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Great administration, couselors great preparation for the real world.


What's unique about UTDallas is that they are connected with UT southwerten's medical school which is a really big deal for the people that want to follow the medical school route because everyone knows how challenging it is to get into a program and simply by going to UTDallas you already increase your chances of getting in. Something else unique is that we have one of the best chess teams in Texas!


The teachers are very open for students to communicate with. The fact that this is a small school has made it sort of advantageous to me because it has helped me ease into the class better and understand it better.


UTD has a grea reputation for being a great business school. A lot of the professors had real world experience so it was great to get their perspective in their related field. In adition to being one of the top schools in the nation, it is ideally located in North Dallas for working students.


It is a large school with many academic programs. The staff is diverse and helpful. Along with the many academic programs, the student life at UTD is growing and very lively. There are always events going on somewhere on campus, and it is easy to meet new people in your field of study.


Over all UTD has a good name, for what reason? I am unaware.


No school is perfect. The thing that I dislike the most about UT Dallas is the grading scale. You can earn a plus or minus for each grade, and that influences your GPA. It makes it very challenging to keep a high GPA. It also makes it difficult to compare my GPA to that of a student at another school. At the same time, that does make UT Dallas more academically challenging and competitive.


Campus is beautiful now that construction is complete.


Awesome school with great professors and students


UTD is the ultimate college experience!!!


UTD gives amazing financial aid packages to students. If you are in a really bad financial situation, they will typically cover all of your tuition, fees, and books. They did for me.


UTD is a growing university and the students are focused in studying and becoming successful. Students are in different organizations and volunteer within organizations as well. The university embodies learning as well as implementation outside the classroom.


One thing I am not satisfy is that there is not a English writing class for international students.


Those are the truth that I have experienced by myself!


The construction is every where, dun know it is a good thing or a bad one LOL.


Good school


Overall a great school...value for money


Overall, this school is a great place to get an education. The people and teachers are all nice and very understanding. The school is also really good at giving out free stuff to students. I have already received five free t-shirts already.


The professors are very erudite, intelligent and with a broad professional experience from the business world.


UTD is cool and I love SOM. I always feel lucky since I made a bright decision when selecting which university to attend one year ago. I appreciate all of you, who have been helping me. Thank you!


UTD is a commuter school. This will change in a few years, but most people on campus aren't really ON campus. Most people come to UTD to get their degree to progress their careers.


I recomend the UT Dallas School of Management to everyone who wants to advance academically and profesionally.


The School of Management at UTD has really great academic programs combined with some really experienced professors, thus making it a great school. All Classes I've taken so far constantly reiterate concepts I've taken in previous classes, helping me relate all fields of business together. I also really enjoy it when instructors use real world examples, because those are what really help when it comes to understanding.


This is a great school. MBA ranks among top 50 nationwide. It is a great experience for me to come here.


Being a mom and out of studies for sometime , i was scared and worried when i decided to join UTD. but joining UTD is one of my best decisions in life. i will ever be grateful to UTD and it will be a special part of my life always.


If you are looking for a good education, I would recommend UTD. However, if you are looking for the "college experience," I wouldn't recommend UTD.


Great school and will only get better. Ten years from now everyone will want to attend UTD.


UT Dallas is a really good school. It has myriad opportunities for any student looking to get a great education while getting involved in groups on campus.


UT Dallas is awesome because you can make it tailor to what you want your University experience to look like. It also has the ability to push you out of your comfort zone with the diverse student body.


UTD should work on the parking situation since it is a commuter school. I cant tell you how many times i have seen random buses parked sideways taking up five spots or cones blocking spots. Tell the worthless UTD cops to do their "job" and move these idiots off of the lot that students pay OVER $100 FOR!!!


UTD is getting better and better!


Great full time curriculum.


The biggest complaint leveled against UTD is that, unlike other colleges, they don't have a football team. The truth is, I'm happy we don't have a football team, because that means every cent of tuition goes to academics and the students, and not to building a stadium or some other program only a select few have access to.


