The University of Texas at Austin Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Being the best school in the state of Texas. Football. The Business, Engineering and Medical departments.


My school is best known for its size, spirit, and successes. UT Austin is one of the biggest universities in the nation and the world. Everyone knows who we are because the influence of this school is so far reaching. The research capabilities of UT rivals that of the Ivy League schools and the science department especially is top notch. Every professor I've had has been an expert in his or her field and most of them were published researchers. Most of them have encourage student, even freshman, to help them with their research.


Our football team is a pretty big deal (we are in Texas, after all). Our School of Communication has a great reputation, especially for film students. Our business school is also very well known and respected.


Football, music, business, and its school spirit.


We are known for a lot of things, from football to the longhorn. Although we are a known University, I think we are most known for is our longhorn hand gesture. Everyone knowns the "Hook 'Em Horns" gesture. Even people that didn't graduate from UT at Austin will give that sign. We give our support to other colleges and our teams by raising our horns. It's symballic for our passion to change the world. By doing this, I think we have become well known for our symballic Horns. You know the saying, Hook 'Em!


UT Austin is best known for its diversity and desire to be all inclusive. It strives to unite the the student body with school spirit; anyone who goes to UT is proud to be a Texas Longhorn! Even though the school is massive, the plethora of organizations makes any student feel right at home. Every student will find his or her niche at the Forty Acres.


The University of Texas at Austin is renowned for the research that is conducted on its campus, and the possibility of student involvement in these projects.


Our school is best known for being BIG, texan, and a little bit liberal since it is Austin. But we are also very diverse and have many career and academic-minded individuals who come to us from all over the world. Also, we are known for being the UT Longhorns!


My school is best known for its school spirit, sports, academics, and fun. There are tens of thousands of people that attend this school and sometimes it can be very crowded. Overall, the atmosphere that UT is in is very lively; there is always somethng to do!


Hex Rally by far- its when whenever the UT- A&M football game is coming up. I don't really wanna describe it. Just go. The Fight Song at every football/basketball game. Lighting The Clock Tower orange whenever UT wins a game in sports.


Hex Rally by far- its when whenever the UT- A&M football game is coming up. I don't really wanna describe it. Just go. The Fight Song at every football/basketball game. Light The Clock Tower orange whenever UT wins a game in sports.


This school is best know for its excellent academics. Just about every degree there is, it is or has been ranked highly. It is a very good experience to be here and not only learn academically but about life as well. The campus is filled with numerous different backgrounds and cultures. I have learned so much here within the first semester. I have also learned how to speak formally to strangers and get to know them. I am so glad to have chosen The University of Texas at Austin.


I believe my school is best known for it's diversity in practically everything. whether it is students, majors, or entertainment we have something that appeals to everyone.


The University of Texas at Austin is best known for its quality academics, its football, its parties, and its size. Although the massive size of the student body may seem like a disadvantage at first, it can actually be quite beneficial. No matter what type of person you are, you can always find a niche at UT Austin because there are around 55,000 individuals who attend this school.


A high-quality education for an affordable price. It is a very large university, but difficult to get into.


It's best known for sports, but throughout the more academic world as the best undergraduate research institution.


The University of Texas at Austin is best known for it's heart and dedication to becoming career driven individuals, along with it's passion for Football.


This year, I'd have to say that The University of Texas at Austin is best known for sports. The football team made it to the BCS National Championship and as of right now, the basketball team is ranked number 2. I'd say most people in the United States follow college football or basketball, which is why UT Austin is so popular in their eyes. To me, it's a little ironic. Even though UT Austin has a top ranked business and engineering school, the main forte of UT Austin through the public eye is actually because of sports.




my school is best known for its sports program, especially football. in academics it is probably best known for its business school, the mccombs school of business.


The students at The University of Texas at Austin are known for their incredible school spirit. Each and every student "bleeds orange" from the day they walk on to the 40 acres until the day they die. I believe UT has one of the most diverse campuses and it is awesome to watch all 50,000 of us come together because of this one school.


What isn?t the University of Texas best known for? This university has so much to offer for every type of major and I am so honored to be a part of this school. Many of the colleges are known as one of the top in the United States, such as the McCombs Business School and the College of Communications. They are also known for the diverse culture of Austin. People travel from all over the country to attend this university and it gives the students an opportunity to learn about the other cultures from all around the world.


