The University of Texas at Dallas Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


How great the computer and engineerings programs are.


That UTDallas has a student population of incredibly smart individuals. That most of the people here made marks in the top of their class in highschool, and many of which are the valedictorian and salutadictorian of their schools. Which was amazing for me because I already considered myself intelligent, but since my peers are also smart, I could learn so much from them as well.


The hole-in-the-wall humanities focus and the liberty to study what you want without fear of lackluster academics.


The firs thing I brag about is how financially dependent I am since the school provides a lot of full tuition scholarships and is close to home. The second thing I brag about is despite being a small state school, many people are accepted into highly ranked post graduate schools for medical or law school.

Ka Him

Honestly, I brag to my friends that I enjoy this school a lot because there professors don't even care if I skipped half a semester of class as long as I do well on my homework and examinations. I never bought the textbooks for any of the classes that I take, and usually I just borrow the books from the guy sitting next to me. Remember that I am a 3.79 GPA student, where grades and street smarts are all that really counts as long as I am at this university.


I enjoy speaking of the sharp learning curve UT Dallas instills in its students. The professors are always on the lookout for new potential recruits to help them with their research. Their way of finding some "diamonds in rough" is to accelerate the curriculum and watch how the class handles the increased workload, thus the truly sharp ones have no trouble keeping up. The rest of the class must learn how to absorb new topics and formulas through a firehose or else risk falling behind, losing touch with new material and consequently failing the exams.


The perfect atmosphere. My school is rather small compared to other universities but convinient because it is close to one of Texas's largest cities, Dallas. Therefore, one is always able to find something exciting to do.


I brag mostly about my attendence and my love for math.




We have jujutsu club on the campus that is free to the students. It is a great club


I brag about the student union. It is a good place to kill time in between classes and has many activities set up for students. Also, the food is good and their is a large selection of restaurants.


My own major and the programs that are available through it. The Arts and Technology major is really growing and its fun and interesting.


we have a rock garden


The class sizes are small, and most people I know tend to be envious of that fact. I had a professor, of an 8 person class, just lend me a book for an entire semester because he thought that I would be interested in the course material. In fact it was a professor who put me on the path for what I would be doing after graduation, law school.


i brag about how smart our college is as a whole and about our soccer.


Nothing. I'd rather be at UT Austin.

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