Funny rap introducing School of Management at The University of Texas at Dallas


UTD demands a high level of student participation in each class I have attended. To pass graduate school classes requires a minimum of a "B" in the courses. I am aware of only a small percentage of students who fail to achieve that level of learning. The work is demanding but rewarding. Many of the people in my social circle outside school have made comments to me about their impression of the UTD School of Management as a highly respected institute of business- concentrated higher education.


UTD has very innovative programs to help students get through tough classes, including PLTL (Peer Led Team Learning) weekly meetings where you and your peers work through difficult problems together, SIs (Student Instructors) which are students that have already taken the class and exceled who hold review sessions to help you understand concepts being taught, TAs (Teacher Assistants) that know what the professor is looking for and will push you in the right direction, Math and Writing Labs where instructors will help develop your skills in weak areas, and a Success Center to help with any academic difficulties.


UTD is unique in that it was established in the sixties. Because the school is fairly new, there is a ton of construction to account for the huge increase in enrollment. Also, there is very little tradition. The mascot was stolen from the Special Olympics. Our alma mater is lame and we link our pinkies when we sing it. Once my friend yelled out "U T D WOOSH!" to see how many people in the cafeteria would make the nazi-looking gesture unique to UTD, and only one person timidly did so. There isnt much enthusiasm for the school.


We're very oriented on the sciences, math, and engineering. Our science professors are very open to research ideas and allowing us research experience without pre requisites and as novices.


Strong educational programs, beautiful campus, close to home, fun environment and diverse staff.


My school focuses on the sciences and business. Any other department, does not have an extremely strong program, granted the programs are still really good compared to most. We have the most outlandish mascot, the comet. There is practically no school spirit; we do not even have a football team. However, we have a really good soccer program.


It's very academically challenging, however there's enough drive from your teachers and other students to want to make you succeed. Also a lot of money is given in the form of scholarships, that many students are recieving some, if not a full ride, in scholarships. It's not too crazy as far as drinking and partying, however there's still a moderate amount. Peer pressure isn't really bad here, and everyone gets along fairly well.


The location of the school makes it easy for working adults to go back to school and earn their degree. They offer a wide range of night classes to help adult students..


This is the best college I have attended!


It doesn't have much of an athletics department.


UTD is very generous with financial aid. I'm personally here on full scholarship, as are many others. It also has a strong student exchange program with India, so the campus is very culturally diverse.


UTD is not only small but unique in that it has a different environment all together. For example, I'm in a sorority but greek life at UTD is nothing and I mean nothing like at other universities. For one absolutely no greek housing because of Richardson laws. Also, we do bus parties where the event is an undisclosed location in which you must get on and off a bus to attend. Also, the campus as a whole is genuinely interested and campus involvement and providing events for students to attend and get to know one another.


THERE'S NO FOOTBALL TEAM!!! This creates a much more informal sports environment and helps keep the focus of college on academics rather than social life, which is WONDERFUL and very needed. Breath of fresh air. Also, the undergraduate program system is all relatively new, so there are no traditions really, which means that students can change or create whatever they want so as to provide themselves with a better college experience.


Research oppurtunities on campus allow students to go from undergrad to grad while preparing them in their senior year for graduate work. Considering the campus has a unique one of a kind labratory for engineering students, and the fact that most of the students are either engineering or business, its nice to fast track straight into grad school from your senior year. That along with the atmosphere, as well as the unique landscaping of the campus, its open considering its contained in the DFW metroplex. In a stark contrast to the University of Texas at Austin.


Well, UTD was my first option! It was close to home, and right in the heart of Dallas. There are close affordable apartments around campus, and places to shop! I am still only about an hour from home here. There is also a lot of places to look for work. I work right across the street from campus, because I have to work full time to pay for school. It's right down the road from Dallas night life and Addison night life. I love UTD! Texas A&M Commerace was another I considered.

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