The University of Texas at Austin Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are intellectual, hard-working, and open-minded enough to know their limits and work together to solve problems of all kinds.


The student body at the University of Texas is diverse, spirited, hard working, and extremely intelligent.


The people at the University of Texas are all very diverse, yet everyone appears to be happy and easy to get along with; nearly every person I have met is very involved on campus, and everyone is determined to make a difference in our community and society.


friendly, diverse and willing to learn.


My classmates here at the University of Texas at Austin are asdedicated to their schoolwork as they are to their extracirruculars; no matter what dime of day, or day of the week, I can always count on tables of clubs spread out in front of Gregory Gym, and groups of students studying in any lobby or library that they can find.


There's a good mix of people at UT, although the majority are born and raised Texans. Everyone is geneally friendly, but a lot of people stick with their friends from high school.


Friendly, very smart, and at least 50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} Austinite-Hipsters (but not the annoying kind).


My classmates could be described as academically driven.


The students at the University of Texas at Austin are hardworking, very intelligent, creative, innovative group of individuals because at the University of Texas at Austin, what starts here changes the world.


I wish there were more people of color; I'm commonly the only woman of color in my classes.


My classmates are ready to learn people, and are willing to work with you and help.


They are all very intelligent and driven individuals.


Most students are to themselves but of course you have those who are grouped according to various characteristics.


Some of the best people that I have met in my life, from those that will support me to those that will never give up on me, my classmates are the most important aspect of my college career.


My classmates are very unique and easy to get along with.


Focused, engaged students that motivate each other to achive in both the classroom and in the external environment.


My classmates are very diverse and preform at different levels of dedication.


- I have encountered all sorts of students on campus. Although the school has a larger percentage of white students, there is a significant number of hispanics and african americans as well as alot of international students. Religiously, everyone exists peacefully. There are religious societies and everyone is very respectful of the other's religion. The LGBT community is also existent and do not face any discrimination whatsoever. There are students of all socio-economic backgrounds, which is helped by the fact that UT offers alot of scholarships. - Students that would feel out of place at this school? I feel that UT is very accommodating to all sorts of individuals. - What do most students wear to class: T shirt and shorts! In the Texas heat, what else can you expect! - Do different types of students interact? Definitely! everyone is very friendly and welcoming. There are lots of opportunities to interact with other in classrooms, campus events, greek events, and campus organizations. - Four tables of students in the dining hall would have all sorts of people, there isnt much segregation. - Most students are from: Texas (since its a public school). - Financial backgrounds most prevalent: From what i can see, I would say middle class. - There are student government elections as well as groups that are attuned towards politics. It isnt SUCH a huge aspect of campus life, but it is there for those who are interested. No predominant left or right sentiments that I know of. - Do students talk about how much they will earn one day? Depends on the students! But most students know that they will have a good career ahead of them after graduating from UT Austin.


-You have the pretty white sorority girls that typically wear northface jackets. -Fraternity guys in Ralph Lauren Shirts and sperrys (shoes) -You also have Minority/Asian Fraternities- Sororities, who dress and act like normal college students - You'll find ridiculously rich students to dirt poor students. -Students playing acoustic guitar all over campus -UT Austin does a very good job with ethnicity proportions. Though it does feel like there are Asians everywhere, which is completely cool. I myself is Pakistani, and i have tons of indian/pakistani friends but I also have loads of white friends. I don't really see that many african american students here but when i do, i tend to see them bound to each other. I would say that if you were a student who felt left out here at UT - Austin. There has to be something seriously wrong with you. There is a practically every type of person out here, and the City itself has so much to offer being the lively city that it is. I guess that if you tend to be a extreme conservative, you might feel slightly out of place here as UT is a Radical Liberal school. You'll find the more conservative students in high school go to our rival school - Texas A&M at College Station.



The students at this campus are very laid back. Because it's such a large campus, the wardrobe usually includes casual wear that is comfortable to walk around in, especially in the summer. It is a diverse student body, which means there are a number of diverse organizations on campus. There is something for everyone involving many interests. In the Center for Mexican American Studies, there is a diverse group of students that are aware of current social and political issues and are very involved with community work surrounding the campus. Many student organizations reflect this awareness and involvement.


The students here are very friendly. You don't have to dress to impress anyone because no one doesn't really care about what you wear. I mostly see students wear a t-shirt and jeans. Sometimes I even wear sweatpants and a t-shirt! The main thing I like about this school is that no one here will discriminate you. The campus is very diverse, which I like very much. I don't think any student will ever feel out of place at this school, unless you make yourself feel out of place.


The students at UT are as diverse and interesting as the city of Austin.


My classmates are very helpful and kind.


My classmates are intellectuals, artists, musicians, and free-thinkers that explore whatever topics are covered in the classroom by asking questions and challenging different ideas.


Intellegent and bright individuals, my classmates are very ambitious and settle for nothing but the best.


We like to study hard and play hard, so don't be surprised if your classmate acing chemistry also spends three hours a day chasing girls, listening to live music, and walking on hills neighboring the school.


