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What are the academics like at your school?

K Kishore

We have a mixture of courses at the university, for medicine to engineering and all the way to business. Our business school is one of the top business school all over the world and i do my masters from there. The class participation is good but it all also depends on various other factors such as class size, faculty making students to participate. My fav class is the cloud computing, one of the best ever i had during my lifetime.


They're great. I mean, the core classes are huge, but eventually it does get pretty small and almost personalized once you get to the classes specific to your major, (at least that's how it is for my major, Criminology), and that's very beneficial to me. Although in those classes participation is common, so if you're shy like me, you'll have to leave that outside the classroom. And the professors are always willing to talk to you during office hours; I really do feel that they want us to succeed.


They are very humorous and knowledgeable.


Do professors know your name? This one varies between schools and classes. School of Management (what I'm in) professors are pretty good about getting to know students. I know that a lot of Natural Science & Mathematics and Engineering & Computer Science majors complain about unreachable professors. What are you favorite/least favorite classes? Favorite: Business and Public Law with Matt Polze Least Favorite: Statistics for Management with Dr. Koshevnik How often do students study? This one also varies between majors and classes. From personal experience I can say that business majors study at least 5 hours a week on average. Engineering, computer science, pre-med and math majors seem to study more often than that. Arts and Humanities majors seem to study the least (maybe not at all?). Is class participation common? In lower level/introductory classes, participation is quite common. In upper level classes, participation is less common, but there are more opportunities for extra-curricular involvement that students are expected to take. Do the students have intellectual conversations outside of class? Of course they do. Like any school, UTD has students who are passionate about learning both inside and outside the classroom. Are students competitive? The international students are extremely competitive. Scholarship students also really care about their grades. There are, obviously, some students who seemingly come to college to flunk out. How is your major/department? I'm an Accounting and Finance double-major in the School of Management (and Management Honors Program). The SOM is one of UTD's highest ranked departments, and the accounting and finance programs are the school's highest ranked majors. Accounting & Finance students are highly motivated, and I haven't met one who was dissatisfied with their degree. Do you spend time with professors outside of class? I actually do spend a fair amount of time with professors outside of class. Because I'm involved in Student Government, the Management Honors Program, and the one-off competitions I like to participate in, I meet with professors on a regular basis. IS the education at this school geared towards getting a job, or learning for its own sake? UTD is a research school geared towards getting students jobs in innovative industries.


Academics are no joke here at UTD. To graduate with a good GPA you will have to dedicate a significant amount of your time studying and preparing for class, it's not enough to simply attend class here. Participating in class is common and if you do so professors will learn your name. I am an accounting major. Accounting is one of our schools specialties if your interested in accounting I would highly recommend majoring in it.


Absolutely none of my professors know my name, even in classes where there is ten kids. My favorite class was Differential Calculus because the teachers loved what they were doing and were more than willing to help. My least favorite classes were the Freshman Rhetoric Class that they require all students to take because it was just a burden of unnecessary assignments. I also disliked Geology because the professor was only there for research money and otherwise hated his job. Class participation is extremely low due to the 300+ people classes. The intellectual conversations at UTD are about how to solve their homework, nothing else. Students are competitive, so competitive that a number of them will not explain something they understand, to help you succeed, The only professor I have seen outside of class is my Calculus professor and he was helping students with math. The academic requirements are absurd, you will most likely be taking three different prerequisites to finally be able to enroll in a required course for your major. The curriculum at UTD is not geared toward getting a job, it is more towards learning.


UT Dallas has an amazing Accounting and Information Management program. The curriculum is designed to help you succeed in the world of accounting by allowing you to see the scope of what accountants can offer society. There are multiple ways to get actual experience during the program. One way is the Professional Program in Accounting. It includes an internship and exclusive classes that you take with others in the PPA. It allows you to earn a BS and a MS in 5 years and prepares you for the CPA exam.


Our library NEEDS to be open 24 hours a day


UTD's academic life is amazing! All of my professors know my name, that's how small the classes are! Students generally study a lot here, but that doesn't mean there isn't any free time to hang out or go to any of the events that the SUAAB organizes! UTD's education is definitely geared toward getting students a very competitive job!


Most of my professors know my name. Accounting is my favorite, Math classes are very difficult here because it is a math and science school. Students are extremely competitive. There's a Harry Potter class here that is very unique. The business department is very nice and helpful in getting you a career. UTD academic requirements are very high but at the same time, attainable. UTD helps students get jobs because of a very active career department.


