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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Fraternities and Sororities


Greek Life is really popular. Shout to my fraternity - Beta Chi Theta. There are tons of business organizations, medical organizations pertaining to practically every single field out there (AMSA - american medical student association is a pretty big one). Honor societies are everywhere, I myself being a part of Alpha Lambda Delta. There are hundreds of service orgs, one in particular that i love is a organization called S.M.I.L.E (The goal of S.M.I.L.E. is to help the children of the surrounding community to improve their quality of life; whether it is through playdates for those with extended stays at the hospital, tutoring, or helping to raise funds for those in need and more -- taken from the utexas student orgs website). There is a organization for EVERYTHING. You can find the weirdest organizations out there at UT, there's an org for everyone.


Greek Life is really popular. Shout to my fraternity - Beta Chi Theta. There are tons of business organizations, medical organizations pertaining to practically every single field out there (AMSA - american medical student association is a pretty big one). Honor societies are everywhere, I myself being a part of Alpha Lambda Delta. There are hundreds of service orgs, one in particular that i love is a organization called S.M.I.L.E (The goal of S.M.I.L.E. is to help the children of the surrounding community to improve their quality of life; whether it is through playdates for those with extended stays at the hospital, tutoring, or helping to raise funds for those in need and more -- taken from the utexas student orgs website). There is a organization for EVERYTHING. You can find the weirdest organizations out there at UT, there's a org for everyone.



Athletics are definitely the most popular on campus. Longhorn football prevails. In addition, all of the Greek organizations are popular as well. Although those are the large organizations, many small organizations and clubs are just as popular with the diverse student pool.


There are many different kinds of student organizations. Most students usually join groups that pertain to their major. For example, I am a nursing major and I'm in this organization called S.M.I.L.E. (Students Making Impact through Love & Empathy). It's a volunteer organization to mainly play with children who undergo chemotherapy. It's to make the environment feel normal rather than abnormal. We are currently hosting this huge philanthropy event called St. Baldrick's. We have people who volunteer to shave their heads to raise money for pediatric cancer research. There are many events, so there is always something to do every weekend.


Greek life is popular and hugely represented in flashy neon colors on campus, but there's plenty of other clubs to get involved in. The West Mall and the area in front of Gregory gym are usually filled with booths from different clubs: Women in Law, The White Rose Society, Learn to Be, FACE AIDS. It's difficult to walk to class without getting a pamphlet of some sort shoved into your hands. I think one reason for the proliferation of so many clubs on campus is because UT can be a frighteningly big school, and clubs are a great way to make a quick circle of friends as a freshman. As for me, I was lucky enough to get into a small, tight-knit honors program that hosted many social events. My dormitory, also small, encouraged an open-door policy, and that was how I met some of my closest friends - some of whom I plan to live with off-campus next year. We find plenty of activities and often visit each other's clubs' social activities. After going to my friend's intramural volleyball game, I met one of my now-coworkers and my current boyfriend. The social scene on weekends is filled with frat parties, but it's definitely not the only option for the party-minded person. There's always the crowds on Sixth Street downtown and numerous apartments on West Campus blaring music until 4 in the morning. If drinking isn't your style, there's a lot to explore in Austin. There's a movement here against the development of massive chain stores, so most of the places you encounter are family-owned or small places with a very unique kick. There's always something to find in Austin.


Once you are on campus or near campus, you might say the Greek life is prominent at UT. However, something like 11{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the school population is involved with Greek life. There are too many organizations for one to be dominant.


