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Describe the dorms.


Pretty okay! (And I DEFINITELY recommend living on campus at least one year, by the way. DEFINITELY.) I was in the Honors Quad, which is a group of 3 (sort of 4) dorms in the northern area of campus. Being in the Quad is wonderful, since it means you're surrounded by honors students from all majors (and close to Kinsolving Dining Hall, the best of the campus buffet food options). My room was above the main lobby in Carothers, so every couple days, gorgeous piano music would drift up at the exact right volume for peaceful studying. If my friends hadn't wanted to move off-campus, I probably would have stayed there my 3rd year. That said, if you don't get into the Honors Dorms, Jester (the giant one) typically has the "happiest residents" according to the yearly housing surveys. So don't fret!


Jester - the most lively dorm by far. You'll easily make tons of friends. Smallest room though. Has been renovated, I highly recommend living there for at least a year San jacinto - The common "I wanna live there dorm" for every highschool student coming in. Honestly yea its really clean but students who live there tend to stick to themselves and don't really interact much with their surrounding students. Moore Hill - Nice, quite, usually some upperclassmen live there if they wanna live on campus. Honors Quad - You'll find your honor's clique friends immediately here. They tend to stay close throughout all four years. Dobie - Off campus dorm but its really right on campus. Skyscraper like building. Make a ton of friends, nice rooms - no closet doors, everyone can see your clothes being hanged. Lots of minorities tend to live here. Great place to live if you don't wanna live in one of the UT dorms. The cafeteria is a Buffet - gets tiring over the semester. Lots of kids who live here tend to eat out more so watch out when choosing your meal plan here. Though having an unlimited meal plan is nice here because you can walk in and out whenever you want and catch a quick bite, dessert, cookie, drink, etc.


It really depends on what dorm you live in. I lived in Jester... the typical freshman dorm where the rooms are small with community bathrooms. But then my sophomore year I lived in Dobie, where I had a living area, private bath, and maids that cleaned once a week!


Interviews with some students at Kinsolving Dining Hall


A brief tour of the best and worst dorms on campus.


Her room includes a desk on either end of the room, a fridge, microwave, and a sweet style bathroom.