Even in the largest classes, my professors have shown interest in their students and make an attempt to know your name. I have found professors very approachable and willing to help. Professors have been even willing to coach me and give me the training I need to succeed. I strongly recommend to get to know your professors. The students are great as well. There seems to be a healthy balance of both study and campus life. Discussions can even extend outside the classrooms.


The faculty of UTD is the best part of UTD Academic life. I have never seen such energetic and experienced teachers in my life.


UTD is a young university, but you know what, young means potentiality, I firmly believe that this university will grow into the kind that you expect! This semester I chose the course"Financial statement analysis" and I really appreciate professor Daniel Cohen, wish all the people choose to attend his class!!!


Professors typically do know my name, and if they see you outside of class, they are very adamant about talking with you. I'm a business major and I absolutely love it! The professors for The School of Management are optimistic and so enthusiastic about teaching. They teach quickly and efficiently.


Professors all seem to know the students by name and are usually interested in hearing the student's perspective as well. Most favorite class was CPA Review Class with Liliana Hickmann-Riggs. She is an outstanding professor and helps students prepare for the CPA examination with strong intensity and motivates students. Students are extremely competitive. The most unique class I took was Oceans. Majored in finance for undergrad and Accounting for grad school. UT Dallas is geared strongly at learning and being able to implement learning outside the classroom setting. It is one of the modern universities that has traditional learning and implementation of learning.


I have enjoyed instructors from all around the world to gave us useful lectures. You can not just learn knowledge, you also can learn different culture from the way the instructors behave. The School of Management provide high quality business related courses. For me, the on campus CPA review courses are very helpful.


I am a part of the Masters in Supply Chain Management which is a relatively new field and there are only a handful of Universities offering this specialization. The Professor roster is extremely good with a good mix of Industry experience and Full-Time Professors from Top Universities in the United States.


Majoring in supply chain management, there are diversify group of student, from Asia, North America and Africa. Students who I know come from various background i.e. Engineering, Economics, Finance and Science.About professor I have taken classes with, they are all expertise in their areas. Also, they are enthusiastic to share knowledge to class, and care if students have learned the topics or not.


I'm not going to lie, classes here can be tough, but with proper studying you will do fine. Some classes are larger than others but most of the teachers WANT to know their students names. All of the professors I have had have always been helpful and available after class hours for help. They genuinely want us to learn and provide other examples if we don't understand the first time.


Even though, many classes require students to do weekly assignment and to have quizzes and exams throughout the semester, I can handle them with helps from professors as well as my classmates. The good things about studying in School of Management, UTD are that professors have shown themselves as hard work people and well-prepared for classes and the students also have to be ready to get as much as information from lectures. I not only learn from textbook but also from the experience from the professors as well as classmates who have working experience.


Since the classes are smaller, professors do get to know your name and they make sure you are learning the material. They go out of their way to help you understand the concepts. It is a very competitive school and honestly you must work hard in all classes to get an A. If you feel you can handle a job as well as the school load, they offer many job opportunities and internships on campus, many of which can be found in the career center.


UTD is an awesome school with lots of opportunities, and great professors.


I am a part time MBA student and do not spend much time on the campus but the campus has a very convenient layout..The admin staff has been helpful...The students should feel more pride in the school.


The level of study required to get decent grades is very reasonable..I work in a very fast paced work environment but am able to manage the study load. The academic requirements are strict but flexible enough to provide ample opportunity to students to excel. I have taken a few very good classes in the field of Operations/Project/Finance management.


Most professors know you by name especially if you go see them in their office. My favorite class is Corporate Politics and Society. My least favorite class at UT Dallas would be Accounting/Finane classes. I feel classes at UTD are challenging and prepare you for career objectives later on in life. Academics is a number one priority at UTD at it shows through the faculty as well as the students.


I personally enjoyed most of my classes at UT Dallas. Most teacher are very knowledgeable and have real world experience. However, there are a few teachers who have heavy accents and make the lectures difficult to understand.


My favorite class that I have taken while at UTD is BA 3301 Employment Law. The professor made the class really fun to attend. The learning experience was definitely worthwhile. Many of the students are competitive, considering many of them are international students. School of Management is the largest school at UTD, more than half of the students who attend UTD are in the school of business. UTD has a very high standard for academic requirements, which speaks volumes about its reputation in comparison to other schools in Texas.


