The University of Texas at Austin Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person shouldn't attend UT if they're lazy and are not motivated to get a good education. UT is a very difficult and hardworking university, fit for those who have worked hard in order to get high GPA's and good grades. If you're one of the following: a "thug", a wannabe "gangster", person who thinks have "swag", or someone that's just plain lazy, then you're going to have a hard time here in Longhorn country. So I would suggest, go home and be the "special" kind of individuals you are.


If you're looking to be surrounded by a diverse group of talented individuals, then The University of Texas at Austin is for you


In the booming city of Austin, a very loud, social and exciting campus lies. For those who are quiet, reserved and timid, this might not be the place for you! The University of Texas at Austin is a very friendly place with kind students and faculty, but if you lack communication skills it would be better if you try your luck at a smaller campus.


Students shouldn't attend this school if they are not commited to working hard. UT at Austin is a top school in the country, so the work load may be large and difficult depending on the major. Students also shouldn't attend if they are looking for a smaller school. While there are many possibilities to join clubs and "shrink the school," it doesn't change the fact that UT is such a large school.


If you're an open minded student, then UT is the perfect school for you. Otherwise, don't bother. The university stresses discovery and opportunities. No lazy or pessimistic person would fit in such a traditonal foundation. You have to be willing to work hard, have big dreams, and have the courage to chase them. UT is no school for slackers. It takes dedication to be the good student and nothing less of it.


A person that doesn't like large classes, with students on average about 350 per class.


Social and well rounded. someone who can handle a lot of different social and academic activities.


People who aren't driven or willing to work hard. UT has a lot to offer the right kind of person: top of the line research facilities, respected faculty, innumerable organizations and activities, and an amazing location. If you're williing and able to take advantage of all the university has to offer, you'll be in great shape for the future.


Anybody from any background should be allowed to attend the University of Texas at Austin. This campus is extremely diverse and we welcome everyone. Though, one should be warned, you must work hard for what you want. The University of Texas at Austin is not just a blow off school where you can do whatever you want. But, if you have a dream or are hoping to figure out what to do in life, you are surely welcomed.


Anyone who might get lost in a sea of people, places and concepts. Also, anyone who is not inspired to put forth effort.


The University of Texasat Austin has a reputation of a party school, but what people might not consider is that it's a very academically driven college. If someone plans to come to come to UT and party the whole time without doing any studying or attending classes, then they should probably reevaluate their choice of college. UT is a lot of fun to attend, and there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself in downtown Austin and around campus, but all of those experiences mean nothing if you're not excelling in your classes first.


University of Texas is for any type of indiviudal.The diversity of people and personalities can allow for anyone to come to UT, and enjoy being there. The only thing that a person has to be prepared for it to do the work. At the end of the day going to college is for one thing, which is getting an education, so any individual who is not ready for that should not attend.


It's impossible to prevent it, but there are still traces of very racist white people. I haven't personally seen it, nor do really feel out of place, but there has been a recent incident that made me gawk at how such blatant discrimination could still be around.


Anyone who would like to get a great education should come here, no one should should be singled out (as in who should not attend). If you want to come, them come because here at UT we are acceping of all no matter what.


Anyone should be allowd at this school. It is one of the most diverse campuses, in my opinion. Just walking around the student organizations fair earlier this year, I was immersed in so many different cultures, and I'm smack dab in the middle of Texas. The other campuses I visited weren't as diverse as UT. And that is something very important in modern society. Especially in George W's backyard, where other Americans stereotype Texas as a ranch land where we all ride horses to school and hate African Americans.


Someone who is uncomfortable being around many people, or looking to attend a small school should not attend this school. UT Austin is a large school with many sudents, and anywhere you go on campus you will usually see a lot of students.


Anyone should attend this school. This school is for dreamers and this school is for achievers. I started out with nerves higher then high heels, pinned with some red apple blush and a dress shorter than a little girl. I wanted the attention of anybody and I would go anywhere to find it. It was intimidating to go to the school . But the thing is, anyone who goes to this school is good at what they do. Nothing will change that. So anyone who doesn't believe in themselves, shoudn't go here.


People who are looking for small classes and a quiet town should not attend UT Austin. There are over 50,000 students crowding the campus alone. Then there's the rest of Austin, which is a major city with a lot going on and a lot of people living and working there. It works for some people, but definitely not everyone.


Those people who are scared of very big places or being around many people should definitely cross The University of Texas at Austin of their list of college choices. Also, those students who require a lot of one-on-one time with their teachers/professors would not prosper here where the class can get very large and the professors, for the most part, do not know the names of any of the students in their classes.




Students who attend Texas are well-rounded students who are willing to put in the extra effort and follow the life motto of "work hard, play hard."


In my opinion, this university welcomes any and all students who are undoubtedly willing to strive for nothing short of perfection. Whether they wish to study fashion, engineering, pharmacy, entrepreneurship, etc., all they need is commitment to excel. A person with morals, values and a strong self worth and motivation is exactly what the University of Texas at Austin needs.


The minute you step on the acclaimed "40-acres" you will get a sense of how unbelievably large the campus actually is. With the size of the campus, comes the size of the student body, which happens to be larger than 50,000 students. The 50,000 other students are not only peers but they are competition. A shy student who is looking for a tight-knit community in their college most likely should not attend this university.


The kind who can get "lost" easily. Im from a small town and the city sort of ate me alive.


There are definetly UT and A&M people. UT is more liberal and more about music and arts whereas A&M is more conservative and "old school."


