very helpful , intelligent and entertaining. Class was always fun because of the professors. Also, the way the campus is set up is very good because everything is very accesible.


I wished I would have know about the many opportunities of scholarships the college had to offers, and also reviewed the deadlines.


The best the diversity of students since University accepts all students who can make the grade. This diversity of students allows me to make lots of good friends for life.


Nothing - Texas Tech University is a BAD school.


The University of Texas at Arlington accepts students of all race, ethnicity, religious preference, and background. The students at the University of Texas at Arlington are selfless and caring. Commonly, students are generous and are willing to help anyone through tutoring, mentoring, and training. The students that attend this university are hardworking, diligent, and have a passion for learning. The majority of the students recognize and understand the importance of their college career. At the University of Texas at Arlington, the students become scholars, and realize the significance of hard work and dedication.


The best thing about UTA is the location. It is close to home and close to work so I am able to save time and gas money.


The best thing about UTA is the people that attend; students come from many different parts of the world creating a powerful cultural mix that can be as much a learning opportunity as the classes that are offered.


How friendly and diverse all of the students here are. It made being a freshman much easier and has let me experience a wide range of people with different backgrounds, goals, majors and life stories.


The best thing about my school is that it is striving to become a tier one university. My school is committed in the research field and give students opportunity to participate in various research projects. UTA also offers several avenues to help students who might be struggling academically, such as offering supplemental instruction and offering private tutoring. UTA also has a very diverse campus and offers several organizations that encourage cutural awareness as well as volunteering.


Diversity is the best thing about my school. There are so many individuals from so many different walks of life. You really grow and develop as an individual because one cannot help but to absorb the culture and influence of the individuals surrounding you.


The best thing about my school is their promptness in helping for financial aid, they attend to the students needs and they don't want students to be stuck in school without help.


The school cares about our social well-being and holds many fun events.


UTA is a large school but it has the feeling of a smaller school. It has the best of both worlds. There are a lot of things to get involved in without being overwhelmed by a lot of people.


All of the students on campus have the same drive and will to graduate college on time, this is important because the programs at UTA are very competitive.


I think the best thing about my school is the professors because they are very understanding, and give so much of their time to insure that you actually get what they are teaching. So when you as a student see that your professor is going above and beyond their duties, and putting in that extra time to make sure that you comprehend the lessons. It makes you feel a sense of obligation not only to yourself and your family, but also to that teacher to put forth your best on every test and every assignment. You owe them that!


The best thing about U.T.A is the diverse student population. UTA is a very international school with a large population from all over the globe. These different backgrounds allow me to broaden my views to ideas that I otherwise would not have been exposed to.




The best thing about the University of Texas at Arlington is the fact that the student body is neither over crowded or under populated. The size of the student body is nice in that you can get the one on one with professors but also not feel like you are the only one in the classroom.


In my opinion, the best thing about my school is the professsors and how the University always has something going on for the students. Everyone is always offering helpful ways for students to succeed academically and always make that the main priority, no matter where you are or what you're involved in. In addition to that, there is always something going on at UTA. Whether it's free food or socials to get students to meet each other, there is always something to do at UTA. There is never a dull moment and it makes the college experience great.


Some of the professors are world renowned for the research they have performed. Our school is well kept and has new-like facilities, like a brand new, state-of-the-art gym and other facilities, which I value very much.


Only school I've seen where professors will go have lunch with you and talk about class/career. Having the small/medium school is a huge benifit, in my opinion. My classes are small enough where it's not too intiminating to raise your hand and ask for help. I love this school.


There is not a lot of students, and nobody wants to get in your buisness if you do not want


UTA is ethnically and culturally diverse. There is little, if any, prejudice at this school. It is nearly impossible not to make friends. Although there are few on-campus activities, all you have to do is meet a few people and you will stay busy! But do not let it distract you; especially if you are a business (particularly accounting) major... the coursework can be brutal!