The professors encourage a close relationship with the students, so that the teaching process continues after the course completes. The projects, which are common for each class, enhance your practical application of the knowledge and outside the class professional interactions.


In my opinion, most UTD students are very smart and hard-working. Whenever I go to library or student union, I can find some of my classmates are doing homework, reviewing the class or discussing projects assigned by the professors. I always remind myself that I should work harder and harder so that I will not fall behind.


Professors have really interesting discussions in class, whether they relate to the class or not. There are lots of opportunities to take good classes and they prepare you well for what you need to know in the future.


Lots of professors will know your name as long as you speak up. My favorite class by far is my International Business class. There is a lot of dialogue and is well organized. My least favorite by far is STAT 3360. It is the most useless statistic course you will ever come across in your college career.


Many professors know my name, i am very active. All the classes offered in school of management are my favorite classes.


Professors with real industry experience, who truly know what they are talking about.


The SOM has successfully dispelled some preexisting ideas I had about college courses. The way it's built up, I was inclined to assume that I'd be packed into a room filled with hundreds of people and I'd never have an opportunity to even meet a professor. On the contrary, I've personally spoken to and known the names of every professor I've ever had. Each one shows a consistent, genuine interest in their student's learning. The classes are difficult, but ultimately rewarding. And you can be sure that if you're having trouble with anything, your professors are available and eager to help


The academic life is not too bad, personally i dont care much for a personal relationship with teachers. but at the same time they are real ope


The professor here can always remember your name and skilled in there aspect. They teach us in a practical way and always be combined the job market.


Professors at UT Dallas really care about their students. The professors are very interested in making sure the students are learning. The professors also are very good at integrating their real life working experiences in their lectures.


UT Dallas is considered to be one of the top business schools in both Texas and the nation. It makes me feel good to know that I am getting a degree from a school that is recognized as being one of the best. It also makes me feel confident that I will get noticed by employers after I graduate and am looking for a job.


I am a SOM student and I do learn a lot of new knowledge here. Professors are really friendly and patient. These two characteristics are very helpful for international students. In addition, the director in my program often provides students with intern information. In other words, staff and faculty at UTD really care of students. They do their best to offer you a place to learn.


The professors are very helpful and they are willing to take time to help you on your study. The e-learning system is great and it helps you communicate better with professors and keep you updated on the study.


The business school is a great place to learn. Im new to the major coming from a nursing student at UT so everything is a challenge to learn but its interesting information. The professors come from experience in the real world which is good to relate to. Most classes you dont have to attend and they post slides up online. But since i am a senior a lot of my upper division classes require you to come to class and participate a lot. I love the international classes i am taking because it opens up my mind to different situation and opinions of other people.


I am a very academic oriented person and i enjoyed all my courses in UTD. Marketing being a new subject for me, i learned a lot for the courses offered. This MBA degree gives me the confidence to go anywhere and do my job.


UTD is known for its great academics and accreditation and it has definitely earned that reputation. Its not a blow off school, you will learn and you'll learn a lot. But not because it's hard, but because the professors want you to learn. Most professors know you by face if not by name if you simply come to class. But if you go to office hours and talk to them they will remember you. There is an excellent opportunity to learn and do well at UTD.


I have had a lot of really great professors. They are always willing to help out and they actually care about what you get out of their class. Class sizes are fairly small. The School of Management has a really nice facility. A lot of focus is geared toward getting a job


Overall, I am very content with the classes and professors I've had at UT Dallas. The professors really know their subject, and they are very enthusiastic about teaching. They really prepare you for the "real world." The students on campus are also great. Everyone here is very intellectual which makes classes very competitive and challenging. As a result of this, UT Dallas' academic requirements are very demanding.


Surprisingly, even my professors in my large classes remember my name. They also take an interest in how I perform and in my grades. I have found that talking to professors in their office hours helps me as well. Depending on the class, the number of hours needed to study can vary.


Surprisingly, my professors in my large business classes know my name. I am even one of the more quiet less interactive students that you will encounter. I find students take pride in their grades and studies here at UT Dallas. The intellect of the average student here is very high.


Some of the general education courses are really too large for that personal feel, but that is generally the way it is at all schools. Once you begin to get into your major classes, especially your upper level, things thin out and there is plenty of room for one on one.


The Business School is geared toward getting a job. They hold career fairs and have helpful staff in the career center.


CLasses are interesting and provide a great learning channel.

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