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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Spring 2015


There are many groups/clubs on campus for students to join, academic or extracurricular.


What are the most popular groups/organizations/clubs/teams on campus? Student Government, Rugby Club, Ultimate Frisbee Club, the different honors programs, and the various cultural/religious student organizations. Tell us about a group you're involved with. I joined Student Government as a freshman. I'm really glad I did so because it got me involved, got me a job as a student worker, and introduced me to some of my good friends here. How popular are athletic events? Not popular at all. UTD is a Division III school with no football team. In full honesty, our cheerleaders go to the chess tournaments. No further explanation needed. What's the dating scene like? I can't give a definitive answer for the "average" UTD student because I went Greek. I know UTD isn't the kind of school where you come to meet your future husband or wife. Since a good portion of the students here aren't very social, it's probably safe to say the dating scene leaves much to be desired. If you're awake at 2am on a Tuesday, what are you doing? Me: common recreational activities for those in a fraternity Average student: COD, Halo, WOW, Studying? How often do people party? Greeks party as often as you would expect them to. Unaffiliated students rarely party unless they're closely affiliated with a student group (cultural or athletic). It's more common for unaffiliated students to go to Dallas nightclubs than to party on or off campus. How important are fraternities/sororities? I would highly encourage anyone who wants something that almost resembles the "normal" college experience to go Greek.


The most popular organizations here are intermurals. Athletic events are not very popular here. Regardless of 20,000 person student body, the average athletic event attendance is around 300-400. Most people leave their apartment doors open, it's a really relaxed environment here. People party every weekend. If you have friends, youll be able to at least find something chill every weekend. Big parties happen about once or twice a month. On a saturday night if you don't want to drink, there isn't much to do on campus. However, Dallas is full of fun stuff to do.


The most popular organizations at UTD are the cultural and race ones. There is no football team, and the other sports are not too terribly good. There is dating, but its awkward because they are either all over each other or they act as if it is an arranged relationship. If you're awake at 2 am your studying or on facebook. There are no parties. There are traditions but the resemble middle school socials and elementary school field day.


There is so much to do at UT Dallas! I have never been bored during my time at school. There is always one organization or another putting together something fun (and serving free food). My friends and I love to go down to Dallas to explore the museums. Sometimes we'll get together a big group and go shopping. Mostly window shopping, but it's still fun. We go to the movies and then get tacos at Fuzzy's Taco Shop. I miss it when I go home during the breaks.


there is no social life unless you live on campus and are into greek


The most popular organizations might be the sororities or fraternities.


Students keep there doors closed usually. Athletic events are not very popular. We have good guest speakers including Mark Cuban. Theater is not very popular here I don't even think you can major in it here. Not familiar with too many traditions. If you want to party it is important your in a frat or sorority or know people in them. There are lots of concerts and other cool events in dallas that happen on weekends. Off campus there is lots of entertainment in the greater dallas area.


There is so much going on that when it is time to socialize you find it difficult to decide with whom to socialize, where to socialize and how to socialize. There are so many academic, sports and other social events happening all the time that you just wish that the days were longer to attend all of them.


There are so many groups and organizations at UTD. Ranging from social groups to organizations that help you find a job after graduation. Best thing is, students are free to create a group that doesn't exist. Another bonus of attending UTD is that it is a small public university. Thus, fees and dues for Greek life and all organizations are really really really cheap. On a personal note, that helped me because my family and I live right below the poverty line. We don't have hundreds and hundreds of dollars to spend on groups, clubs, etc. Yet, I still get the same opportunities as all other students. Another great thing about a small university like UTD is that you end up having a small group of really great friends that you can count on if something goes wrong.


Some of the popular groups in the School of Management include Financial Leadership Association, AITP (Association of IT Professionals), Indian Students Association, and a variety of many other organizations.


I would say I really like UTD. For the past 6 months, I enjoyed the campus life here. Every week, I attend English Conversation Hour, which not just improve my oral English but also help me develop my public speaking skills. It's amazing. In addition, as a student at School of Management, I satisfied with the services and activities SOM provided so far. There are many student chapters of national organization here in SOM, I'm sure you can find a suitable one for you to join. These student organization held wonderful events for students' personal growth and give you the opportunity to be a leader. One more thing I would like to mention is that there is a writing lab located in the first floor of SOM building. If you have any problem about your assignment, you can make an appointment or just stop by, then the writing tutor can assist you with your assignment. They can inspire you to find an interesting topic or clarify the theme of your essay. Come and join UTD School of Management, you can find many other awesome experience yourself!


