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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Yes, for the most part a huge portion of the student body is Asian or Middle Eastern.


To a certain extent, the stereotypes are accurate. In the sense that UT Dallas students seem to be very focused on their studies and a number of them do live off campus. We do have dorms on campus and are building more. Most freshmen that I know live on campus. We also have fun here at UTD. We have a great theater department and there is always something exciting happening. It is a very balanced life.


they used to be, and for commuters life may be boring but if you live on campus then its definitely a fun school - especially if your into greek life. and our school is spending a LOT of money to look nice and have better landscaping and so far its made TREMENDOUS improvements!


Not completely!!


Yes they are. UTD has a lot of abnormally smart students.


No, we party as much as we study. Life at UTD is amazing in both ways.


Pretty accurate. We have fun, though, too. We play pool and watch movies. There are parties, but a lot of students just don't go unless it is sponsored by a University group/organization. They don't want to be around drugs, alcohol, etc. I still think its funny that if you go on campus on Sunday (because I live off campus) more students are in the library studying than in the Student Union playing games or watching TV. Still, I'm glad that I go to a school that is more academically focused than the other choices. It makes me feel like I'm getting my money's worth.


We are very culturally diverse, in all of the school. I think the nerdy, gamer boy is more accurate for the Engineering and Computer Science school, but not in Management. In the School of Management there may be a few, but most students are not lazy or dumb.


Well, students here do seem to study and work hard. They care about their grades and want to succeed.


Yes. I still remember when I first came here in Fall semester 2009. Before the semester started around two weeks, most students started buying textbooks and stationary and got ready to study. Some of my friends emailed professor inquiring about the course materials and the professor was very helpful to answer all the questions by phone. And when the semester began, most classed I enrolled were full of students who always asked questions and actively participated in the class. Professors always opened for students to ask questions. That impressed me.


No, you bump into a lot of different kinds of people at UTD and there are so many activities on campus at all times tht you never can get bored.


Sure they are.


Not at all . I strongly differ from this stereotypical frame of mind as in my experience the school is actualy better than other schools in the area and provides a much better value.


The stereotype is accurate most students go to school as well as work full time.


This stereotype is completely wrong, I have meet dozens of students who are involved on campus with many fun activities. In addition, anyone can start a student organization on campus.


Yes, I think the stereotypes are extremely accurate if you look at the overall body of work from the student body.


Yes, the students’ background and professional practice are diversified, which enables you to gain valuable experience and knowledge about the globalizing business world. In the learning process you are involved not only with great minds from the academic world, but also with very successful business people, some of which are you teammates.


for the most part they are! we do have a lot of nerdy kids, but at the same time most of these students have a laid back side to them and want to kick back and have a good time, really get a true college experience. This can be seen through the rapid growth of student life and development here ta UTD over just the last 5 years alone.


Absolutely. Although I am Chinese and can not speak English very well, I still got known lots of people from different countries. My American friends tough me not only how to improve my spoken English, but also the native cultures in Texas, which enabled me to get used to this new environment very quickly.


The school is filled with intelligent students and everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. With the construction going on it does not feel like a traditional campus like atmosphere, but after Spring 2010 that will change for sure.


yes, as student i face it daily.


Very accurate


Not at all... Altough UT Dallas is a relatively young university, it is a very well established institution... specifically the UTD School of Management offers great and rigorous academic programs that prepare students for success in the work place. Aditionally, with its increasing success, the University's School of Management has important expansion plans to accomodate the growing student population.


I believe so. All my classmate are all very smart and hardworking. They contribute a lot in class.


Yes. When you walk into the library, you can see there are a lot of studying groups. Students are discussing their studies and helping each other solve the problems. We know the importance of cooperation. I think it is really useful for alumni network.


the communter part is.




Yes, to a certain extent.


I would have to agree that these stereotypes are accurate.


Students at UTD have alot of options when it comes to organizations and groups to join, so there is not a shortage of ways to make friends on campus. As for international student misconception, only 21% of undergraduate students are international.


In reality, only 21% of the UT Dallas population is international students. Although many think UT Dallas does not have a campus life, you will find many students are very involved on campus. Of course the school is geared toward introverted science students, but the variety of majors and students is currently being revolutionized.


There are cool people on campus, you just have to join organizations to find them.






To an extent yes this is true. UTD students are extremely bright and they are driven. Many people are working or interning at the same time so they take their education very seriously, especially in the School of Management.


Absolutely not. We here at UTD enjoy our video games and animated escapes, but we are a friendly, open university with a diverse population which contributes to our well-roundedness as a whole. The students here are focused on academics, but there are a variety of organizations and sports clubs which appeals to many different interests.


This isn't true. There is definitely the fair share of work (which is a good thing, because if your school isn't making you work for your rewards, then you're really paying them for a piece of paper that says you earned something, but didn't learn anything). However, this is a great school to establish networks through. There are many professional forums, and social activities that allow students to not only attend but also participate and interact in.


Yes. You cannot walk up to a UTD student and make a point without justifying the point with facts. The students make the best use of 5 Ws and 1H. UTD students to derive rather than jump into inferences.


Yes, walk through the campus and you will see students everywhere in study groups, where you can make life long friends. That is one of the great perks of the school. They encourage students to form study groups and help each other learn material, what one knows the other may have trouble, so you get to teach each other. They also provide places for study labs and library meeting rooms, and it does make a big difference in your grade. You have a great opportunity to learn with like minded people that have gone to college to prepare for their next stage of life.

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