Student orgs can range anywhere from reading clubs, political groups, dance teams, martial arts, poetry clubs, athletic clubs, Quidditch teams (yes, as in Harry Potter "flying broomsticks" Quidditch), religious groups, etc. Dorm life is great, especially for new students who want to make a lot of new friends, but off-campus life is great too! Athletic events are a pretty big deal at this school (Go Horns!), but if you're not into sports that's ok too! If you're a morning person, there are some pretty cool guys and gals hanging out in the coffee shops and grassy lawns on or near campus. If you're a night owl like myself, this city pretty much never sleeps (whether you stay up to study or stay up to party, you can always find a buddy to tag along with). If you're privileged enough to be 21 and up, 6th street is the place to be. But if you're not, there is (literally) a live music show somewhere in Austin every night, parties that are alcohol free, sporting events, and tons of outdoor activities (my favorite is climbing the local hills or paddleboarding on Town Lake). If you come to this university, make sure you do some exploring throughout downtown and the local communities, you'll be amazed at what you find.


We have a very large Greek population on campus, so that cannot go unnoticed. With massive frat parties and huge sorority houses, it is not even possible to miss it. But then underneath the Greek presence, we have another social community on campus made up of Spirit groups. These groups are both male and female and all are Service, Spirit, and Social organizations. Very similar to Greek life, they are much cheaper and do not have houses. Each has a philanthropy, is very involved with school athletics, and we all like to have fun as well! I am in a 120-member all girls organization called Texas Lassos, and joining was probably one of the best decisions I could have ever made! I have made all my friends through this organization, and there is always something to do between the parties, service events, and sports games to attend!


I have never looked into any of the student activities or social life at UTD, so I dont have much information to respond with.


There's a wide selection of clubs to join. Drinking is a mainstay of social life, even seemingly innocent clubs will host at least two keg/club parties a semester. Apparently, the administration gives them funds to buy alcohol, which is AWESOME, or ridiculous, depending on how you look at it. Football games are awesome. And Austin provides plenty of opportunities.


Of course the biggest thing to do here is to go to a UT football game! Is an amazing experience that you'll never forget! You'll find it hard not to find something to do here.


I wasn't involved with too many organizations. The organizations were too small, very disorganized, pointless, or the people were relatively standoffish. The goals and atmosphere that each group set seemed too political, and too serious. People weren't having fun, getting to know each other, nor interested in starting new friendships. It's about opportunism and competition all of the time at University of Texas at Austin.


There are hundreds of organizations to join at UT! Texas has one of the largest Greek communities in the nation, with over 50 sororities and fraternities, tons of cultural clubs, academic clubs and social organizations. Getting involved in something is a great way to meet new people and a good way to find your niche in such a large school.


I love Alpha Phi Sigma. I have met a lot of friend through it and I attend a lot of social events as well as volunteer through them. For the upcoming year I have been elected the Volunteer Coordinator. I am crazy excited. :-). I look forward to meetings every week.


There are so many activities and organizations that it's impossible to talk about just one. One of the most prevalent one that everyone joins is the Texas Exes Student Chapter. UT has one of the strongest Alumni groups with chapters across the East Coast including Los Angeles, New York City, and Washington, D.C. Many students use this organization as a great way to network and communicate with Texas grads about advice with their profession and the "real world." Living on campus your freshman year is very important. It's the way most people meet their friends and the best way to get adjusted and really experience they college life. We have dorms ranging from single-sex to coed, to community bathroom to private bathrooms, as well as Jester Dormitory, the 2nd largest dormitory in the world, housing over 3,000 students. We have a lot of events that take place in the fall of every year. Gone to Texas is held the night before classes start for all incoming freshman and is like a welcome ceremony to the university. We also have the OU Torchlight Parade and the Texas A&M Hex Rally held before the Texas vs. Oklahoma game and the Texas vs. Texas A&M football game to kind of get everyone in the football spirit.


Pretty much any group you can think of has a home at UT. Because there are so many people here, there are plenty of opportunities to meet people and be social. Athletic events, especially football games are hugely popular. I also like the fact that we get Austin's Broadway shows right here on campus. There are things to do all the time. Enjoying Austin's nightlife and dining and recreation is a huge benefit to going to UT. There are a lot of things to do that don't involve drinking and there are people at UT that don't party as much.


Being in the Longhorn band has introduced me to some of my closest friends. By far closer than any friendship from high school. Also, there are more people than you think that don't have to have alcohol to have fun.