There are many organizations for students to participate such as the Enterpreneur Club, Graduate Business Society and Financial Leadership Association(FLA). I, myself, am a member of FLA participating in stock market investment. Also, university continuously invite guest speaker to share their expertise and experience to student.


I feel like students at this school don't really know what to do outside of class. I see some at the student union playing pool or ddr. Sometimes the pub hold underground poetry circus. They do give out a lot of free food at events hosted by SUAAB.


As an international student, I expected that studying and living here in a foreign country might not be easy. But my expectation was wrong. There are a lot of activities that I can do except studying on campus. Those activities are offered by the university itself and a variety of organizations within campus. I always receive news from campus emails telling what interesting activities/programs are offering not only on campus but also off campus which I can get discount if I am a UTD student. I joined as many activities as I can and as a result I have more new friends and much enjoy my life here in UTD.


If a student really wants to get involved with their school, they can join SUAAB which pretty much puts on a lot of the hang out activites at school. If you want to change something about UTD, then joining the Studnet Government organization is the club for you. It also looks great when putting it on the resume. At first I did not meet many people here at UTD but that was because I did not live on campus and had to commute from 30 minutes away. But the years after, I met a lot of different people in all my classes and I still study and hang out with them.


Since I am a part time student, I do not have much experience with campus life as such...Have had great experience with very knowledgeable guest speakers in the class.


The Student Union is the the place most of the activities are located. There is a pool table as well as an arcade to spend time relaxing and having fun. Also there are several fast food restaurants as well as a place called The Pub where it has of more a sit-down restaurant type setting.


During my freshmen year, I had to take a class that was geared towards making freshmen survive their first year of college. In that class, they required that I attend a certain number of events on campus. This class was very useful for me, because it helped me meet new people and make friends. It also taught me how to use the services that UTD offers to students.


I have never looked into any of the student activities or social life at UTD, so I dont have much information to respond with.


There are many groups and organizations that you can be a member of. The sports activities are prevalent. Often you are offered student tickets for a movie or a symphony. You can find great entertainment based on your taste.


When I am free from school, I spend most of my time on church. I am very interested in it cause I love the nice atmosphere the people there give to me. Also I am curious about religion and wanna know more about it.


Working two jobs and one internship I barely have time to breathe. I lived off campus. I didn't really have time to do anything on campus other than work out regularly and study.


The best group i am aware of is internal audit group in which i am involved in. Also many time we have great speakers coming to UT Dallas. Career Expo is very active as well.


The school of management arranges many activities which are helpful.


UT Dallas holds many social events and professional events to help students with networking.


There are lot of things to do on campus but i dont take the time to go because i work. But from a traditional school such as UT social life doesnt really compare which is fine.


I think the American Marketing Association at UTD is doing a wonderful job. they are very promopt and responsive. they organise very useful events .


As a commuter I don't spend all that much time on campus. I do see events all the time from free crawfish cookoffs to plays and seminars, there's always something to do.


There are a lot of organizations on campus and it is encouraged to become a part of them.


There are numerous fraternity/sorority groups on campus. I wish more people supported out athletic teams. Many students live off campus and work, so they really cannot commit to any campus activities. There are always events on campus every week/month throughout the year.


UT Dallas has many different groups and organizations that a student can join. I am a part of FOCUS, which is a great group to join to meet a lot of friendly students. There are many activities such as inter mural sports, theater, and college-sponsored parties.


There are variety of groups and organizations. I am part of FOCUS (fellowship of christian university students). It helped me get involved in many different aspects and introduced me to most of my close friends. Fraternities/ Sororities are not as important here as they are at other Universities but still take a big involvement in student life. I find there is not much partying at this school, but it is probably because of the friend group I am involved with. You can either avoid the party scene or get involved.


Plenty of activities on campus ranging from intramural sports to dance clubs. You name it is here.


not much social life


Sigma Alpha Epsilon has the best parties and coolest guys on campus as far as Greek Life goes...


UTD is famous in their baseball team which we called Comet. they play great.


Managing student load and social life for full time MBA is fun in itself. sport events and class gatherings are a regular thing,


There are TONS of clubs and organizations at UTD, which are open to all students, and have free food. There are also academic-focused organizations, idealogy-focused organizations, and just-for-fun clubs. All in all, a great variety for someone who wants to get involved.


ISM-UTD Chapter, ISA, The Entrepreneurship Club @ UT Dallas, Graduate Business Society, Financial leadership association (FLA) are some of the social student groups. There lots of groups in each college. These groups belong to School of Management which is largest school of the university. First Female Private Space Explorer & First Space Ambassador, Ms. Anousheh Ansari, CEO, Prodea Systems, Inc, is coming for a speaker event at UTD on March 5th.


There is a big social life there, see their web site.

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