The University of Texas at Dallas Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


That they are all Asian or Middle Eastern


UT Dallas students have a reputation for being mostly serious students who often live off campus and commute. We are thought to work hard and only focus on school


that utd is boring, everyone goes home, nobody has fun, its ugly


That everyone is Asian!


UTD students are known to be nerdy and very intelligent. They are known to be very computer savvy and not very into partying.


UT Dallas students are too nerdy.


Probably that we are extreme nerds...


Students are nerdy, gamer boys, culturally diverse, and management students are dumb.


Nerdy school


To become one of UT Dallas students you must prepare yourself to study hard and be competitive. This university is growing and expanding in terms of the number of students and professors. And because of a growing university, it pushes all students, professors, and staff to work hard in order to move forward to one of the top ranks universities.


That only really nerdy, boring students go to UTD


The classmates I meet here are from variety of backgrouds. Different experiences provide us a more comprehensive perspective of view towards the concepts we learn in class.


Have come across some people who tend to think that UTD SOM is not in the same leage as some of the other privatly managed schools in the area


Have come across some people who tend to think that UTD SOM is not in the same leage as some of the other privatly managed schools in the area.


UTD students are known for coming to UTD to finish their degee as soon as possible and start their career goals. Most UTD students work and go to school full-time.


Before coming to UT Dallas, I heard that UT Dallas students only study and go to class everyday without any activities in between.


Many students who attend UTD work full time and are very focused on finishing their degrees in a timely manner.


Very bright and qualified individuals, eager to succeed and prove themselves.


some stereotypes include that students here being very nerdy, and there are just somethings you will only see at UTD which are hard to describe, but i think that this adds to the school being unique and giving everyone an environment in whcih they can express themselves.


They are very friendly to each other, no matter where they come from or what background they have.


A lot of stereotypes is that the school is a very nerdy school and tends to be less of a traditional campus like feel.


The stereotypes of UT students is friendly, fun, intellectual and diverse these roots are very important in environment of education.


I'm not aware of any preexisting stereotypes about UTD students but if I were to make them based on my observations, I'd say that they're extremely friendly, helpful, intelligent, and extremely driven. In the two years I've been at UT Dallas, I can honestly say I've never met anyone who I've disliked.


They are all smart and easy going people


People think that because UT Dallas is a young university, that it is not yet well established as a solid institution of education.


Students enrolled in UT Dallas are usually with high GPA scores.


SMART! This is the first word to come to my mind. You can learn not only professional academic knowledge from them but also useful life experience. By these interactions, you can learn more and know more about the society even the world.


That is a communter school and its a lot more application then theory school, which is cool.


UT Dallas students are mostly working professionals and busy. Most of them are very interested in learning.


Smart, techy, not athletically inclined


UTD student are have high confident in what they do. Most of which are in the work force, still keep up with the lesson.


UTD students are thought to be academically focused and stay in cliques.


I think the notion that most students who attend UT Dallas are nerds would be the most popular stereotype. Other stereotypes include lack of school spirit especially at athletic events and a very boring campus life.


People often believe that students at UTD focus solely on their studies, and do not have time to hang out or make friends. Also, a common misconception is that there are more international students than U.S. students here.


A major stereotype about UT Dallas students is that they are mostly international students. Another stereotype is that UT Dallas students are not involved in campus life and mostly commute.


its a good school with great teachers there. Shawn Alborz, best prof ever!


They are really boring.


most of the UT Dallas students are working and studying at the same time.




The major stereotypes is that UTD students are very academically focused and they don't have much fun.


That we're quiet, grade-oriented students who spend all day on their computers playing video games and not interacting with the people around us.


All work and no play!


Detail Oriented Logical and Analytical


The students are really smart (because they study hard, academics is first, that is why they are there), they score high on prep test, the school is not a breeze.

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