A group I was involved with worked on issues dealing with minorities and immigrants. Last weekend I went downtown. On a saturday night (when not drinking), I like to play board games with friends, see comedy shows, and go to Main Event/Dave n Busters.


UT Football. Much of campus life revolves around the events of the Longhorn football team. From tailgating to road trips to national chamiponships, UT football unites the student body.


There are plenty of activities and organizations on campus to keep everyone interested and busy. The social life is also very alive. Students love to go to parties and head downtown to 6th street on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.


greek life is very big on campus and a large number of people participate in frats and sororities. sprit groups are also popular and not as intense as going greek. ut does a good job of having interesting events on campus. guest speakers are usually people you would actually be interested in seeing. there are also concerts and other events.


learn a lot about yourself


Sixth street is fantastic and Austin's live music is incredible.


All councils in Greek Life are very popular - social, cultural, etc. I lived in Jester, the biggest dorm here, and students didn't seem to eager to meet their hallmates. The smaller dorms had a "homier" feel. People "party" at least 2-3 nights a week, but they could be just going downtown for a sober night of dancing.


Depending on the people you speak to, some students are more social then others. It seems that the more social a person is, the more involved they are in school activities. I for one am very involved with intramurals and making sure to play and lift weights on a daily basis so many of my friends are from that social scene.


Greek life is better here than anywhere else. Campus can be very involving too.


i love greek life. i am also involved with order of omega which takes people from all greek councils and brings them together as leaders in the greek community. i am involved with a few honors societies, although i have gone inactive because of stronger commitments to other organizations. texas exes is cool but i feel like most people just pay and get the tshirt and dont participate (myself included). if im awake at 2am on tuesday i've been at abels. but i normally dont stay there that late. i wish i did more on saturday nights that didnt involve drinking. i think that is easier in the middle of the semesters as well as at the end of fall semester when there is fun outdoor stuff with lights.


The greatest tradition in UT is longhorn football. That is probably the best thing there is to do during the semester. Everyone is psyched, and everyone is there to have a good time. UT football has been good the past years, and since they one the championship a couple years ago, love for this sport probably is greater than ever. Football season is just an awesome time.


I never lived in a dorm so I don't know much about that. Also, I never joined any organization I had to pay to be in. I always felt like I could make friends without paying to belong to a group where everyone was like me. I met most of my friends and boyfriends in class and through my brother who already attended UT before me. There is so much to do in Austin like going downtown, hanging at the bars on the drag, or going to a coffee shop. There's lots of music to listen to, and good places to eat. There are a lot of opportunities to be social, it's not hard at UT.


I am involved in Women in Medicine, and it is very helpful organization. UT is good place to get involved in things because they have groups for almost every type of person about everything.


There really isnt' one popular club or group on campus. it really depends on your interest. the college councils are very active in the academic experience. Spirit groups are very prevalent on campus. orange jackets and blazers are the official hostesses and hosts of the university. Student government is where all the fake wanna be politicians go. I'm involved with the liberal arts council, a group involved with latin american studies and a volunteer organization. Athletic events are very popular. guest speakers can be popular. the Dali lama came two years ago. I suck at the dating scene but everyone else seems to be paired off. I met my closest friends my first year in the dorms. probably doing last minute homework or absolutely nothing online. A&M hex rally. OU festivites. Running of the Horns 5K. The project. I would say that the people I associate with party often. fraternities and sororities are important to some. But my friends and I grew out of frat parties our second year. Last weekend I went home...but usually I go downtown. Watch movies or play boardgames. I live off campus


Athletic events are a big deal, especially football. The games are fun and the fans are plenty. 2am on a Tuesday and I am probably studying for a test or writing a paper. Close friends are met in the halls you live in. These people you will be eating with and seeing almost every day. Also friends of friends can quickly become part of your own close circle. The OU/TX game is a tradition, along with the Greek Round Up weekend. People party often, there is almost always something going on any given night, with the most exciting and busy nights being Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. There is an active frat/sorority scene, but those we are not part of a house are still in the majority and can find plenty of other things to do. There is a great music scene as well, so going to a concert or even a movie can be an alternative to drinking. The restaurants in Austin are also fun to explore. Off campus there is downtown (6th street), Greenbelt, Lake Travis, South Congress, shopping malls, fitness events, concerts. . . .pretty much anything you want, Austin has.