Honestly this school is so diverse that any qualified student should attend and therefore completely enjoy it. The University of Texas is a great campus for people from all backgrounds to enjoy a wonderful style off learning. The only kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is one who can't handle a challenge and one who doesn't enjoy being pushed to extend their knowledge. All in all, UT is absolutely great for almost each and every individual.


A person not looking to further their education, challenge themselves in order to further themselves, or has no interest in Public Universities.


Someone who wants small classes and a small population Aggies Sooners


A lazy and unwilling to work hard type of person should not attend this school. I value the University of Texas and believe that the staff there puts forth all their effort to make this a collegiate, professional school. If a person is lazy and unwilling to try their best, then the Univeristy of Texas is not a school for them. The University of Texas offers great courses, tremendous experiences and activities for you to encounter. If a student is not willing to further their education level without making a lot of effort, this person won't succeed there!


Someone who is not willing to spend a significant amount of time in the classroom, and outside the classroom studying and doing homework no matter what the field of study.


UT is a very diverse school that consists of 50,000 undergraduate students. This provides one with a huge range of potential friends, but herein lies the problem. There are so many students and classes are huge. This makes friendships hard to form. I think that a student unwilling to put themselves out there and make the first moves toward friendship would not enjoy their time at UT.


I don't think this campus discriminates their students; people of all kinds attend this school, and they usually find some outlet to socialize or to express themselves. UT is also smack-dab in the middle of downtown Austin, but there are quieter places on campus if the social scene doesn't appeal to a particular person


Honestly, the campus here is wonderful. The students and faculty are so entirely helpful and friendly. Anyone that dislikes large communities or a big campus might disagree, but even in the crowd one can feel like their own person out to change the world. Degrees here do take hard work and planning, so a passionate attitude must be had. Any student that is unwilling to put an effort into school work should look elsewhere.


With over 50,000 students located in a very liberal city, students who hold extreme moral and religious convictions should think twice about attending a school with such a vast amount of diversity. Along with those who may find Austin a bit on the liberal side, those who prefer a smaller class size and more one-on-one time with professors should use caution when selecting this school because, especially with general education, class sizes can exceed 300 students. One might find themselves lost with the vast amount of people and feel more comfortable at a smaller school.


Someone who doesn't like big classes or having to seek out extra help to find the answers you need.


People should only attend if they are able to handle hard work and if they are organized.


Anyone who is not willing to work hard or willing to experience many different cultures and backgrounds probably would not like attending the University of Texas at Austin. The atmosphere at this school is so diverse and so creative that, if one chooses to come here, one is forced to both observe and respect all of the diversity. Also, being such a competitive school, one must be willing to work hard and determined to succeed to their fullest capacity.


They type of student who shouldn't attend The University of Texas at Austin would be someone who is not open- minded in personal views including: religion, sexual orientation, politics, etc. Because the university consists of around 60,000 students and faculty and is located in Austin, Texas, people should expect diversity and a willingness to understand others who are different from themselves. This is not saying that a student will not find other who are similar to themselves. This university promotes diversity, and a student would definitely be uncomfortable if they refuse to accept diversity.


Someone who is easily distracted from their studies


The person who wants to learn, succeed through a hard work and be a role model to others. The person who is willing to help others to succeed. The person who wants to make a difference in the world by obtaining a knowledge-tools in order to make that happen.


Someone who is not independent, motivated, and self-reliant should not attend the University of Texas at Austin. This is big school in a big city, with lots of huge lecture classes for the roughly 40,000 undergraduates that attend it at any time. It's easy to get lost in the crowd and fall behind.


Don't waste your money if you are just interested in partying You can work at a bank or retail store and party until the cows come home. UT is a place to define your life, mold your interests and create an atmosphere of learning. Not to say that it won't be fun...but mature individials will get far more out of the experience as opposed to immature play-minded individuals.


Someone who is highly conservative, is not open to different belief systems, does not approve of homosexuals nor individuals' unique sense of style, does not like to be around a lot of happy strangers that will likely smile at you, wants a smalltown feel...


Someone who is afraid of big campuses, someone not very open minded, high-strung people, someone who does not like being around a lot of people, someone who doesn't like wearing burnt orange


A person who would really prefer small classes and more communication with a professor shouldn't attend this school. Most of my classes have 1 professor for a class ranging from 80 to almost 300 students. These classes are usually given in auditoriums. So if you want a smaller students to professor ratio, it's gonna be tough getting it here.


The only type of person that shouldn't attend this school is some one who is not focused on completeing their studies. Why waste your time and money going to this school if you are not focused on your education.


Students that are not prepared to put in about 3 hours of study time per week per class they are taking shouldn?t attend UT Austin. UT Austin is a quite demanding school. It is not easy to be a successful student if you are not dedicated and if you do not feel comfortable sitting in the library, reading your textbooks. Other than that, UT Austin is an amazing, world renowned university with endless opportunities that every prospective college student should consider.


person who doesnt deal with stress well, unsocial, unspirited., closed minded.


There really isnt anyone that wouldnt like this school unless you refuse to like it. There's all different kinds of people from a million backgrounds so its pretty sure that you will find someone that likes to do the same things that you do. There isnt a single reason I can think of that should deter anyone from attending.


If you are a outgoing person who likes to get involved then this is the place for you. Also if you are very big on athletics, especially football, then you should go here. If you don't mind 100 plus students in your classes and don't mind over 50,000 students then this is the place for you.