The diversity here is staggering, and you'll often meet a person who represents a laundry list of minorities: tattooed, queer, female, Asian. For the most part, people tend to be middle-class or higher (given the lack of good need scholarships from the university), although this representation definitely shifts from major to major. There is good intermixing at the University of Texas just as there are the typical lunch-tables of people of all one color. There is no "pressure" to align with your own face group, and race relations on this southern campus are publicly quite stable (although there will be the classist and racist remark made in private company, as it is in most placest). Few people feel marginalized here in this liberal location, although there is a noticeable lack of African Americans considering the high representation of other demographics.


Because the student population is so large at UT, there are students who belong to many different groups (LGBTQ, racial, religious, etc). I'm not sure there is a way to feel out of place at UT. There is a student organization for everyone. All it takes is looking around and talking to people to start making friends. The dorms are a great place to initially meet some great people who could become a life-long friend.


There are hundreds, if not a few thousand, student organizations on campus. You can join a club/org that is UT-affiliated, or one that is not. The best thing is is that it's up to you how many organizations you get involved in. There is a group for everyone, so it shouldn't be difficult to find your own little place in campus-wide life (for example, our school has a Quidditch Team. Pretty darn cool, right?) Students here are very open and laid back, no judgement. Students tend to be active with groups they feel passionately about, or organizations that apply to their academic major, religion, hobby, etc.


No two students are the same. UT is such a diverse population -- there are the annoying frat boys, the really smart engineers who will change the world, the pre-med students who you know are going to save someone's life some day. We are all very laid back -- find us in class in nike shorts and tshirts -- but we like to have fun as well (We weren't once ranked the #1 party school for nothing!). Find us on sixth street or running around west campus all dolled up on the weekends!


My classmates are an ecclectic group of intelectuals dedicated to challenging themselves and making the world a better place.


My classmates are helpful and ready to learn.


On my first day of chemistry class as a freshman, I was mind boggled by the number of students in my class. I saw well over 400 students eagerly waiting to reach a comfort level by becoming accustomed to academic life as well as finding friends. I feel like everyone I see on campus is my friend. These kids are so open minded and mature that I did not even feel like I was in a new city surrounded my strangers. I have made plenty of friends and relationships that will last a lifetime.


My classmates were diverse, intelligent and willing to work together in solving problems. The fact that everyone came from diverse background helped in the assimilation as a new student.


My classmates are social, outgoing, and friendly. They are driven to do well, but making and maintaining friendships is also important to them. My classmates have my back if I miss class or I do not understand what is going on in class. We lean on each other for support and in time of a crisis (like the shooter last semester) we stick together.


My classmates so far have been fantastic people, very easy to get along with, very outgoing, and I really feel that they can relate to me on an intellectual level.


My classmates are all extremely bright. They work hard and some of them know how to play hard as well. When I need notes or help studying, they're always there to help me out. They are fun to be around and people I can trust.


My classmates are a diverse group of people who enjoy school as much as I do.


My classmates are generally very smart. In high school, I made the required 8 percentile easily. Here, the competition is fierce. Classes are large for the most part, upwards of 500 students in classroom and the students take college a lot more seriously than anyone ever did in high school. Even still, they are really easy to talk to and it is not difficult to make friends here. Dorm life, especially co-ed, is really fun when schedules finally match up and we can actually hang out. Classes ask a lot though and it keeps us really busy.


My peers are bright young minds, who are eager to learn, and accept diversity with open arms.


UT classmates were generally very nice, helpful, and easy to talk to.


As both an honors student in Plan II and a Psychology major, I can say that the classmates at the University of Texas at Austin are above all helpful and responsible. Every classmate that I have worked with has shown an interest in the subject and truly uses their best abilities to do the task at hand. The best classes are the small ones - those are the ones where you can meet the nicest and most dedicated people.


I dont personally believe that any students would feel out of place at UTD. There is such a diverse student body to begin with. Most students just wear casual clothes to class, such as: jeans and tennis shoes. Many of the international students don't really interact with other students, but those of there own ethnicity. Most UTD students are from Dallas, but originally grew up in foreign countries in the Middle east and Asia.


My classmates range from being so intelligent that they lack the common sense that tells them not to lick a frozen telephone pole on a dare, to having straight A's, even though their after-class lives involve alcohol and marajuana, to being the oldest of 10 children, his mother just diagnosed with cancer, and still managing to make it through school and life.


Many new faces everyday. Some of the faces are familiar but it is hard to meet everyone and learn all of their names. You can know select people though and have a small group for well known friends. Maybe eventually you will meet and get to know a lot of the people in your class, but it is unlikely.


My classmates are young and unaware of the incredible opportunities at their fingertips.


My classmates aid me in the learning process, not simply through my classes, but in every aspect of life; they continue to show me new perspectives, challenge my beliefs, and lead me to various discoveries.


My classmates are hard working.


My classmates are definately very competitive and push eachother to better educate themselves. Often times, you will meet new people each and everyday and will have a new study partner. In my experience here, I have grown very close relationships with all different types of people. The University of Texas at Austin; is definately a melting pot of different cultures. I've befriended many people and have tried different foods, music, and traditions. We all work together to make the school the best in the United States.