The University of Texas at Austin is a brand, an icon, for well known. UT is distinguished by its exemplary academics, large population and campus size, school spirit, burnt-orange and white, and of course the Texas Longhorns sports teams, especially football. Enough said.


My school is best known for both football and academics, being world renowned in both but excelling in all academic fields.


Texas is widely known for many things. It is an acredited University for my major (architecture), is ranked 5 in architecture schools in the nation, and is also one of the best universities for business. It is also known as being a university that offers a wide variety of majors and also a large variey of people that attend. Aside from excelling in academics, it is also known for its sports program, which 4 of its teams being ranked top 5 during its seasons.


My school is best known for its valued professors who are involved in the most recent research in their designated fields. They provide a better perspective and approach for their classes. Since they continually participate in events pertaining to their fields, they teach classes with a lot of enthusiasm.


Oh probably football and academiscs. You have to work really hard to get here and then continue to work hard. This isn't a school where you can slack off, even for a second. If you do it could ruin you academically and professionally.


Our school is best known for teaching and inspiring students that will one day have a large impact on the world in whatever field they choose to persue.


UT Austin is a huge research institution, which is both good and bad. There is always opportunities for research and getting involved in student organizations. On the other hand, the sheer size of the university and the funding increasingly poured into construction rather than financial aid can make it seem rather remote and indifferent. Also, Austin remains a diverse and dynamic community that defines the social environment and robust student life on campus.


My school is best known for great academic quality, pride in furthering education for everyone, and Longhorn football.


My school is very famous for its big ego and its football team. People go nuts on game days. Everyone you see on campus and the streets surrounding it is wearing burnt orange and it seems as if every square inch of ground is covered by tailgates. UT Austin is also known for its rambunctious after-parties.


UT-Austin is definitely best known for its athletic program, most notably football. The #2 ranked Longhorns will be playing in the BCS Championship game against #1 ranked Alabama, so that sure would be one of the most intense games all Texas students will be watching. UT may be known as a party school, but it is also considered one of the top public academic institutions. Various colleges, such as the McCombs School of Business and the Cockrell School of Engineering, are one of the top programs in the nation.


My school is best known for our football team and our tradmarked mascot, the Longhorns. We are mostly associated with the colors burnt orange and white. It is also very academically known and several international students come to UT to pursue their own post-secondary schooling. UT has very ambitious students and it is known for being competitive to get into.


My school is best known for its football team, the McCombs School of Business, and large but diverse student population. There is a lot of school pride and along with that, a strong alumni network. The business school is nationally ranked and attracts top students for its faculty, corporate sponsors, and program. Also, our student population is pretty diverse. Unfortunately, those of similar ethnicities will group themselves together, but for the most part, especially in the business school, we become culturally aware, which prepares us for the business world.


Football and being very liberal (unlike the rest of Texas).


UT-Austin is best known as the school with the student body that works hard and plays hard. There are an abundance of social activities, everything from clubs and professional organizations to join, to Greek life, to parties. Anyone can find a group to join. The variety of nightlife, for all ages, is a well-known trait of Austin. In addition, UT athletics is accomplished in many sports, and is a fun activity for athletes and non-athletes alike.


We are best known for research projects as well as football.


The school is best known for quite a few things. First there is its business school which is one of the top colleges in the nation. It is also known for pretty much all of its sports and also for being a "party" school.


Nationwide, I think people see the University of Texas at Austin as a very athletic university, but they also have respect for their academic programs. We are known for producing smart professionals and professional athletes.


UT is known for being prestigious and a party school.


opportunity, class choices and career services, spirit of individualism and self motivation, free spirits


Our great mix of athleteics and academics. When people come to the university they are uplifted with a great deal of school spirit. Everyone is eager to learn and watch the horns play (ie football, basketball, etc)




Texas Football.


The University of Texas at Austin is best known for it's football team.


Our football team, the Texas Longhorns!!!


school spirit, football, 6th street, business school


UT is best known for its excellence in many academic fields, and also its sports teams. It is known for being one of the largest schools in the nation, and one of the largest party schools in the nation.


Its size and its school spirit- especially regarding its football team.


very competetive in every school party