I do not know too much about ALL the groups/organizations/clubs/teams on campus. I am in a sorority and I know it is very hierarchical. They have the top 6 and some people seem to feel intimidated by this. I personally do not since I transferred from another school. I met my closest friends here at UT by running into them on the drag. I used to go to high school with them and it reignited old friendship flames. If I am awake at 2am on a Tuesday I am either leaving Cain and Ables, or up studying for a wretched test. Last weekend I went to my boyfriend's Cowboys' Formal and on a party barge the next day. I love to go to the Alamo Drafthouse on a Saturday night and get a $5 oreo milkshake if I am not in the mood to drink.


My social life consists mainly of the organizations I am a part of and hanging out with my friends in those organizations. The 2 organizations are Brothers Under Christ a Christian Fraternity and Texas Cowboys, a spirit and service organization.


Awesome selection of bars and clubs all located within walking distance of each other, plus as a student you get free transit with the city buses. Screw using gas money, I'd rather get drunk and have a good time with it. Also Austin offers a wide variety of outdoors activities including hiking, camping, rock climbing, cycling, inner tubing, and lots more. Plus being the live music capitol of the world, there are lots of venues that come into town. Basically, there is something for everyone.


There are lots of opportunities to join clubs and organizations. I would encourage one to get involved. But the most significant activities are football games.


I am involved in Liberal Arts Council and I love it. Keeps me occupied with school and events and recent issues that I want to know about around campus. If I am awake on a Tues, I am usually studying or reading. The frats and soroities are rather important to alot of students. Last weekend, I stayed in studying. Off campus I go downtown to party.


Love the football games and events that do bring everyone together. my sororitoy has beena good source of networking and meeting people


Sixth street is ridiculous. There are parties almost every night and Thursdays are by far the craziest night to get wasted.


Greek life is very big on campus.


The greek {4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} at UT may be small, but 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of 50000 kids is still a lot. The greek scene provides most of the social life at UT.


There are no certain groups/organizations that are the most popular. Greek life is pretty significant here, and it is something to take a look at. Lots of good partys, good looking girls... Students living in dorms should consider living in the honors quad or san jacinto. Most of the other UT dorms suck. I would consider living in an off-campus dorm for the first year.


I'm involved with a fraternity as well as the Texas Cowboys organization. My closest friends are mainly from these two organizations. Whether we are going out or just hanging around watching TV i spend most of my time with them. Athletic events, especially football games, are very popular. Most people's saturday's during fall semester revolve around the UT football game. Basketball, baseball, and other sports are not as popular, but still have lots of fans attending their games. Fraternities and sororities are great for those people that choose to be a part of them, but there are definately other ways to get invovled and meet people.


The city of Austin fosters many great activities for young people. Night life is good as well as outdoor activities. Fraternities and sororities are a good thing at UT as well.


There are many social organizations one can join, Greek and Non-greek, ranging from Lockpicking Club to Club LaCrosse


The fraternity scene is very prevalent and is very fulfilling


The most popular groups are those that are either the fraternities or sororities. I am involved in Texas Cowboys. We are a wide range of individuals that come together to serve the community and the UT campus. I met my closest friends through the Fraternity that I am in and through the dorm I lived in my Freshman year. Besides drinking, students can go bowling go to the movies, cook out, have a non alcoholic party, go dancing at midnight rodeo or the broken spoke or Copa.


The football game days and tailgates are among the best in the nation. We have a lot of support for our athletic programs and tons of alumni are always around.